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Where can you have a broken sewing machine repaired?

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Check with a local sew and vac store...........or a dealer that carries your model. Good luck! Kate

2006-08-06 02:34:55
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Is my sewing machine broken if a bunch of thread comes out where the bobbin is supposed to be?

yes, your sewing macine is toast. :(

How do you fix a broken needle on a sewing machine?

It is not possible to fix a broken needle. You must remove the broken one and replace with a new needle.

What is the theory of the sewing machine?

theory of sewing machine

Is a sewing machine a compound machine?

Not all sewing machines are compound machines. The definition of a compound machine is one the contains more than one machine within the same case. A machine that is not only a sewing machine but also an embroidery machine would be considered a compound sewing machine. A really good compound sewing machine is the Husqvarna Diamond sewing machine.

What is the Homonym for sowing?

The homonym for sowing is sewing. Example sentences: She is sewing buttons on the shirt. When the sewing machine is fixed, I'll make the Halloween costumes. The home economics course will include cooking, knitting and sewing lessons. She repaired the tear in his pants using the sewing kit she had in her purse.

How do you control the lower tension on a sewing machine?

Adjust the bobbin screw. Also, check if it is broken.

What was life like without the sewing machine?

Before the invention of the sewing machine, all clothing was made by hand.Consequently, many common people had very few garments. The garments they had were worn and repaired and re-styled until they were no longer usable.

What is a Spool pin in your sewing machine?

A spool pin in your sewing machine is where the spool of thread sits on the sewing machine.

What is the top selling sewing machine?

Juki brand sewing Machine is number one sewing machine in Malaysia.

Do you spell sewing machine or sowing machine?

sewing machine:) A sewing machine uses thread to fasten fabric together. A sowing machine plants seeds.

Head of sewing machine?

what is the function of the head of the sewing machine

What is a sewing machine with a built in motor?

A mechanical sewing machine.

What is a sewing machine feed dog?

it is somthing on a sewing machine

Who ivented the sewing machine?

The Victorians invented the sewing machine.

What is the use of a sewing machine?

the use of sewing machine is to sew

How the sewing machine helped people?

The sewing machine has helped people have a faster way of sewing

What is the part of sewing machine?

sewing machine is the example of machine that used in making fabrics

What to do when sewing machine breaks the thread?

either the thread is too thin or your machine is broken. you should first try a thicker thread, if that fails return or sell your machine.

Where can you have your Brother Knitting machine repaired in South wales UK?

There are very few to be found but there is one in Swansea - Clifford's Sewing Machines Swansea

Where did Elias Howe make the sewing machine?

the sewing machine brooklyn

What is the function of a sewing machine pulley?

what is the function of a pulley in a sewing machine

What does the tension disc do in the sewing machine?

What does the tension disc do on the sewing machine

What is the quietest sewing machine?

The Singer 2517 Sewing Machine is quiet.

What does the reverse button on a sewing machine do?

puts the sewing machine in reverse.

What is a good sewing machine table if i will be sewing drapes?

The Brother Sewing Machine and Sauder Sewing Table would be a great pick.