Where can you learn to become a firefighter in Florida?

www.floridastatefirecollege.org Theres alot of info on that site. That's where i went to become a Firefighter. The Florida State Fire College is the best fire school in the state( hence the Florida State Fire College name :D ) . Theres many other places to go alot of them only teach you to be a firefighter 1 though. Which is only good enough for a volunteer firefighter. You need to be a Firefighter 2 if you want to be a career firefighter. Go to your local fire station. Im sure theres a few guys who went to local Fire Schools and they had to have been in Florida since Florida does not accept other state fire certifications. You will also need to be an EMT. Being a Paramedic wouldn't hurt you in the least. You'll get picked over anybody for a job if your a paramedic.