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On the WWE website

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 03:15:22
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Q: Where can you listen to entrance themes of World Wrestling Entertainment superstars?
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Where can you download Randy Orton's entrance music?

You can go to then click on smackdown superstars than you will see randy orton's picture click on it click profile it will say listen to music click that. that is how you can listen to randy's music.

Where can you listen to WWE entrence songs?

you can listen 2 wwe entrance themes on youtube, by typing wwe entrance themes or on

Where can you listen to Eddie Guerrero's entrance music?

You can look on for Eddie Guerrero's entrance music.

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All I Know is that you can listen to them on .

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An amazing thing called!!!!

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How can I listen to the whole song of Trish's entrance music?

You can download this song from a P2P program such as LimeWire or Kazaa. Although I do not recondmend this as it illegal. You may also find her song on the internet.