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Google earth gives a readout in metres above sea level, at least it does in England, see M22 5JP

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Q: Where can you look up sea elevation by address in St Petersburg FL?
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What is the elevation for the comfort in on 22nd street in st. petersburg fl?

The elevation of St. Petersburg, FL is 44 feet above sea level.

How do you determine the elevation of a specific address?

You can determine the elevation of a specific address by using online mapping tools like Google Maps or by searching for elevation maps or topographic maps of the area where the address is located. These tools can provide you with the exact elevation of the address above sea level.

What is the sea level elevation in St Petersburg Florida on 28th Ave N?

28th Ave N is 7 miles long and ranges between 10 and 40 ft above sea level.

What is the elevation of your Address 1250 Mulberry Circle Jasper Ga 30143?

The address above is at 1537 feet above sea level.

Where can you find st petersburg on a map?

Saint Petersburg is a major city in North-West Russia, not far from the borders with Finland and Estonia. If you look at the Baltic Sea (the sea between northern Germany and the Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Sweden), St. Petersburg is at the right-hand side, about half-way up the sea.

Where is the highest elevation point in st petersburg florida?

Internet search indicates highest elevation of 61 feet, mean of 44 ft.The the location of the highest point is the near the Disston Ridge neighborhood, Approximately 38th Ave N and 49th St.

Elevation at sea level is what?

Elevation at sea level is elevation zero feet or meters above sea level.

Is St petersburg located new the baltic sea?

St Petersburg is located on the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea

What is the elevation of 17800 Richardson Road Dallas Oregon 97338?

It is 1060 feet above sea level at that address.

What is the elevation of sea level?

the elevation of sea level is 0 degrees.

Which major Russian city borders the baltic sea?

St Petersburg and Kaliningrad

Which sea borders both St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad?

baltic sea