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My cross reference list indicates that this is a Savage 59. If your local gunsmith can't find the parts, you can check with

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Q: Where can you purchase parts for J C Higgins shotguns?
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Where can you get parts for your J C Higgins 12 ga shotgun?

Several different companies made shotguns marked with the Sears JC Higgins brand. If you will post the model number, we may be able to tell you who made it.

How much is a JC Higgins Shotgun worth?

There are more than a few J. C. Higgins marked shotguns and values vary by model. More information is needed in order to provide an answer.

When was j c Higgins company finded?

J.C.Higgins was a trademark used on Sears and Roebuck rifles and shotguns manufactured for Sears from 1946-1962.

Where is the serial number on a J C Higgins rifle?

Serial numbers on rifles and shotguns were not required until 1968. Most JC Higgins guns made prior to that never HAD a serial number- and yes, it is legal.

Where can you find parts for a j c Higgins model 101.13?


Where can you get replacement parts for J C Higgins model 10318 22 cal rifle?

Numrich gun parts corporation

J c Higgins model 126.19360?

I need parts for a J C Higgings air gun mo. 126.19360

Where to fine parts for j c Higgins 22 cal model 10124?

numrich arms

Where can you find parts for a j c Higgins bolt action shotgun model?

Yo may not be able to- there was a safety recall of about 7 of the different 12 g bolt action shotguns. Sears is trading the bolts for a $50 gift card. Sear for Sears Shotgun Recall.

Who made the JC Higgins Model 583.3 bolt shotgun for Sears and where can you get parts?

J C Higgins 583 3 20 gauge bolt action shotgun was Made by Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. For High Standard Manufacturing who in turn supplied them to Sears and Roebuck &Co. JC. Higgins was a Sears trade Name your shotgun is the first Series of JC Higgins shotguns made 1945/46. It was based on the pre war H&R model 120 /121 these are excelent old guns some parts are available from from Numrich arms Gun Parts Corp. In West Hurley NY.I have tons of parts Been a gunsmith for many years and Believe it or not I collect JC Higgins Bolt shotgun s repair them for customers often

What has the author Jean C Higgins written?

Jean C. Higgins has written: 'Lindy'

When was John C. Higgins born?

John C. Higgins was born in 1908.

When did John C. Higgins die?

John C. Higgins died in 1995.

Where can you find parts forJ C Higgins Model 31 parts?

Try, gun shows, gun shops, want ads

Where can you get parts for 22 caliber J C Higgins Model 25 tube fed rifle?

J C Higgins model 60 who made this shotgun and what will inner change parts wise?

High Stadnard made the shotgun. Some parts are the same as the Higgins model 66. and a few parts are the same of the later High Stadnard Supermatic shotgun models See the parts lists at

Where to locate serial number on jc Higgins model 20 583.53?

your shotgun was made in 1947 guns made back then were not required to have a serial no. It was not until the Federal gun control act of 1968 that rifles or shotguns were required by federal law to have a serial number.J C Higgins brand guns were sold from 1945 to 1962 You will never see a J C Higgins rifle or shotgun with a factory serial number.

What has the author J C Higgins written?

J. C. Higgins has written: 'Life of Robert Burns'

When was George C. Higgins born?

George C. Higgins was born on 1845-11-19.

When did Jacob C. Higgins die?

Jacob C. Higgins died on 1893-06-01.

When was Jacob C. Higgins born?

Jacob C. Higgins was born on 1826-03-07.

Where can you find a break down manual on a model 88 j c Higgins 9 shot 22?

theres a website j.c. Higgins model 88 has the exploded view with parts list

Did browning ever make shotguns for sears and roebuck under the J C Higgins brand?

Beginning in 1956, Sears Roebuck and Company produced the world's first gas-powered gun under its J.C. Higgins brand. The gas system was produced by High Standard Manufacturing.

Where can you get a pistol grip for a j.c.higgins shotgun?

J C Higgins was the store brand for Sears. These guns were manufactured by Marlin. Contact Marlin. Marlin made no shotguns for J C Higgins if the number begins with 101 that's the vendor code for Savage Stevens if its 583 than your gun was a House brand made by Sears /High Standard Sears owned High Standard in thouse days and all of the rifles and shotguns marked with 583 code were Sears product The J C Higgins brand owned the pattents for these guns parts can be found at Numrich arms Gun parts in West Hurley NY. I donot rcomend modifying a old J C Higgins what you probably don't know is that these guns are quite old they were made between 1945 and 1961 and these guns were never offered with short barrels and pistol grips barrels shorter than 18 and one half inch is a very serious violation of the Fedral Fire arms act with heavy fines and a Long prison sentence. It is also can be construed as violation of the same law to put a pistol grip on any shotgun not approved by BATF and originally designed to have one BE CAREFULL as none of the JC Higgins shotguns and rifles were designed or approved for such a modification . Many shotguns were mossberg 500 Remington 870 for example and even these as long as the serial numbers place their manufacture after 1985 any thing before that date is tricky Leave the JCH alone it not worth the trouble it will cause you

Where do you find parts for a J C Higgins Rifle Scope?, gun shops, gun shows, want ads.