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Where could you find a bibliography about Abraham Lincoln?


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I asume you mean biography. The linked website contains short biographies on all 44 presidents.


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You could find pictures from the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln online at the History website. You can also find a wealth of information related to Abraham Lincoln at the History Net website as well.

Abraham Lincoln didn't write any books, but in the book "The Words of Abraham Lincoln" you can find his quotes/speeches.

The Lincoln Memorial is in Washington, DC.

A man named John Wilkes Booth. He was hunted but they could never find him.

i have been looking and all i could find for you is he was elected president. sorry it was the only thing i could find. hope this helps ;) sincerly typed: sam

Abe Lincoln was the Commander in chief in the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln spent the war reading every book on war he could find. He personaly appointed the Unions top generals and through the use of the telegraph he could command battles, advise generals, and personally oversee the war all from his office, or from a camp near the battlefield.

all I could find was an attempt to steal a dead president's body. This was Abraham Lincoln and the perpetrators name was Terrence Muller.

abraham lincoln couldn't hide himself because everyone knew him very well so they would just find him very fast.

He had a huge impact on literature. From writing about diversity to the different races and immigrants of America, anything you find about those three subjects are probably based on what Abraham Lincoln believed in.

i have no idea, im trying to find out tht to

Abraham Lincoln, Easter, Christams , Halloween , New Years

Bibliography information about telephone?

Killed vampires You can find out more about this in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (best book I have ever read(I have read it 4 times since it came out)) Or you can see the movie next week But I definatly recommend the book

They found John Wilkes Booth about a week after he killed Abraham Lincoln.

There are not any sites that i could find info but i did look at some of his writing, his writing was tilted to the right so one might suggest he wrote with his left.

Abraham Lincoln was a major influential figure in American history so there would be many reliable biographies about him. One should check the local library for books about his life. Autobiographies can also be purchased on websites such as eBay or Amazon.

well, I'm a fifth grader writing a report on Abraham Lincoln and i have five pages. i included all the information i could find, and even made a time line and poster. it should be well written and able to show you know what your talking about. ask a parent or elder to edit with you. also, good music helps the mind think. =D

According to Doris Kearns Goodwin in her book "Team of Rivals" Lincoln smiled and laughed and told endless funny stories. However, I have yet to find a photograph of him smiling.

Pollyanna's father had a saying from President Abraham Lincoln put on his chain: "When you look for the bad and expect to find it, you surely will."

Get your subject. Then the sources or resources you use to help find some facts or information are the bibliography.

In a bibliography, you'll find different citations for different sources.

To write a research objective, just write about what you are trying to find.For example, if you need to write a research objective on Abraham Lincoln's assassination, you would write something to the effect of "Objective: To find out who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, where he was assassinated, when he was assassinated, and how he was assassinated and what with."

yes, he tought himself to read and write all by him self. he would read books he would find.

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