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You can find information right here on WikiAnswers. You have a gun that was made by Fabrique Nationale (FN) in Herstal Belgium. FN made the Belgian Browning guns that Browning imported and sold under their own name. Most of these guns were also made and sold by FN to other World Markets; Technically, these guns are not Brownings, but FN guns. Most of the early brownings & FN guns have all these marking on their guns, with the exception of "Acier Special" which means Special Steel. Acier Special was only stamped on the FN guns, and never the Browning Arms Co. Guns. Provide the model, guage, serial number, and your question. Please give us a try to answer it for you. Thank you

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I can say that it was made after 1977, but for more specific information, you will have to contact browning customer service.

Can you give us the model of the rifle? The letter "n" could not be used to identify the model. More info is needed.

No other information provided means nothing to tell you. Handgun? Long Gun? Claiber/Gauge?

We cant identify the model. Please be more specific on which gun this is

I have a Fabrique Nationale D'armes deGuerre Hherstal Belgigue Browning s patent Depose nv 1466.23 SN #669464

Need model information. You listed the barrel marks on a shotgun that are on many different models. Also need condition and details of the gun.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of finish, conditino, all features and markings.

Impossable to answer without a description of the condition of your Browning shotgun,and the serial number.

If you have the FN 1900, also called the Browning #1, it was produced from 1899-1907 and there were 700,000 made. It will have "Fabrique Nationale-Herstal-Belgique (Brownings Patent)" inascribed on the left side of the pistol. Under that it will have Fabrique Nationale's icon with a small picture of a pistol and a circle around it. Under that it will have " BREVETE-S.G.D.G." which is a french term for the patent process. It was used on many things including clocks. Hope this helps.

I own a .22 Brownings rifle . Made by Fabrique Nationale. I am attenpting to resore it. The tube that goes through the stock for feeding rounds into the chamber does not retain the ammo rounds. It is a tube with a spring inside. What prevents the rounds from shooting out before inserting the tube back into the rifle. Anny info will be much 1127169@

Need to know what type of gun it is, and also does the barrel say Browning Arms anywhere on it?

i have a febrique nationale D'armes de guerre heistal belbelgique browning patent depose serial#187734. i would like to know about the gun