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Usually only in a laboratory; technetium is an artificial element that does not occur in nature.

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Q: Where could you find the element technetium in the world?
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Did scientists find the element technetium on earth?

Yes, technetium exist on the Earth in uranium ores but only in infinitesimal amounts.

What was the first manmade element?

The first manmade element was technetium because scientists failed to find it naturally

Where would you find technetium?

Technetium is an artificial chemical element and is extracted from fission products, prepared by neutron activation or by irradiation in particles accelerators.

Is technetium a limited resource?

yes technetium is a limited resource. You can only find it in certain parts of the world not that I know of though

Find one element on the chart that has no stable isotopes?

Technetium, Promethium, and all elements heavier then Bismuth.

Where do you find technetium?

You cannot find technetium by normal means because it cannot be found freely on Earth. There are trace amounts of this synthetic element in uranium, but most samples are found in laboratory particle accelerators. Some have been found on red giant stars.

If you arent given the atomic number for an element - where could you find it?

if you arent given the atomic numbert for an element - where could you find it?

How could you find out if an element has water inside?

By feeling if said element is "wet" -Dr. Bosch

How did they find technetium?

Technetium was discovered by Emilio Segre and Carlo Perrier in 1936 at the University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.They studied a molybdenum foil extracted from the cyclotron out of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and identified isotopes of technetium.

Where is technetium found?

Technetium-99 has not been found on earth because there are no stable isotopes of Technetium because they are all radioactive. They also have a short half-life and therefore need to be made in a nuclear reactor. It has been detected in some stars, but aside from that the best place to find technetium now is in nuclear reactors.

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