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Right here of course! Just post the serial number, description, etc. leaving the last couple digits of the serial number as x's, and we'll try to answer your question. Or email me.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-27 00:55:27
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Q: Where could you get info on a Marlin safety 38w rifle?
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Info on marlin 336TS?

There is so much info on the Marlin model 336TS. This is a lever-action sporting rifle which was made by Marlin Firearms from 1948 and has been availed in various models.?æ

Where can info on a Marlin Bolt Action 25-06 hunting rifle be found?

Is this gun marked Marlin MR-7? If so, Marlin Firearms Co. can give you info on these newer guns.

Is there any info on marlin firearm model 336cs serial number 160171165?

I can say that your Marlin model 336CS was made in the year 1984.I would look to Marlin,s own website to get any more info on your model of Marlin lever action rifle.

What is the manufacture date for a marlin rifle with the serial number 02280600?

write to marlin with any and all markins on the barrel and receiver they will be able to give you a lot of info

Where can you find info on a Sears Model 45 30-30?

Your rifle was made for Sears by Marlin, and is a model 336C.

What ammunition does 40 cal marlin lever action rifle use?

In order to determine what ammo is appropriate for your Marlin rifle,i Would need to know what model of marlin you have?Is it a model 1889,1893 etc.I would also need to know what markings are found on the barrel(40-60,38-40,40-65 etc.)this will all assist in the correct ammo for the rifle in question.Please repost your question with the info required to help you determine the correct ammo for your rifle.

What would the approx value of a marlin 336 rifle be that was purchased 40 years ago?

Tough question, with no description of condition, caliber, model, etc. Carbine or rifle? Need more info!

Who has info on a sears ranger model 103.2 clip fed bolt action 22 cal rifle?

It was made by Marlin and is a pre-war version of the Model 80.

What is the age marlin rifle N20423?

1980.The letter N prefix to your serial number indicates that your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1956.In order to be made in the year 1980,there will be no prefix letter attached ahead of the serial number.Also there would be a longer serial number than 5 digits.I hope that you find this info of interest.

How can you determine the year of a marlin firearm?

look on the net for a marlin gun collectors site, they have that info.

What year was this made Marlin 3030 model 3083?

I happen to have the same rifle. I have been looking for worth and owners manuals for the gun and the only info i can find on the gun is it was made in 1983.

How do you tell how old a rifle is?

you can tell how old a rifle is buy finding who made the rifle,the model number and then the serial number.with that info then you could ask that question just like you asked this one.

Where can you get parts and info on the m91 Remington nagant rifle? has a huge amount of information on any Mosin Nagant rifle you could ever want.

Could i get more info on a marlin 336-3030 lever action rifle with serial 18079041?

Depends on what you want. Disassembly instructions, company history, production date, original purchaser? You have to be a bit more specific. If you are looking for general information then books at the library, or eBay are available. If you want to know about that particular gun then writing or calling Marlin might be the best way.

Can a Marlin 512 rifled barrel be fitted to a Model 55 smoothbore?

i need some info the on marlin 512 cockmaster

Can one get used forklift with safety certification?

You could have a mechanic check it for safety. You are the one that needs certified to drive it on a job. See some info here

What is the value of an 1896 Marlin lever action 45-90 in very good condition?

There was no Model 1896. The Model 1895 was chambered in .45/90, though. If that is what you have, it could be worth a couple of thousand dollars. There was a model 1896 made it is not in regular books you have to call Marlin to find out the information. (800)544-8892. I have a Marlin model 1896 govt. issue 45-70. It was made in 1941 but I am waiting for info from the Marlin companies antiques and historian dept. to get back with me on my information.. Please contact Marlin and let them help you they are very happy to do so. And you may have something that is really special . Be careful there are people that would tell you different just to get their hands on your rifle.

What types of policies are offered by Safety Auto Insurance?

I did a search and could not find info on a company called "safety auto insurance, but for safety, you should purchase auto insurance for every vehicle you own. This is a safety measure that protects everyone.

How much is a 22 long rifle worth made by j stevens?

Depends on model and condition. Could be $10, could be $300. We need more info to answer. Sorry

Could you decode Serial Number 11715M69 on a browning Rifle?

Made in 1969. No other description means I can't help you with other info.

Where can you find info on marlin model 995?

Brophy's book on Marlin Firearms history would be the place to start. I own a model 995, have a copy of the manual.

Who made the JC Higgins model 6839?

Is it a shotgun or rifle? Caliber/gauge? Not a model number I have seen. They are usaully marked something like J.C. Higgins Model 20, 101.1, 583.13, 583.2078 etc.. Without more info, no way to know who made it. Could be be Sako, Savage, Marlin, High Standard, Stevens

How can you find info on a glenfield model 30A 30-30 cal.?

Marlin Glenfield. Marlin Glenfield

What model is this serial number 289162 22 Remington rifle?

Could be several, need more information, patent dates or any other info?

What year was Remington rifle 22 cal rifle made?

Depending on the model from 1890-2009, need more info.