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Where could you sell a 1943 steel penny?

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Unless it's a Proof or MS-65 or better, you'll only get a few dollars from it. If you still want to try, though, eBay is a good idea. Thank you for correctly recognizing that these coins are made from zinc-coated steel rather than silver or lead, as many people believe. Unfortunately, unless your coins are in extremely fine to uncirculated condition, there is not much of a premium attached to them. Many were saved as curiosities so they generally retail for 25 to 50 cents each in average circulated condition. If you have at least a few dozen of them, you might be able to find someone at a coin show or antique flea market who would be willing to make a bulk purchase. You can sell your coins to a coin dealer, to a collector or at an auction. You can advertise in the newspaper or in coin magazines.

2009-10-04 19:09:30
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Q: Where could you sell a 1943 steel penny?
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How much could you get for a 1943 melt us penny?

1943 cents were made of zinc-coated steel. If you melt it, you'd get less than a penny's worth of metal, even if you could sell such a small quantity.

How much is a 1943 S penny worth that is a silver color and does stick to a magnet?

The 1943 penny was made of steel with a zinc coating [ hence the silver look]. They are steel so they are attraced to a magnet. The value depends on the condition and with no rust showing they sell for about $0.50 to $1 and then more if they are in better condition.AnswerUncirculated examples sell for $1 to $2. In any lower condition a dealer may give 5 or 10 cents. He already has rolls of them that he can't sell. 1943 pennies are made of steel. This is because in 1943, the government needed so much copper to make war materials. Some pennies from 1943 are copper, because the government made a mistake. The copper 1943 pennies are worth about $10,000.

Where can you find information on 1943 zinc-coated steel pennies?

There were over a billion pennies minted in 1943 out of steel coated with zinc. In circulated condition, they'er worth about 5 cents. What you are probably confusing this with is the rare 1943 COPPER penny. A few dozen of these were accidently made in 1943 from old copper blanks. These sell for tens of thousands of dollars. They are also highly counterfeited -- usually by copper plating a steel 1943 cent -- check with a magnet to eliminate 99% of the fakes (a real one will not stick to a magnet).

How much is a 1947 silver wheat back penny sell for?

Well . . . there have never been any silver pennies minted in the US, so you must be talking about the steel pennies. As far as I know, 1943 was the only year that steel pennies, or 'steelies', were minted.

Where to sell 1943 penny?

Ebay is a good idea for selling steel pennies. if you don't have good luck with Ebay. I would just keep it since even in average circulated they are only worth a few dollars.

How much a US copper 1943 penny worth in 2009?

There are not many 1943 copper pennies known. If it is genuine they sell for well over $100,000.

If you have a 1943 penny where you can sell it?

Try Ebay. If you're referring to a 1943 steel U.S. cent, its value in average condition is very low - anywhere from 15 to 50 cents. Unless the coin is uncirculated it would cost you more in postage than you'd make from the sale.

Not silver but a 1942 penny?

All 1942 pennies are made of bronze. In circulated condition they sell for a few cents. However in uncirculated condition, it could sell in a MS state between $5 to $7,500 depending on what MS it is and Which mint produced it.You may be thinking of the famous 1943 Copper penny. in 1943 copper was saved for the war effort which meant pennies were to be made from steel and zinc.A slip up by mint staff meant a few copper blanks were left in the machine and a handful of 1943 COPPER pennies were put into circulation.These coins can fetch up to $400,000 plus!!!

What is the year when the penny was silver colored?

In 1943 the US made cents from zinc-plated steel to save copper for the war effort. Most of them are still common among collectors and sell for 20 cents to a half dollar.

I have a 1943 COPPER penny and heard they were worth a lot SO where should you sell it?

A penny is worth 1 cent. You can't sell it. You can only buy things with it. ^ whoever said that is dumb.. A copper penny from 1943 can be worth up to $20,000 depending on the condition. If I were you I would hold onto it because their are only about 40 of those. But if you insist on selling it, use google and search for coin dealers in your area. They will be able to help you determine the exact worth of your coin. Then you could sell it to them OR auction it off on a site like ebay. I wouldn't sell it to the dealer because he could sell it for more. Their are A LOT of coin collectors that would die for that penny so auctioning it off would be a better investment. You are so lucky. so so lucky.

What do you do if you found a 1943 wheat penny?

Keep it or sell it to a coin collector. These are not rare coins so you wont get much for it.

What is the value of a lead penny?

Cents have never been made out of lead. If you have a 1943 cent, it's made of steel coated with zinc due to wartime copper shortages. In circulated condition most sell for 25 to 50 cents.

Where can you sell a 1916 wheat penny?

You can sell it at your local coin shop or dealer. You could also sell it on eBay.

Is a copper penny of 1943 higher value than a penny of 2010 or a lower value?

HIGHER!!! It is worth $150,000!!!!CorrectionThe above response refers to an AMERICAN copper penny dated 1943. All Canadian cents dated 1943 were made of copper, while 2010 cents are copper-plated steel. 1943 Canadian cents are worth around 50 cents to a dollar depending on condition, so they're certainly worth more than 2010 cents but not a huge amount. To explain the value of a 1943 AMERICAN copper cent, the US Mint switched to zinc-plated steel that year because copper was needed for making ammunition. A few copper blanks left over from 1942 were accidentally mixed in and were struck with the 1943 date. These coins are very rare and can sell for the amount quoted above.

Where could you sell a 1902 penny?

Ebay ,Craigs list or a Coin dealer .

1944 steel wheat penny?

These are quite rare and worth quite a bit of money. Most steel pennies bear the date of 1943, ones bearing the date of 1944 are error coins because there were a few steel blanks left in the machine when the mint changed the dies to 1944 in the same way that some copper 1943 cents were struck. A 1944 steel cent generally will sell for around $75,000 or more depending on the condition. However, one needs to beware of fakes, a genuine 1944 steel cent will be magnetic and will have the numerals like a common copper 1944 cent.

Can you sell a 1916 penny?

If you mean is it legal to sell and old penny? yes.

What is the value of a 1943 silver US cent?

Steel, not silver. After all, a silver penny would have more metal in it than a dime that's worth 10 times as much! These coins were made of steel to free up copper for use in ammunition. They're common among collectors and most sell for 25 - 35 cents at retail

Where could you sell a British 1851 copper Penny?

You could try a reputable coin dealer in your area or eBay.

Did the us mint make a 1943 copper penny?

Yes, but these coins are extremely rare and sell for over $100,000. If you have one I would recommend getting it certified.

Where can you sell this penny?

What penny! :) Ebay most likely. Put on the description "lucky penny"

Which Company Can you sell the 1936 Australian Penny?

Most coin dealers should be able to sell you a 1936 Australian Penny.

How much are a 1942 silver Mercury head dime and a 1943 silver penny worth and should you sell them or not?

In circulated condition a 1942 dime is worth only about $1 for its silver content. As for the cent, please check again. It's steel, not silver. Well over a billion were minted and they sell for about 35 to 50 cents. It would cost you more in gas or postage to sell them than you would make in profit. My advice would be to keep them as reminders of that long-ago era when the U.S. was in WWII. The steel cent in particular is a symbol of the war: they were struck from scrap steel because copper was needed for making ammunition.

What is a 1953 wheat penny worth?

Nowdays it is worthless to shops but u could sell it on ebay for around $2000

Where can you sell a 1911 British Penny if you are in Indianapolis Indiana?

You could try a reputable coin dealer in your area or eBay.