Where did Chris Drama Pfaff go to high school?

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Coventry High School in Akron, Ohio
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What schools did Chris Brown go to?

Chris Brown attended Essex High School in Tappahannock, Virginia,but did not finish. Brown dropped out of school in the 10th gradeand was taught by a tutor afterwards.

Why do high school girls insist on creating drama?

Answer . Well high school girls consist of soing things like that because their jealous of wat people have or cant stand anyone get attention except them,but its all part of the high school cycle because in my high school its the same way.A that matter is that u ignore it and show them they have ( Full Answer )

What primary school did chris brown go to?

Chris Brown has never mentioned in interviews the name of hisprimary school. He did go to Essex High School in Virginia. Hedropped out in the 10th grade.

Did Demi Lovato go to drama school?

no she went to a normal school but she got bullied so she became home schooled by her mom's friend marsha and she is just really good at acting

Is there way too much drama in high school?

No,It is not necessary that there should be too much drama there are numbers of drama if there are drama so they will be on small occasions like :national day, houses day. well i think there is way too much drama in high school. I'm going through it right now. so yeah, I'm glad I'm a senior this yea ( Full Answer )

Who is chris drama pfaff girlfriend?

As of late August...Drama had been doing a series of video questionnaires. On his third video one of the questions pertained to his girlfriend status. He is currently taken, and she is briefly in the video. Some believe it to be Ford Model, Beth Whitson. To see the video, go to his Myspace and click ( Full Answer )

What school did chris trousdale go to?

well i guess he was about 10 yrs old when he went to how to be a rapist and Disney sucks school so i guess well um dkfh;jkfkgFKGJD'SJKLJKFKLGFGK'SGKLFGKLF

Is rob dyrdeks chris drama pfaff dating?

Robert Stanley Dyrdek is a cousin to Christopher Drama Pfaff andScott Big Cat Pfaff. Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder but hedoes enjoy spending quality time with his two bulldogs named Meatyand Beefy.

Where did Chris Whitten go to school?

Chris Whitten, the founder of WikiAnswers, grew up in Massachusetts. He graduated from Fitchburg High School in 1989. He attended Lyndon State College in Vermont for two years, and graduated from New York University in 1993.

Where did actor chris cooper go to high school?

The actor Chris Cooper graduated from Southwest High School in 1969. Southwest High School closed down in 1998 and reopened in 1999 as Southwest Charter School. Southwest High School is located in the Kansas City, Missouri School District.

Does anyone go to a full time drama school What is it like?

My couzin used to and she says it was hard work but very very fun and she met loads of new people and shared stories with us about all her friends and teachers and my couzin now plays a backing roal in coranation street.

Where did FDR go to high school?

FDR attended Groton School for boys in Groton, MA. He entered the 1st Form at age 14 after being schooled at home by tutors and governesses. That was two years after he should have. Normally, boys entered GS at age 12 years. His grades were not much better than a "gentlemanly" C. In 1900 he entered ( Full Answer )

Where did chris Jericho go to school?

i don't know what high school, but it was in winnipeg. he went to red river college in winnipeg and studied journalism

What school did chris moyles go to?

My dad went to school with him and I could ask him if you want but first of all, his first school, middle school or high school?

Do you have to go to high school to be an author?

You don't really need to go to high school to be an author. However, certain high school English classes may help you improve your skills, and sometimes you have a better chance at getting your work published if you are a high school graduate. There are lots of authors that didn't graduate high scho ( Full Answer )

Is there a Ouran High School Host Club drama?

theres an anime, if that's what you mean There is also a Live Action Drama which is out now and a Live action movie that is being released next year

What drama school did Emma Watson go to?

Emma Watson didn't go to drama school but during her time at Brown University she took some classes on theatre studies and was in a play.

Where did Chris Paul go to school?

Clemmons Elementary School (Clemmons, NC) Hanes/Lowrance Middle School (Winston-Salem, NC) West Forsyth High School (Clemmons, NC) Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC) (I know because I went to Clemmons Elementary and go to Hanes/Lowrance currently, and I am going to West Next Year)

Where did Beyonce go to drama school?

Beyonce didn't attend drama school - although she did attend theHigh School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She also took dance classes during her time at St Mary's Elementaryschool before she moved to Parker Elementary school which isconsidered a music magnet school.

How much does it cost to go to drama school?

Well, for instance, in Arkansas "Life Experience" is often paralled in alignment with learnings in depth about stuff like 'feelings, care, role-expectations, the reprocussive happenings/occurances of, for instance, breaking rules, harming others, failure ect... In Arkansas, that type of drama 'train ( Full Answer )

How old can you be to go to drama school?

Most drama schools will accept students from eighteen years old.They don't tend to have an upper age limit - but you will have tobe able to cope with the workload.

Do you have to be experienced to go to drama school?

Most drama schools want their students to have experience yes.However, that experience doesn't need to come from workingprofessionally for years. A lot of them will take on people whohave only acted in schools and amateur theatre groups - so long asyou're talented and have a passion.

Does chris drama pfaff have a girlfriend 2013?

Chris "Drama" Pfaff is the cousin of skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. Pfaffhas made appearances on Fantasy Factory, but there is no mention ofhim having a girlfriend.