Where did Christian Louboutin study shoe design?

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firstly in France ,then go to Italy, last master from USA teach him.
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How do you pronounce Christian louboutin?

KRIS-ti-an lou-bou-TAHN with both of the ns being almost silent. For those of you vaguely recalling your high-school french lessons, compare the vowel sounds to vous-vous-VIN . You can listen to the French pronunciation of Christian Loubutin by clicking on the Related Links below.

Why do you study Christianity?

To have a better understanding of it, and to hopefully create an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Where are Christian louboutin shoes sold?

Hi,you can buy CL shoes in the store or online.If you want to buy the shoes online.You will get them with low price and free shipping.I bought this one http://www.mulberrysbagsales.co.uk/mulberry-women/mulberry-daria-pouch.html in this website.I love the shoes and they are so cheap.Hope you can find ( Full Answer )

Where did the red sole idea come from with Christian Louboutin shoes?

It was a happy accident, really. Many years ago he was in his studio looking at a prototype, and there was something off. The sole was this big, distracting mass of black. He grabbed a bottle of red nail polish from his assistant, who was nearby painting her nails, and....The rest is history.....per ( Full Answer )

What is a shoe designer?

a shoe designer is a person decerates shoes as there jobs who makes 120 million dollars if who work for jordan companies

Are the red soles of Christian Louboutin trademarked?

Yes they are! A New York court found that the red sole is "anidentifying mark firmly associated with his brand.â?? ChristianLouboutin was inspired to design the shoes from a secretary's rednail polish.

Has anyone bought Christian louboutin fakes?

i know have many many people bought the christian louboutin fakes. . the fakes christian louboutin fakes is very very hot ! . do u know shoppingoy com ?

Do christian Louboutin shoes run small?

because of everybody's feet are different ,so some of us feel fitwell ,but others may feel not so comfortable , measure your footsize ,compared with the size chart ,and select the right size

Where do Christians study?

Christians study any were, some at schools and others at home or at a church office, there is no specific place a christan must or should as long as they do its all good.

How can I tell if my Christian Louboutins are real?

Christian Louboutin's trademark is the bright red soles. They are real if you paid around $1000 for them and got them atlike a real store. (not from someone else) & also, people thatcan afford those shoes get them custom fit (just FYI).

How much is christian louboutin worth?

Different countries have different prices, you can buy it in half price,even less from developing country; because most of the loboutin shoes made in developing country.

Where are Christian Louboutin shoes manufactured?

There are Christian Louboutin production plants in the United States, Britain, China and other places in the world have Christian Louboutin physical points of sale and point of sale networks.

How do you get a design patent for shoes?

You would need to supply the patent office with detailed images of the design, as part of the application process. Unlike copyright, the patent process is quite elaborate and often requires the assistance of an attorney. For information on US design patent applications, see the link below.

What ethnicity is Christian Louboutin?

He definitely has African ancestry, though the French don't categorize people by race,as we do in America. Saw a show on Nightline about him,they showed photos of him as a young boy, he was much darker in complexion then.

Are Christian louboutin and Louis vuitton related?

Although they might sound alike, they are two different people and designers, both of which are very successful. Christian Louboutin designs and sells shoes, while Louis Vuitton designs and sells handbags. :-)

What age should girls have Christian Louboutin?

i would say 18 years old. CL shoes are not cheap so i really cant see a girl under 18 being able to buy them (unless parents buy) also some of the shoes he designs, the heel is sky high. The highest CL shoes i have seen are 6 inches even with a platform. I don't think it's a good look for a underage ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy the Christian Louboutin shoes and let them shipping to your friend directly?

Go to shoesgoshop to buy cheap Christian Louboutin shoes ,and do drop shipping to your friends directly. Shoesgoshop.com, the biggest brand shoes wholesale market in the world is expecting you! Our company is specialized in selling various kinds of discount brand shoes, designer handbags, replica ( Full Answer )

How do they design shoes?

With imagination, pen and paper and perhaps some patents or a visual brand quality to reflect.

What year did Christian Louboutin die?

Christian Louboutin did not die. He is alive and well. He is a French footware designer. He was born in 1963, but he did not die.

In what year was Christian Louboutin born?

Christian Louboutin is a popular shoe designer. Christian Louboutin began his life in the early year of 1963; around the beginning of the Vietnam war in the early sixties.

What stores sell Christian Louboutin shoes?

Designer shoes from the Christian Louboutin brand are sold in many high end and boutique stores. Prime examples are Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom's, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Where can one purchase Christian Louboutin boots?

There are many online stores where you can purchase Christian Louboutin boots. Some of the more popular stores include Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter and of course Christian Loubutin's own website.

Where would one be able to find Christian Louboutin Pumps?

One may be able to find Christian Louboutin pumps online and offline. Online, one may find them on Amazon, Ebay, their official website, or the Neiman Marcus website. Offline, they may be found at outlet malls or warehouse sales.

What type of shoes do Christian Louboutins tend to be?

Christian Louboutin shoes come in a variety of styles for both women and men. The most popular style of these shoes are the high heel. Louboutin shoes come in a variety of heel sizes. One can also purchase boots, sandals and flats.

Which shoe designs are used as ballroom shoes?

Ballroom dance shoes are usually semi-formal open short-heeled shoes with some decoration and design work on them. There are a wide variety of designs and styles that fit into this category of shoe.

Where can you buy christian louboutin heels?

One can buy Christian Louboutin heels online on websites such as Amazon, eBay or their official online boutique shop. However, one must be sure that they are buying an authentic Christian Louboutin heels because they are fakes out there.

What is Christian Louboutin Pigalle most noted for?

Christian Louboutin Pigalle is most noted for his creation of unique designer shoes for women, he has created hundreds of designs in women's shoes available at various retailers.

What does Christian Louboutin design?

Christian Louboutin designs footwear. He helped bring stilettos back into fashion in the 1990's and early 2000's. Most of which are lower-heeled styles though.