Where did Christianity happen at?

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critianity happed a long time ago WAY after wicca and pegenism
about the time of the vikings and the about the late 8th to the mid-11th century
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What happens to Christian people in the afterlife?

Answer . Scripture says: "The kingdom of heaven is like a net which was thrown into the sea and gathered fish of every kind; when it was full, men drew it ashore and sat down and sorted the good into vessels but threw away the bad. So it will be at the close of the age. The angels will come out ( Full Answer )

What happens to Christians when they die?

Another answer from our community: Christians believe that they go to heaven, a paradise in thepresence of God. However, believing this does not prove it happens, and we have noproof that heaven exists. Answer - If you follow the LORD, as in you do what the Bible says than yougo to Heaven. They ( Full Answer )

What do christians believe happens when they die?

Christians believe that if they profess with their mouth that Jesus died and rose again on the third day, and accept him as Lord and Savior, then when the [born again] christian dies he/she will go to heaven, or if Jesus comes back before they die they will be raptured and taken up to heaven. Christ ( Full Answer )

What happened to the Christian band Skypark?

Tyrone Wells (lead vocals) is a successful solo artist on Universal Records.. Tony Deerfield (bass) aka Anthony Tietz is a French teacher at Diamond Bar High School.. Keith Gove (drums) is a chaplain in the U.S. Army.. Joey Aszterbaum (guitar, background vocals) is a mortgage loan consultant ( Full Answer )

When and what happens at pass over in Christianity?

Christians celebrate Maundy Thursday. Customs vary; some do ceremonial washing of the feet. Strictly speaking, the Passover is not a Christian celebration at all but Jewish. Some Christians do celebrate it but it is not done so as a specifically Christian festival but in order to understand and a ( Full Answer )

What do christians believe happens to you after death?

Christians believe that those who are born again (have Gods Spirit in them) have eternal life (heaven forever! :) Christians believe also that those who don't have Gods Spirit in them, are going to hell (forever :( ). Christians believe in life after death between those two choices , heaven or hell- ( Full Answer )

What happens to Muslims who convert to Christianity?

Muslims can become Christians the same way Christians can become Muslims. It is the free choice of anyone to choose the religion he/she feels convinced with. However, one would be hold responsible of His/her choice or belief in front of God (the Creator) on the Resurrection Day) then either be accep ( Full Answer )

What happens when you die in the Christian belief?

The majority of Christians believe there are only two places youcan go ...Heaven or Hell. You only get into Heaven if you are savedand have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior. This requiresconfession that you are a sinner and faith to believe in the LordJesus Christ. No matter what other "religi ( Full Answer )

What happens to non-Christians when they die?

Other answers from our community: There are certainly many answers to this question but only oneright answer. The answer also isn't determined by anyone's personalbeliefs. These do not change or even touch the reality of thematter. If the atheist is right we all rot. If the Christian Gospelis right ( Full Answer )

What happens at a Christian baptism?

At baptism, Christians are cleaned of original sin, which naturally is within us at birth. Christians also receive the Holy Spirit within our souls.

Where did Christianity happen?

in 350 ad , alot of inspired folks hearing of jesus man, wrote what they thought jesus would have felt or wanted them to say, because it made people behave in a positive and made people obey rules better , for the fear of a boogie man.. there is a high being out there. i am sure of that. the boogie ( Full Answer )

What happens to Christian missionaries in Pakistan?


What happened to the Christian band Overflow?

They all went their separate ways last fall (2008). The bass guitarist they recorded "A Better Place" with already left, to be replaced by Ben Jordan (originally with the band but left when he decided to go to college). After touring some more and starting a new CD they went their separate ways, whi ( Full Answer )

What happens to a christian after death?

There is much deate about this but Jesus was quite clear to the repentant thief, 'Today you will be with me in paradise.' Paradise is Greek for a garden so there is a place where those who trust in Christ go until the Second Coming and the resurrection when we shall be given our new everalsting bodi ( Full Answer )

What do Christians believe will happen after death?

Different people in Christendom believe different things. But that's not the point. Who cares what a particular group believes ? - - We should be concerned about 'WHAT DOES THE BIBLE TEACH happens at death?' Now we're talkin'. Many people believe when they die, they don't really die at all ( Full Answer )

What happens in a Christian marriage ceremony?

I think it's very much like what you see in movies: Groom stands at the altar, bride walks down the aisle accompanied by her father, father hands the bride over to the groom, bride and groom faces the pastor/priest, say the vows, put on the wedding rings, and finally, k-i-s-s. P.S. Just a rough desc ( Full Answer )

What would happen in 1700 if you were not Christian?

Answer By 1700, the Age of Enlightenment had begun, and Christian belief could no longer be officially enforced. Intellectuals examined the meaning of life in secular, rational terms and a few brave intellectuals made their nonbelief known. However, common people would brobably have faced social ost ( Full Answer )

What happen in Christianity?

Denominations got scared of dwindling numbers. Pride entered in, and they actually thought something other then the gift of God (Jesus) was necessary to attract people to pay their mortgages, bloated salaries and fill the un-biblical buildings up with un-biblical toys to attract people. This they ha ( Full Answer )

What happens at a Christian baptism in a church?

The person is blessed with water as a symbol of being born through the water into Christ's holy church. Every church does it a little differently but it's the same meaning. The church family acknowledges the person as a person of God and promises to foster their relationship with God and His holy ( Full Answer )

What happens when a Muslim becomes a Christian?

Then they become Christian. Whether this is good or bad and what will happen to them depends on who you ask. However, both Christians and Muslims will agree that God knows best.

What do Christians believe happen to them after death?

Christians beleive that if you trust jesus christ as your lord and savior. That he came to this earth to die for your sins and that there is God which is also his "father" you will go to heaven. If you don't you will spend eternity in hell. It is not a works based faith.

What happened to Christians in Rome in 64CE?

Answer The Great Fire of Rome broke out in 64 CE. Although it seems that Nero's conduct during the emergency was exemplary, it seems that rumours began that he was in some way responsible for the fire, or that the gods brought the fire in order to punish him. He apparently needed a scapegoat. No dou ( Full Answer )

Who brought Christianity to Britain and when did it happen?

Answer Christianity had already arrived in Britain by the time of Constantine, although there were few converts. Pope Gregory sent the monk Augustine to England to evangelise the island. In 601, four years after Augustine began his missionary work, Gregory sent the monk Mellitus to assist.

What happens when you become a Christian?

nothing you just follow the lord our god. Another thought: A very remarkable thing happens when you become a Christian. God Himself takes up residence in your life; even in your body. According to John 14:23 "Jesus answered and said unto him, "If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Fath ( Full Answer )

What happens when Christianity die?

Like with all the other religions before it another one will take place and the holidays will probably remain the same as it has since the many religious holidays today are based on pagan holidays. The ppl wont let go of that. It's tradition and very strong.

What happened to Christians in the Colloseum?

They were brutalized by being burnt alive, crucified, eaten by wild animals, made to fight to the death against gladiators, tigers, lions, wolves, and that sort of thing, unarmed and slaughtered by soldiers, drawn and quartered (they rip out your intestines while you still live, tie a horse to each ( Full Answer )

In Christianity what happened on Good Friday?

On Good Friday Jesus died on the Cross, the sky got dark and the curtain in the Temple tore from top to bottom, symbolising the division between God and humanity being removed because of Jesus' sacrifice.

What happened to start the Christian church?

The Great Commission Before Jesus Christ died on the cross he commanded all his followers to go into the world and share the Gospel(good news) that all are sinners but he gave his life to atone for these sins and we can live in paradise if we accept the gift. Just to be clear, "church" is where t ( Full Answer )

If your a Christian and your gay what happens?

A minority of Christians who believe in preaching hate, and believe that manipulating the bibles teaching for their own purposes, claim that we will burn in hell forever. I personally believe that on the day of judgment, everyone of them will be made to atone for their bastardization of the faith.

What happened to Christianity in the dark ages?

It stayed, in a way, especially in southern Europe, however in northern Europe and the British Isles, paganism - what they worshipped before the Romans - remained a majority religion. Pity in the dark ages existed at all. Think, priests, monks and inquisitors would not have hindered technology for a ( Full Answer )

What happened to the Christianity after Constantine?

By the time of the death of Constantine in 337, and indeed throughout the fourth century, Christianity remained a minority religion in the Roman Empire. Constantine's Christian sons and successors continued to encourage Christianity and meet the expenses of the Church from state funds, meanwhile in ( Full Answer )

What happens when you die in Christian religion?

well when you die you will have to confess every single sin you have made on earth. and if you were a true christian you accepted Jesus into your heart/accepted him as you saviour you will go to heaven. but if you were not a christian, well, the bible says you will be sent to the lake of fire we ( Full Answer )

What happens to Christians as they grow up?

Answer Most Christians, as they grow up, learn the teachings of their faith. In later childhood, some evaluate what they have been taught all their lives and see it as a fiction, thus ceasing to be Christians. Others continue to accept Christianity, often without thinking, and remain Christians in ( Full Answer )

What happens if Christians get cremated?

Upon cremation the body would be reduced to ashes and small fragment of bones. The Christians soul would go to be with the lord as if he had been buried in any conventional manner. Cremation was not taught in Gods word and it is probably not the way a Christians body should be disposed of at death. ( Full Answer )

What happened to the Christians after jesus died?

We actually don't know a whole lot about after He died, but then after three days, He rose from the dead..."And as He stands in victory, sin's curse has lost it's grip on me. For I am His, and He is mine. Bought with the precious blood of Christ." (In Christ Alone..it's a song) Jesus now stands in v ( Full Answer )

What happens at a Christian marriage ceremony?

The couple stands before the church and God and they say their wedding vows, listen to the scripture and then they pray and everyone prays after that it's lunch time:)

What happens to christian before they die?

The same happens to Christians before they die, as happens to everyone else. The following scriptures tell us to 'work' while we can; while we're still alive. We can 'work'; 'reason'; 'gain knowledge'; and gain 'wisdom' while we're still alive. We can do whatever we 'are capable of doing'. Because ( Full Answer )

What happened when Christianity began?

Christianity Started with John the Baptist. He spread Christianity through baptizing and preaching preparing for Jesus Christ's teachings. The whole thing that wraps it up is Jesus Christ's Resurrection.

What happen to wwe star christian?

Christian is right now taking some time off due to injury. He will return to active competition once he is fully fit to compete. He made a one-off appearance at the Elimination Chamber pay per view along with other heels like Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry in support of John Laurinitis

What happens at a christian church?

I think this is a typical meeting in an evangelical church. *praise and worship through singing is a scriptural thing to do: Eph 5:19 Speak to one another with the words of psalms, hymns, and sacred songs; sing hymns and psalms to the Lord with praise in your hearts. *take communion/bread a ( Full Answer )

What happens if you burn a Christian Bible?

It usually turns to ash and is blown away. Though depending upon the reason for burning it, one should always respect 'religious' articles of others. If accidentally someone should destroy a religious book/symbol, this never necessitates revenge, especially bodily harm or even death. It is against G ( Full Answer )

What happens after the death of Christianity?

There are far more Christians in the world than any other religion . . . so we will just have to wait and see, assuming it ever dies. It's hung in there for more than 2,000 years so far.

What happens after death in Christianity beliefs?

Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, Answer: Christians believe that, after death, everyone's spirit and soul will go to either of these two places: heaven (eternal life) or hell (eternal death).

What happens at a Christian maturing ceremonies?

There is no 'maturing' ceremony. Perhaps you are referring to theage when a young Christian becomes responsible for themselves. Somewould point to the Confirmation day event as a reflection of this.

How did Christianity happened?

The teachings of Christianity are based on the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, so Christianity did not begin until after Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. After His resurrection Jesus spent 40 days with His disciples and during this time he presumably taught them about the ( Full Answer )

What happened when Clovis converted to Christianity?

Clovis converted to Catholicism in 496, largely at the request ofhis wife, Clotilde. The adoption of Catholicism by Clovis led to awidespread conversion to Catholicism among the Frankish peoples,installing Catholicism all across modern-day France and Germany.When Clovis converted to Catholicism he b ( Full Answer )