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Israel and Rome
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Who spread Christianity?

The apostles, spread Christianity around Judea while St Paul spread Christianity to Greek City states and Rome.

Where did Christianity spread?

across europe Additional Answer: In the 1st Century AD, Christianity began to spread throughout the Roman Empire - Middle East, Babylon to India, North Africa, Europe and the Isles. Eventually, it spread over the entire world.

How was Christianity spread?

It began spreading by the work of the Apostles and disciples asJesus had instructed them to from Jerusalem throughout the MiddleEast, North Africa, and Rome itself. Then it spread via the RomanEmpire in the 4th Century AD, to spread even more to othercountries.

Why did Christianity spread?

Christianity spread because of the miraculous things that Jesus did. Examples ; 1) During the Last Dinner, the bread they ate was his skin and the wine they drank was his blood. 2) He had the ability to cure in a matter of 1 second. 3) When he was about to get crucified, he was forced to ca ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread in Europe?

The apostles , who disappeared from biblical view after Christ's ascension, took it to the " lost tribes of the House of Israel " who were scattered around Asia Minor and elsewhere at the time [God knew where]. And it continued to be taught and spread as world upheavals caused the migration of peopl ( Full Answer )

Who spread Christianity in Europe?

Jewish converts who had been at Jerusalem during Pentecost afterthe ascension of Jesus took the gospel back to places where theylived. Act 2:8-11 And how is it that we hear, each in our own language inwhich we were born? Parthians and Medes and Elamites, thosedwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappa ( Full Answer )

Who spread Christianity to Medieval Europe?

Christianity spread relatively slowly throughout the Roman Empire until the early fourth century, when Emperor Constantine gave the religion state patronage. The Roman Empire included much of southern and western Europe, and Christianity also became well established in these areas by the fourth cent ( Full Answer )

Roman empire on the spread of Christianity?

Originally, the Roman Empire persecuted the early Christian Church(that is what the Book of Revelation was all about), but, in the end, it became Christian, under Emperor Constantine.

Who encouraged the spread of Christianity?

Jesus did. He told His disciples to take the gospel, which is thebasis of Christianity, to all the world. Matthew 28:19,20 Go therefore and make disciples of all thenations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Sonand of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that Ihave ( Full Answer )

How was Christianity spread by force?

True Christianity has never been spread by force. Jesus indicated clearly and had the behavior to match that 'my kingdom is not of this world.' Those who use force are using worldly methods to spread a spiritual message and they are Christians in name only. Since true faith is matter of the heart, n ( Full Answer )

Where did Christianity spread to from Palestine?

Answer . The land of Israel was not called Palestine when Christ's disciples first spread the Gospel.. Jesus had given instruction to the disciples after His Resurrection, just before His Ascension: "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, bapti ( Full Answer )

Christianity spread to?

Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world, But unfairly so as well. While christians occupy over 69% of the earth's populated regions, there are so many splinters of christian groups that it is unfair to say that a majority of people are one specific sect. Europe: Christianity ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread?

Through evangelism, conquest, and missionary work. Answer We know that by the time of St Paul, Christianity had spread throughout much of the Near East and Greece, and at least as far as Rome. It may be that part of the reason for this spread was the spread of the diaspora Jews through the Roman ( Full Answer )

How is Christianity spread?

Used to be Christianity was spread through word of mouth to spiritually save another. Later many people were forced to be converted through fear such as Native Americans. But now it still retains the tradition of word of mouth, missionaries and even television advertisements. Answer In the very b ( Full Answer )

Where has Christianity spread to?

Christianity has spread all over the world... for the most part but it doesn't mean the everyone believes everything about it is true. It's either believed in or heard of to one extent or other. Some remote areas may not have heard but some have.

Why was Christianity spread?

When Spain took over what is now present day Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chili, Argentina, and the many other spanish speaking countries they brought over their religion and that's what they have adapted to.

Where did Christianity spread to?

Christianity has spread all over the globe, leaving very few places today in which there are no Christians. Due to the spread of missionaries, Christianity has become prevalent in Asia, Africa, and even the Middle East, often usurping the native belief system. Incidentally, the grammatically correct ( Full Answer )

How and why did Christianity spread?

Jesus both set the example(Mark 1:14-15)(Luke 8:1)(Luke 4:43-44)and commanded his followers to " Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them ..." prophesying that " this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the ( Full Answer )

Why should people spread Christianity?

To tell others about God so they can be saved and go to Heaven In order to let more people know God, worship God, obey God, andultimately people can be saved.

How was Christianity spread around the world?

Answer 1 when jesus came he taught people then thoes people told otherpeople. so it just sperded from person to person. Answer 2 It depends entirely on the time-period. Early Period Between the years 0-350 CE, more or less, Christianity was arepressed religion. There were definitely sermons a ( Full Answer )

Who spread Christianity to Romans?

Paul. "...when we got to Rome, Paul was allowed to live by himself, with a soldier to guard him... I was arrested in Jerusalem and handed over to the Romans. They examined me and wanted to release me, because I was not guilty of any crime deserving death. But when the Jews objected, I was compelled ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread from Jerusalem?

Jesus' disciples. They cast the Seed of God's Word. "Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to obeserve all thi ( Full Answer )

Who spread Christianity to the gentiles?

Paul's epistles tell us that Paul decided to preach Christianity to the gentiles, although he had to convince the Jerusalem brethren that what he was doing was right. Acts of the Apostles says that it was the decision of Peter to preach Christianity to the gentiles, and that several missionaries pa ( Full Answer )

How was Christianity spread to Mexico?

When Spanish conquistadors arrived to Mexico, they also brought Roman Catholic priests with them. Once they conquered all native peoples in Mexico, they swiftly converted them to Christianity.

How did Christianity help spread democracy?

It is hard to find any evidence that Christianity played any positive role in the spread of democracy. The Christian Roman Emperors, beginning with Constantine, were even more anti-democratic than their pagan predecessors. Before the reign of Constantine, there were some tentative reforms that co ( Full Answer )

Has Christianity spread through out the world?

Yes it has, there are cristians everywhere. However the country with most christians is the united states (: well to be more accurate there are cristians in about every country in the map, but unfortunately a lot of tribes and bushmen have never heard of it

How were the teachings of Christianity spread?

The teachings of Christianity were, and are, spread by word of mouth, through an active preaching and teaching campaign ( Matthew 28:19+20)(Matthew 24:14)(Romans 10:11-15) , person-to-person (Acts 5:42)(Acts 20:20) ,in public places (Acts 19:8)(Luke 3:7)(Matthew10:27)(Acts 13:5; Romans 1:8; Col ( Full Answer )

Why was Christianity able to spread?

Christianity was able to spread because the Europeans sailed around the world. A famous and well-known example is Christopher Columbus who sailed around the world in 1492 and later went to islands of the Americas and later Europeans helped spread this religion.

How did Christianity spread from Europe?

Christianity did not spread from Europe, but from the Middle East. In its early days, there were certainly more Christians outside Europe than in Europe. Philip Jenkins ( The Lost History of Christianity ) says that by around 1000 CE, Asia had 17 to 20 million Christians, with a further 5 million in ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread to Greece?

During the first century Christianity started in Jerusalem, but within just a few short years there was a persecution which drove many Christians out of Jerusalem and some fled to Greece where they spread Christianity to those in Greece they encountered.

Why and how did Christianity spread?

Christianity spread through mouth, evangelism, and people were told of God. Miracles also played a part. As did missionary work

Who helped the spread of Christianity to Ireland?

st.Patrick is the famous one,we know every little about his life and works, the roman catholic church,the Celtic monks,saint cadoc,saint columban and so on,there are many good books on Celtic Christianity,this is a start and i could write a paper on this matter,so leave a message on my board and i c ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity spread into Rome?

Answer . We can not really say when the first Christians arrived in Rome, but Paul's Epistle to the Romans shows that there were already Christians in Rome during his lifetime. This Epistle is traditionally dated in the 50s of the first century CE.

Why does the spread of Christianity matter?

The spread of Christianity matters because it was one of the factors that shaped our western culture. The spread of Christianity matters because it was one of the factors that shaped our western culture. The spread of Christianity matters because it was one of the factors that shaped our western c ( Full Answer )

How did colonialism help spread Christianity?

Settlers brought with them their Christian faith as they traveled to new lands. They taught their religious beliefs to the native people (often forcing it on them ) therefore new territories or "colonies" that were sprouting up across the world were built on the Christian faith. Hence more of the wo ( Full Answer )

What did the byzantine empire do to spread Christianity?

The Byzantine empire or the eastern Roman empire spread Christianity by forcing everyone to become Christian. It was an eastern emperor, Theodosius I who ordered this. The Byzantine empire or the eastern Roman empire spread Christianity by forcing everyone to become Christian. It was an eastern emp ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread to the US?

Christianity came to the USA in two branches. For all practical purposes, we can consider that the first branch was brought by English settlers to the region of Virginia in 1607. The settlers were members of the Church of England, and the colony was supported by James I of England. The second ( Full Answer )

What are four reasons for the spread of Christianity?

1. Christians are encouraged to heal sick people, do miracles, teach, and use prayer to release God's power in order to both share and demonstrate their faith in God's love toward others. The scriptures advise Christians to spread God's message of love and liberty through the entire earth. '\ 2. ( Full Answer )

Who did the early Christians spread the teachings to?

For 13 years the (what you call) christians spread the teachings to Judeans only, then to the lost tribes of the house of Israel, which was able to include anyone outside of Judah as well.

Who died during the spread of Christianity?

A: An unknown number of pagans and gnostics died to further the spread of Christianity, from the fourth century onwards. In just one year, 782, the Frankish king Charlemagne reputedly beheaded four thousand five hundred Saxons who resisted his campaign of forced conversion to Christianity, and we c ( Full Answer )

When did Paul spread Christianity?

A: The year of Paul's conversion remains a debated topic, with various estimates. These estimates are usually based on interpretations of Acts of the Apostles, which is seen by many scholars as an unreliable history. This suggests that Paul's conversion took place in the mid-30s and that he contin ( Full Answer )

What attributed to the spread of Christianity?

be more specific.. Jesus taught the renewed covenant(new testament).. Paul traveled to port cities where he could spread the word and the travellers would carry the word further... Paul wrote a lot of the new testament..

How did the Catholic Church spread Christianity?

The Catholic Church has spread Christianity through its preaching, its missionary activity, and through its charity, its love of men, as it sees Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, in every human being.

What was the spread of Christianity from start to finnish?

There is no finish of the spread of Christianity. Christianity is still gaining converts in the present time. It began spreading out from Jerusalem shortly after the death of Jesus which tradition says was in 33 AD. which would make Christianity roughly 1980 years old.

Who let stpatrick spread Christianity?

Since he was a Bishop, he did not need anyone to let him, maybe you could say the Pope allowed him to, but only in a indirect way.