Where did Christopher Columbus ask the Queen and King for money?

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Columbus asked King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to sponsor his journey. He promised to bring them back riches from Asia but, he never reached Asia.
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What did the queen like about Christopher Columbus?

Actually the Queen didn't like him very much at all. She and the King only tolerated Columbus because he was their best hope for beating Portugal to the riches of Asia in their eyes. The belief that Columbus was a favorite of the Queen is just another myth.

Who gave Christopher Columbus the ships and money to pay for his explorations?

Columbus asked King Henry of Portugal for ships and sailors to discover the way to China and Japan. King Henry said no.. Then Columbus went to Spain and asked Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. There was a war in Spain. "Wait until the war is over," Queen Isabella said.. Columbus had to wait many ( Full Answer )

Why did King John II of Portugal refuse Christopher Columbus?

Already in the service of King John II of Portugal, Columbus in1484 proposed a new sea route to Asia. John dismissed Columbus'project following Bartholomew Diaz's discovery of a route to Indiavia the Cape of Good Hope. Funding still another search for anIndian passage seemed unnecessary.

Who was King and Queen of Spain when Columbus sailed?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella King Ferdinand II was King of Aragon. Queen Isabella I was Queen of Castile and Leon. They were co-rulers of Spain but neither was really Spanish Royalty. There were other independent kingdoms that had to be joined to Aragon, Castile, and Leon to form Spain.

What was Queen Isabella I relationship with Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was an explorer during the Age of Exploration. He had a theory in proving that the world's circumference was not as great as others thought. By proving this theory, he would said sail west instead of east to reach Asia. However, Christopher Columbus realized that this expedition ( Full Answer )

Why did king and queen of Spain sponsor Columbus?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella sponsored Columbus because Columbus told them that if they gave him the money to find another trade route to India he would spread Catholicism in India (king and queen of Spain were Catholic)

What king and queen chirstopher Columbus his ships?

I'm assuming the question is, "what king and queen gave christopher Columbus his ships?". With that said I believe it was King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile.

In the letters that Christopher Columbus wrote to the king and queen of Spain how did he treat his relationship to their authority?

Columbus didn't write letters. He kept a journal and that is how we know his thinking and route. They were the crown who gave him money, but until the day he died he felt that they had cheated him out of his reward. He had made a deal that included 10% of the gold from ANY future expeditions that he ( Full Answer )

How did the king and queen assist Columbus?

Queen Isabella gave him 3 ships, enough food for 90 days, and enough men for the job. All the exports were send back to Spain, but the land that Columbus found he was able to govern. LOL

Why Did Christopher Columbus Write letter to King and Queen of Spain?

to ask them for the ships and the supplies that he will need for his expedition. he also asked them to fund his expedition. in return he promised that his expedition will benefit Spain because he will give them gold, spices, silks, spread, Christianity-lead expedition to china

Why did King Ferdinand sponsor Christopher Columbus?

They first sponsored his voyage because they believed it would lead to China and the wealth that would come with it. Then they sponsored his subsequent voyages to gain wealth from the Americas!

Why was christopher Columbus sent by the king of Spain?

The short answer is that he wasn't. In fact the truth is that Columbus had to petition for many years to get permission to go and explore the ocean. The reason why he needed permission was that he could not raise the necessary funds all by himself, because at that time of his life he was not very ( Full Answer )

Why did Columbus try to persuade kings and queens for money?

He wanted to bring riches and treasures from India, China, etc. and sail the world. He needed supplies, ships, money and sailors. The treasures would go to the King or Queen who would sponsor his adventure. He mapped his trip and only made it to South America not knowing it was there. He returned wi ( Full Answer )

Why did Queen Isabella give Christopher Columbus money?

He needed money to purchase supplies for his long journey. The Queen supported him because she wanted to find a quick route to East Asia by sailing across the Atlantic. This would avoid the dangerous and expansive overland routes and the eastward water routes controlled by the Portuguese.

Which King denied Columbus the money for his expedition?

In 1485, Columbus presented his plans to John II, King of Portugal. He proposed the king equip three sturdy ships and grant Columbus one year's time to sail out into the Atlantic, search for a western route to the Orient, and return. Columbus also requested he be made "Great Admiral of the Ocean", a ( Full Answer )

When did Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand fund Christopher Columbus?

Yes, they did, upon the second time he went to them saying the world is round. He said that if he sailed west, he would find India and China much faster than going east. All the other major sea-going countries (France, Britain, Portugal) had all said no, so he went back to Spain.

How did the king and queen assist Columbus on his voyage?

Schoolchildren are taught that Christopher Columbus wanted to find America, or in some cases that he wanted to prove that the world was round. He convinced Queen Isabella of Spain to finance the journey, and she sold her personal jewelry to do so. He bravely headed west and found the Americas and Ca ( Full Answer )

What was the queen Isabella's problem with paying Christopher Columbus journey?

She had no problem paying for Columbus'journey. On the contrary,she was smart enough to only pay him the promised amount a yearlater, in 1493 when he had safely returned, bringing along enoughgold to immediately cover the Queen's expenses for the trip. Isabella did however make problems when Columbu ( Full Answer )