Where did Christopher Columbus land on his first voyage?

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On his first trip to the "new world", Columbus initially landed at San Salvador.

Coincidentally, it is widely believed that Christopher Columbus' first voyages to the new world were those that brought syphilis back to Europe.

However,on his first voyage he was actually in the Atlantic Ocean,southeast of present-day Florida.Columbus also explored what is today areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic,Cuba,Jamaica,andthe coasts of Central America and northern South America in 1493,1998,and 1502.
Columbus first reached the Bahamas and kept going further south north of cuba and finally did the first landing in the dominican republic.
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Where did Christopher Columbus first landed?

Guanahani Island --- in the now Bahammas. Most historians have agreed on Guanahani Island which today is known as Watlings Island in the Bahammas.
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Where did Columbus land in the first voyage?

Technically the Canary Islands as the Pinta was in trouble, but officially in San Salvador (Cuba) near America. He thought he had landed in India though.