Where did Christopher Columbus sail?

christopher Columbus tried to sail of the tip of Africa. although he didn explore it his crew mates did
The Bahamas, Cuba, Trinidad, and other islands in the Caribbean. He landed on the the South American mainland on his fourth voyage, but never set foot on the mainland of North America. Columbus was born and grew up in Italy, and lived in Portugal until his voyages were funded by the King and Queen of Spain.

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On the first voyage, he traveled from Spain to Hispaniola.
In 1492, Christopher Columbus intended to set sail for India, but his calculations were wrong and he ended up discovering a whole new continent. He refused to believe this, but later on after he died, Amerigo Vespucci renamed the new continent America, after himself.
the new world
He started his journey in Spain and found an island he called Hispaniola, which we know to be in the Caribbean.