Where did Civil War spies get information?

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It wasn't very difficult.

Washington was full of dubious agents listening out for military intelligence.

The Confederates often used beautiful women spies to take advantage of pompous generals and politicians, and get under their guard.

And both armies had enemy spies in their camps. For example, the Battle of Antietam could have meant the total destruction of the Army of Northern Virginia, but a Confederate spy at McLellan's headquarters was able to alert Lee in time.
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What websites have good information about the US Civil War?

Answer . Just type in: Goggle.com\n. \nThen type in: Information on the Civil War.\n. \nYou will be facinated with all the websites and spend hours reading many good articles on the subject. I am a Civil War buff myself. \n. \nHave a great weekend.\n. \nMarcy.

What was the role of spies in World War 2?

The role of "spies" in W.W.2 was a major component. They were controlled by the dept. in Britain called S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive,) whose H.Q. was in Baker st. London. their job was recruiting agents in the country that they were serving in,France,Belgium,Norway, Denmark,etc.each country ( Full Answer )

Who were some spies of World War 2?

Violette Bushell Szabo Virginia Hall Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan Major Cyrus E. Manierre Answer Richard Zorge was a famous Soviet resident, who operated in Japan before and during first years of WWII (until 1941); was a leader of Ramzai agent group, consisting of 17 spies. Had a German fath ( Full Answer )

What was the impact of British spies in World War 2?

First, I think we need to make a distinction between " spy " and " agent ". Strictly speaking a spy is someone who obtains information on a rival by various means including observation, photography, bribery, blackmail or simple theft. On the other hand, an agent is an operative who can perform one o ( Full Answer )

Where can you find information on an old Civil War musket?

Answer . Try going to gunboards.com or surplusrifle.com. Both have forums where you can post pictures of your firearms and ask for help identifying them. The people on both sites are very knowlegeable about antique military weaponry. If nothing else, I'm sure they can point you in the right di ( Full Answer )

How did spies influence the outcome of the American Civil War?

Spies especially women spies helpes influence the out come of the civil war in depth they carried very important information to and from the soldiers without women spies the whole outcome of the war could have changed

Where can you find information about the Civil War?

Answer . \nFor a good general reading about the Civil War and the battles, I would highly recommend the TIME-LIFE history series. This was printed in several volumes that deals with various battles or campaigns. These books are well written and illustrated with maps and photos. Also, you can ( Full Answer )

What do spies do?

ANSWER There are many different kinds of spies, but my personal favourites are the ones they sneak into POW camps. Say for example, there's a POW (Prisoner of War) camp in America with German prisoners. They sneak an American disguised as a German to learn all their secrets - where any tunnels are ( Full Answer )

How many spies were killed in the American Civil War?

Spies were common in the civil war, ranging from male to female, confederate to union. Many died, if a spy was caught they were hung most likely after being questioned with what information they knew. Both the North and South had a number of spies, they relied on them. The Civil War was a very spy c ( Full Answer )

Who were spies in the Revolutionary War?

James Armistead, John André, Benedict Arnold, Margaret Shippen Arnold, Ann Bates, Daniel Bissell, James Bowdoin, Benjamin Church, Lewis J. Costigin, Lydia Darragh, Benjamin Franklin, 355, Nathan Hale, Thomas Hickey, "Miss Jenny", Dominique L'Eclise, James Armistead Lafayette, The Mechanics, H ( Full Answer )

What did spies do in the reveloutinary war?

Answer . THey went under cover on boats to find out how many cannons the other ships had and they went to see were the other boats got there supplies from

What did the spies do during the Civil War?

Um, ya i think they went behind enemy lines and "overheard" what was being planned so that they could report it to their side so that their side knew what to do for their next action Actually, that's sort of right. Spies would either change their identity and pretend to be from either the south(co ( Full Answer )

Who did the spies of World War 2 work for?

The spies of World War 2 worked for ; UK: Special Operations Executive (SOE) Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) aka MI-6 USA: Military Intelligence Division (MID) aka G-2 Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Germany: Abwehr SD USSR: NKVD ( Full Answer )

Did Germany have spies in World War 2?

During World War 2, Germany had spies and practiced espionage.German espionage began before the World War, and dates back tobefore the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Who were some famous women spies in the US Civil War?

Famous women spies during the Civil War were Elizabeth L. Van Lew, Emma Edmonds, Pauline Cushman, Harriet Tubman, and Mary Galloway to just name a few. You can find more information by looking on web.

Who were the spies in the Vietnam war?

With few exceptions (if any), ALL WARS have had spys. The US Military has intelligence sections within each respective headquarters element; they live off of information. During the Viet War, actual spying and communication would normally be conducted via that person's nationality; e.g. Laos/Cambodi ( Full Answer )

Why were there spies in the Cold War?

According to Sun Tsu's Art of War; Spies are a necessity of war. Spies have been used since war's have been fought.. Note* the penalty for getting caught as a spy is death.

How did German spies in England in World War 2 transmit their information?

There is some information on this, but even now it is very sketchy. The idea of a suitcase & a Morse transmitter is quite likely but verification of such a character as in 'The Eagle has Landed' by Jack Higgins (An Irish IRA sympathiser) is the work (I suspect) of fiction. Basil Liddell-Hart does sa ( Full Answer )

Where should you find quick information on the causes of the American Civil War?

You won't find quick information about this, because the causes are still being debated to this day. 'Slavery' is not a good enough answer. Simply, most Northerners were not abolitionists, and Lincoln had been elected because he was moderate on the slavery question. The big debate was about the ex ( Full Answer )

World war 1 spies?

Mata Hari best known. The name means Eye of the Dawn. If you stretched the definition, one might consider Count Von Luckner- German Navy officer and skipper of the disguised raider ( Seeadler)- Sea Eagle or Sea Hawk) but he would fit more into the category of a privateer or a legalized govt-agent pi ( Full Answer )

Who were likely to be spies in the Civil War?

women >>>> It's true that most spies were women but the more common spies were actually children. People never saw children as a threat to their operations, as a result, they would let the little runts ' run around ' while troops planned their next attacks, the children would then memorize the plans ( Full Answer )

Were there female spies in World War 2?

Very few. The US OSS, UK MI-6 and SOE , USSR NKVD and GRU, French Deuxieme Bureau, German Abwehr and SD, Italian SIM, Japanese Kempei Tai, Chinese BIS had about 50 female agents out of thousands of agents around the world.

What did the English Spies do in World War 2?

Not all of the spies who reported to England in World War 2 were of English descent, but they operated in neutral or Axis-occupied countries, and they supplied information to England, the same as the spies of any country in any time do.

What was the point of spies in the Civil War?

Spies had a big part in the civil war they got info from the other side and broght it back to there spymasters so they would know there next action.

How much did spies get paid in the civil war?

No more than they do now, just like a military soilder. They still get paid the amount they did back that age. Maybe even less. Sources; United states history, budget, former spy.

What did Civil War spies wear?

Most civil war spies dress as regular people. I mean their job was to blend in. Some woman though dressed as men.

What motivated women to become spies in the civil war?

1. Love of their country. 2. Desire to support the men who were fighting in battles. 3. Hatred against the Union forces who were occupying their towns and farms. 4. Relative ease with which women could move about and conceal medicine, messages and supplies.

Where are the spies?

1 is in the docks, 1 jus under the HQ, 1 in the balding avenue in the bush, 1 near the sign saying toupee terrace and that's it (i think, because i'v never been further than the laser in bad control center hope you enjoyed it ,if it helped you heres my email kinnygod@hotmail.com

What did women spies do in World War II?

Andree Borell and Lise de Bassiac parachutted into France anddestroyed a power station. Nancy Wake coordinated raids with theFrench Resistance during D Day. Virginia Hall, CecelieWitherington, Violette Reine, Diana Rowden helped deliver messagesand make the German war efforts very difficult.

What is some important information about the Civil War?

Ulysses S. Grant (not his given name at birth) was a military hero for the North. Abraham Lincoln was president of the US at the time. A Northern general named Sherman very effectively utilized the "Slash and Burn" technique, laying Atlanta to waste on his infamous "March to the Sea" campaign. ( Full Answer )

Who was the spies of the civil war?

There were many of them, partly because security was lax, and secrets didn't last long. The Confederate spies were more notable than the Union ones. The memoirs of Loreta Velasquez give a riveting account of this lady's wartime espionage on behalf of the Confederates, though the scenes of her front ( Full Answer )

How do spies pass on information?

Typically, spies send coded messages. Let us say, if I phone my contact and say, I expect warmer weather on Monday, that will be understood to mean, I have discovered that the attack is scheduled for Monday.

What did the author of The Art Of War say about spies?

Chapter 13 of the Art of War is all about spies. Sun Tzu thought that using spies to gain information, either your own or by getting enemy spies to give up information was an important part of a war effort.

Where did spies of the civil war live?

During the US Civil War, espionage was a factor in gaining information about both the North & South. The South had spies in Washington DC and the North had spies in Richmond, Virginia.