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'Coin a phrase' - 'Quoins' are used to wedge columns of type in the printers 'chase'. Printers believed to put things in type was to make them permanent and believe this to be the origin of the phrase, 'Quoin a phrase'. (this is not the only explanation though - there are several literary uses of the phrase too!)
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Who coined the phrase 'coined the phrase'?

The notion of coining words (as if they were money) seems to have started with an Elizabethan writer by the name of Puttenham. In 1589 his hot new title, "English Poesie" hit the streets and in volume 3, on page 259 (yawn) he moans about "Young schollers not halfe well studied..." who "seeme to coig ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase Fashion Police?

In 1986 Saks Fifth Avenue and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation inCleveland, Ohio put on an event named "Crimes of Fashion". Theevent was also held in 1988. Darryl and Darryl from the NewhartShow attended as "Fashion Police", shortly afterwards charactersMichael and Stephanie appeared on the sitcom as ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase 'If it feels good do it'?

Don't know where it started but the rendition that always comes to mind for me was by a soul songstress in the 1970s. (Sadly can't remember her name, been googling for it but all I get is references to George W Bush - anyone?) Anyway, BBC Radio 1 DJ Alan Freeman (who passed away recently) used to us ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase How 'bout them cowboys?

If he didn't coin the phrase, it was certainly popularized by Dallas head coach Jimmy Johnson during the Cowboys' playoff run after the 1992 regular season.

Coined the phrase?

To say someone coined a phrase means that he or she first used itor is otherwise credited with its origin. Writer Francis BrettYoung coined that particular phrase in 1940.

Who coined the phrase 'Ignorance is Bliss'?

This phrase is commonly thought to have originated in the 1742 poem titled, "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College" by Thomas Gray. Lines 91-100 . To each his sufferings: all are men, Condemned alike to groan; The tender for another's pain, The unfeeling for his own. Yet ah! why ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of to coin a phrase?

Answer . To coin a phrase ( or a term) is to invent a figure of speech. Finley Peter Dunne was the first person to call a left-handed pitcher a "southpaw," and so he is said to have coined the term.

Who coined the phrase the iron curtain?

Coined by Sir Winston Churchill in an address to Westminster College, March 1946. He stated that 'an Iron Curtain had descended across Europe.....we are all subject in one form or another, not only to Soviet influence but to increasing measures of control from Moscow'

Who coined the phrase rock and roll?

Alan Freed Get Rhythm In Your Feet (June 25, 1935 with Helen Ward, and where you'll hear the line "... commence to rock and roll, get rhythm in your feet and music in your soul ....", long before Alan Freed "allegedly" coined the term

Who coined phrase Yankees Clipper?

Mel Allen is often credited with coining Joe DiMaggio's nickname, "The Yankee Clipper," David Halberstam says Arch McDonald deserves credit for that. Allen was the first to call DiMag "Joltin' Joe." He labeled Tommy Henrich "Ol' Reliable."

Who coined the phrase 'baby boomer'?

The phrase came out of San Francisco, California. It has beenthought it was Timothy O'leary to first use the phrase to giveinnocence to the drug culture. There was no "Baby-boom" after WWII.Actually, There was a percapita reduction in children born between1943 and 1964. The actual percapita "Baby-bo ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase perception is reality?

The phrase "perception is reality" has been attributed to politicalstrategist Lee Atwater. Atwater is perhaps best known for his workon George H.W. Bush's campaign in the late 80's. He often used thephrase when talking about the importance of public relations tocampaigning and was said to be "ahead ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase Have a good day?

My cousin Alfred used to sell T-shirts with that yellow faced smiley guy that said "Have a good day.", but he never even thought of coins. He might have made a fortune with that. Or how about collector's plates, or stamps?

Who coined the phrase surf the net?

Jean Armor Polly is credited with coining the phrase, "surf thenet". She said Internet instead of net, but it was shortened laterby computer lingo geeks to net. Jean Armor Polly has writtenseveral books about safety on the Internet.

Who coined the phrase Manifest Destiny?

John L. O'Sullivan, and you can find this information on wikipedia.com if you type in John L. O'Sullivan. You'll also find more information about him and why he coined this phrase.

Who coined the phrase Creative Accounting?

Creative accounting was referred to the systematicmisrepresentation of the true income and assets of corporations orother companies. The term creative accounting was first used in thefilm the producers by Mel Brooks in 1968, it was according to DavidEhrenstein.

Who coined the phrase 'lipstick on a pig'?

In 1985, KNBR, an AM radio station carrying the San Francisco Giants' baseball games, had raised $20,000 toward the construction of a new downtown stadium. The city's Board of Supervisors, reluctant to commit to such a project, asked KNBR if they couldn't use the money to renovate Candlestick Par ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase critical infrastructure?

Our reference library partner American Heritage Dictionary stated: "USAGE NOTE The term infrastructure has been used since 1927 to refer collectively to the roads, bridges, rail lines, and similar public works that are required for an industrial economy, or a portion of it, to function. The ter ( Full Answer )

What phrase did James Otis coin?

James Otis, Jr. was known for the saying, 'Taxation withoutrepresentation is tyranny.' He was a Patriot during the AmericanRevolution.

Who coined the phrase survival of the fittest?

Not Charles Darwin, but infact a man called Herbert Spencer. Darwin himself merely highlighted Spencer's coinage "Survival of the Fittest" in his edition of the "Evolution of Species", giving specific reference to him, however, it has become a misconception that Darwin himself coined the phrase. How ( Full Answer )

When was the phrase iron curtain coined?

The expression "Iron Curtain" in relation to the cold-war separation between E. and W. Europe was not coined by Winston Churchill in his famous speech in Fulton, Missouri on 5 March 1946. Joseph Goebbels first used it in this sense on 25 February 1945 in a leading article in the German weekly Das R ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase The Other?

Old English 'ober', as 'the second', 'one of two', from PreGermanic, 'antharaz', see Old Swedish 'athar', Old Norse, 'annar', German 'andar', Gothic 'anbar', all predating written language, thus indterminate, all predate c. 13th. century

Who coined the phrase sci-fi?

Forrest J. Ackerman used the term "sci-fi" at UCLA in 1954, This is believed to be the first use of the term, but I cannot be certain.

Who coined the phrase the Irish question?

I believe it was the English prime minister Gladstone in the late nineteenth century. The phrase remained in use up to about 1920 Recently I was introduced to an account manager at my bank, a charming lady from India, who on hearing my accent immediately said "ah yes the Irish question" I repl ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase BFF?

Burning Ice and Frozen Cotton/ A.K.A, awesome people ---In A 1997 episode of Friends, Pheobe uses the term BFF and has to explain to the rest of the gang that it means "best friends forever." not sure if this is the first... but it's the earliest I've seen.

Who coined the phrase dirtysouth?

the term was supposedly coined by rapper Cool Breeze who is part ofthe dungeon family and is also associated with The Goodie Mob

Who coined the phrase shout out?

The days of dignified expressions particularly on radio are sadly now consigned to another age. Asking for a request or dedication has now been mongrolised into a 'shout-out', no doubt coined by some inarticulate knuckle dragging cretinous local radio dj in the incessant search for everything to sou ( Full Answer )

Coined phrase how 'bout them Cowboys?

after the 1992 nfc championship game in which the cowboys beat the 49er, cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson yelled how bout them cowboys!

Where does the phrase in the can come from?

Well, that seems to depend on the industry. Certainly in movies 'in the can' indicates that footage has been shot - or the movie finished. The reels were placed in a tin or 'can'. So it seems that when something is done/finished it is 'in the can'. this is the only explanation I have for the phrase. ( Full Answer )

Who was the phrase march madness coined by?

by all the green outside. its maddening! :( Actually, I think one of the original uses of March Madness derives from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, with the Mad hatter and the March Hair. After the story, I believe it was said and written mad as a March hare to describe someone or something ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase Ithaca is gorges?

It is rumored that Howard Cogan did, but the earliest documentation of the phrase was found in an editorial written by Michael Connor. In the Fall of 1976, I (Bob Vanderbei) was a first year graduate student at Cornell. For Thanksgiving, I drove to Troy NY to spend the holiday weekend with my frie ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase lost generation?

Gertrude Stein is said to have used it first. The term is attributed to Gertrude Stein, an American writer living in France, who associated with many well known artists and writers in the period following WWI through her death in 1946.

Who coined the phrase if it bleeds it leads?

The earliest use of the phrase that I can find is from 1982, in an issue of the weekly industry periodical Broadcasting . An article entitled "Preparing for a Boston news war" describes the relaunch of channel 7 in Boston. It had been WNAC from 1948-1982, but it lost its license due to illegal busi ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase 'famous for nothing'?

The Irish punk band 'Dropkick Murphys' has a song entitled "Famous for Nothing." The heavy metal band 'Simple Plan' also has a song named "Famous for Nothing." In the cultural context, the phrase "famous for nothing" seems to have generated organically, presumably with the rise of such 'stars' ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase 'I Believe You?

A Teenager born in a North Eastern Small Town in Ohio. This phrase is intended to be spoken sarcastically when you don't believe a statement.

Who coined the phrase ObamaCare?

During the Democratic primary elections of 2007 and 2008 then Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama both ruthlessly attached each others' political platforms. Clintoncare was coined during the Clinton administration so it was clear that Obamacare was the logical counter to Senator Obana' ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase irrational exuberance?

Robert Shiller. Although Alan Greenspan made the phrase famous, he took the phrase originally from Robert Shiller, as stated in Greenspan's biography, "The Age of Turbulence."

Who coined the phrase new normal?

It is popularly attributed to Mohamed El-Erian, co-chief investment officer of the big California investment firm Pimco, who used it to describe the economic conditions after the 2008 crash. The term however, has been used much earlier by a Canadian Author, Radio Host and Musician by the name of A ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase pregnant pause?

A lady who was pregnant and forgot half way through her sentencewhat she was saying. It happens to all pregnant women.

Who coined the phrase 'Black Friday'?

The term describes the proceeding day of Thanksgiving, which is always a Friday. The "black" part derives from banking, wherein black indicates that you are making a profit instead of being in deficit of money. "To be in the black" as it's sometimes referred to as.

Who coined the phrase debugging?

It is not known whether any one person is attributed to first use the term. The following extracts from Wikipedia may illustrate more: "The term "bug" was used in an account by computer pioneer Grace Hopper, who publicized the cause of a malfunction in an early electromechanical computer. [6] A ty ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase may the force be with you?

The expression " May the Force be with you " has achieved cult status and is symbolic of the Star Wars legacy. The line has been said by at least one character in each of the Star Wars movies. In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope , there are several mentions of the Force in reference to L ( Full Answer )

Who coined the phrase spot on?

The origin of the phrase is really not known, it seems to have appeared in about 1949/1950

Who coined the phrase the body politic?

It is hard to decipher who coined the phrase body politic. It has been used over time. It may have originated in the 1490's and has gone on to mean different things at different times.

Who coined the phrase 'The American Dream'?

It was not a politician who coined the phrase, but rather James Truslow Adams, a historian and author who published the book "The Epic of America" in 1931.

Who coined the phrase 'King of my castle'?

King of my castle is term used when describing a situation where someone is at home and can do whatever they want since they're the king of their home. People in medieval Europe made up this term, however the specific person is not known.

Who coined the phrase pimp slap?

There is not much information on who coined the phrase pimp slap at any point in time. The phrase became popular in 1994 and was used by famous people like Rick James.

Who coined the phrase 'Time is of the essence'?

It is an old phrase, origin not known. Seen originally in legaldocuments, so that actions provided for in the legal document mustbe completed by the date given