Where did Columbus believe he was going and what effect did his journey have on the Americas?

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Columbus was trying to find an eastern route to India when he ran into the western hemisphere instead. This journey led to the discovery of the New World which later was names the Americas.
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When did Columbus start his journey?

he set sail in 1892. Columbus traveled to America in 1492. You can remember it by the ryme "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue"

What did Christopher Columbus find on his journey?

he thought he had found the east indies, but he got to know that they were natives and that he had landed in America. He found some gold, parrots lots of new spices and some other interesting attributes. hoped that helped

When did christopher columbus go to america?

Christopher Columbus first sailed to the Americas in the early1490s, arriving in the Caribbean Sea in 1492 and setting foot onvarious islands in the Bahamas chain, Cuba, and other islands.Three other voyages followed before his death in 1506, during whichhe 'discovered' still more lands in what is n ( Full Answer )

What was the outcome of Christopher Columbus' journey?

How did you not know this before? Really, Christopher's voyage had a great impact on Everyone.The Indians didn't like it much when they were Taken back to America to become slaves, but A lot of Kings were happy! Really, it was a great thing to do. NO! NO! NO! IF YOU BELIEVE THIS YOUR WR ( Full Answer )

Why did Columbus go to north America?

The legendary explorer Christopher Columbus went to North Americaas part of his attempt to discover a westward passage to the FarEast. Setting sail on behalf of Spain, which had set its sights onfinding a quicker, less expensive trade-route to the rich marketsof the East, Columbus did not in fact su ( Full Answer )

What goods did Christopher Columbus find on his journey?

He was looking for a shortcut to Asia, gold and spice for the monarchy of Spain, who financed his voyage. What he found was the islands of the Caribbean, South and Central America and the people who inhabited these places.

How many times did Columbus go to America?

four times, first time he went to the Bahamas and Cuba, second time he went to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba, third time he we went to the Dominican Republic and Trinidad&Tobago and the fourth time he went to Central-America.

Where was Christopher Columbus' first journey to?

Christopher Columbus went to the carabian islands go to google and search the map of his first journey and it shows you the route and the name of the places that he went.. By: Ivan & Carlos :)

Why is America called America and not Columbus?

Columbus did not discover what we now know as the continental United States, but instead landed in the Caribbean. The term "America" came from a cartographer Amerigo Vespucci as he was the one who named the landmass "America".

What was Christopher Columbus journey?

Christopher Columbus was an Italian who was "sponsored" by the queen/king of Spain to set out on a voyage to find the Northwest Passage, a route that was believed to take you to the coast of Asia without dialing around Africa. He set out on this voyage with three ships, known today as the Niña, P ( Full Answer )

What instruments did Christopher Columbus use for his journey?

The instruments that Columbus used for his journey were a compass, used for finding the direction a ship is travelling; an astrolabe, used the North Star or Sun to calculate latitude, the distance north or south of the equator; a cross-staff, used to measure the altitude of the Pole star above the h ( Full Answer )

Where did Christopher Columbus believe he had landed?

Although the land that Christopher Columbus discovered and claimedfor Spain was actually part of the "New World", he believed thatthese new lands were part of southern and eastern Asia. Even untilhis death, Columbus insisted these new lands were part of Asia,despite evidence from other European expl ( Full Answer )

When did Christorpher Columbus start his journey?

\nColumbus began his journey to the new world August 03rd, 1492. He discovered The Bahamas, first, San Salvador island aka. Watlings Island or Guanahani (named by the Arawak indians)

What do Christians believe about life as a journey?

Christians believe that one of the purposes of life on earth is to prepare for life in heaven. They say our earthly life is a journey in which we believe in Christ, are baptised, grow in faith, obtain forgiveness for sins and prepare for heaven. Christians believe life is a journey to be used wise ( Full Answer )

What was Christopher Columbus to receive if his journey was successful?

Answer Columbus was to be made "Admiral of the Seas" and would receive a portion of all profits. The terms were unusually generous. More Information (Credit goes to "Christopher Columbus" related link) According to the contract that Columbus made with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, if C ( Full Answer )

How did Columbus and the sailors' journey end?

Columbus and the sailors' journey ended with exploration of so manynew islands. This was during the time when the Spaniards had sourrelations with the people of Hispaniola.

Was Christopher Columbus successful on his journey?

Well, his whole journey was to prove that the earth was round and go all the way across the world to China, and come back with Chinese stuff. It WAS a difficult journey, yes indeed. But Christopher C. made it to North America, so if you think about the meaning of his journey, no he wasn't successful ( Full Answer )

Where did Columbus journey to in 1942?

You mean, 1492. Ostensibly, he was looking for Asia. The location of his first landfall in the New World is unclear, but probably somewhere in the Bermudas.

Why did Columbus go on his journey?

Christopher Columbus went on his journey because he heard about the riches in India and wanted to find a quicker route to India (instead of walking which was dangerous because of robbers). When he tried he found San Salvador (off the coast of Florida) also part of the US.

Was there any trouble on Christopher Columbus' journey?

Columbus set on his famous voyage of discovery with three ships, the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina. The voyage was fairly easy, not least because the ships has the current and the trade winds to help them, and the weather was pleasantly hot. However, the crew nearly mutinied when they feared ( Full Answer )

Why did Christoper Columbus set out on this journey?

He believed, the world being round rather than flat, that if he sailed west he would find a short cut to reach the land of India and conduct trade with them there. Of course he found a new continent in between Europe and India.

Did Christoper Columbus go to America from Spain?

Yes and no. Yes: He left on his first voyage to the "New World" in 1492 from Palos de la Frontera, a town located in southwestern Spain. And no: His intention was to sail to Asia, but instead he landed in the Bahamas archipelago, at a locale he named San Salvador. And, there were people alread ( Full Answer )

What was the effect of Columbus's journeys in Europe and America?

It brought about new lands for Europeans, in which they would claim and fight over for their resources. It also encouraged many Europeans to migrate to the Americas, which is why the Americas has a large European population today. Lastly, it also brought about the destruction of many Native American ( Full Answer )

Did Columbus get paid for his journey?

Most explorers had sponsors to finance their journeys, since ships, crews and the food needed cost alot of money. The church and kings usually demanded percentages of the goods that explorers would bring back from the conquests in exchange for financing the journeys.

Why did Columbus sail on his journey?

He sailed because: 1st: to show people that the earth is not flat AND 2nd:cause there wasn't any submarines at their times

What was an effect of Christopher Columbus voyages to the Americas?

When America's founding father discovered the great land ofAmerica, he started a whole system of trade. Many of the populationof Europe heard of Columbus' expedition, and decided to go see forthemselves, considering it was deemed safe for travel after theMayflower expedition. This continued until it ( Full Answer )

Why was Christopher Columbus going on his journey?

He wanted to find an all-water route to Asia by sailing west. He was right that one might reach Asia by sailing west but he did not know that the continents of North and South America lay between Europe and Asia. What he accomplished was of far greater significance in the long run.

Did Christopher Columbus have a successful journey back from America?

Columbus made four voyages to America, not just one, over aten-year period from 1492-1502. But yes, he returned from them allsuccessfully, eventually dying of what is now believed to beReiter's Syndrome in the Spanish town of Vallidolid in 1506. Hisremains lay buried there until the French takeover ( Full Answer )