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Where did Hitler put the gas?

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in the gas tank

Hitler was not 'hands on', he got others to do the work

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because of Hitler i will not go in to Hitler because he is a bad bad man

Its when Hitler and his partners would put the Jews in a chamber, lock it, and fill it up with gas.

No, Hitler was an antisemitic racist, he was out to destroy all Jews. Hitler was a evil man who killed all Jews at special camps he raped the women and put them in gas chambers or put them to work till death.

Hitler planned to eliminate Jews by bringing them to death camps to be shot, put in gas chambers, or to die by catching a disease.

These people were no use to him in working purposes so he put them to death by gas so he didn't have to use up ammunition.

hitler was put on trial in 1924

The Jew were put into gas chambers and died instantly and their bodies were burned. aww!!

Hitler did it because he thought the Jews did not help during the first world war because they did not give any money to the war effort. He also did not make them starve, he put them in gas and filled the chambers with poisonous gas

he made them work until death or he put them in gas chambers to die or just shot them on the spot. and it wasnt only Hitler, it was the commandants and other Nazis too.

Well Hitler and the Nazis didnt like Jews so they put them in the gas chamber , (told them they were having a shower )and made them get undressed. Then the Nazis released the gas and they all got killed.

Jews were held captive by Adolph Hitler. He let them starve, killed them and even put them in the Gas Chamber. ( A room they thought was the shower, filled with poison gas )

Yes and no. For an example, Stalin used methods such as taking food away from the russian people to starve them, but hitler would put jews into gas chambers. In my opinion, Hitler was a much bigger threat than Stalin.

he wasnt feeling threatened by the Jews, infact some of the Jews were threatened of him because Hitler didnt like the Jews so he miserebly started the holocaust in which the Jews get put into a gas chamber and get gassed(poisoned with poisonous gas)

hitler killed them by sending them in a gas room with no ventilations

they didn't Hitler took power.

The holocaused is a time when Hitler ruled and many Jews had to go to camps and were separated from their parents and siblings, eventually were put into a gas room to die.

Hitler was known for unexpectedlydropping gas-bombs on towns and cities, so the poster "Hitler will send no warning- so always carry your gas mask" is warning citizens to have a gas mask ready in case he decided to bomb your town.

by pooping on it and then eating it

Hitler fought in WWI and was temporarily blinded by gas.

I don't think Hitler invented any kind of gas. I might be wrong so don't rely on my answer.

AnswerWho: Adolf HitlerWhat: The HolocaustWhere: GermanyWhen: 1939 - 1945Why: Adolf Hitler felt that every Jewish person did him wrong.How: He killed them, starved them, worked them to death, shot them, burned them, put them in gas chambers. What ever he could think of.

Hitler was put in jail in 1923 and started writing mein kamph his book. he was let out after just 9 months

Yes, Hitler disliked gay people, and put them into the same sub-human category that he put Jews into.

to eliminate all of the Jewish people. Hitler tried to do this because his mother died in a Jewish hospital when Hitler was a little boy. so, to avenge his mother he put Jewish people in concentration camps and used them to dig war trenches and other harsh "jobs." if the Jewish people in the concentration camps were to weak to work they were put in a gas chamber or they were tortured then shot.

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