Where did Laser Tag originate?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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The game of laser tag originiated from technology from the U.S. Armed Forces wherein they developed a system called MILES or Multiple Intergrated Laser Engagement System that would allow them to hold combat simulations. The first public sector invention was the Star Trek Electronic Phaser Gun set in 1979. The first actual laser tag system and arena was Photon and opened in Dallas, Texas in 1984 which incorporated the use of a scoring system and was played indoors.

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Q: Where did Laser Tag originate?
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No it won't. Laser pointer simply emit a laser beam whereas laser tag systems use other methods to register tags. The laser in laser tag is for effect. The actual laser doesn't tag the pack.

Is laser quest the same as laser tag?

Laser Quest is a laser tag company. There are many laser tag companies in the world, and Laser Quest is one company that offers laser tag. Laser Quest has approximately 58 Centers in North America, as well as numerous centers world wide which are owned by Franchisees.

Is laser tag fun?

Yes, Laser tag is a blast. Our laser tag can be played indoor or outdoors. We can play as teams or individually. We have lots of games to choice from. Visit us at

What is the phone number for the zone laser tag?

Zone laser tag is a company that provides laser tag systems on a franchised basis. The number for their sales department is 877 484 9621.

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It is like paintball mixed with laser tag. Same rules as laser tag but you use paintball guns with rubber ammo.

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No Justin bieber did not hit a kid in laser tag

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Who invented laser tag lasers?

Below in related links is some info on how laser tag got started.

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When was laser tag invented?

1982The Commercial Laser Tag IndustryIn 1982, entrepreneur George A Carter III—inspired by Star Wars—created the first scored arena-based laser tag game. Two years later, he opened the first Photon laser tag center, in Dallas. Multiple locations soon followed, and the rise of commercial laser tag was officially underway

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Is there a laser tag facility in Richland Washington?

Laser Tag 2630 N Columbine Center Boulevard Richland , WA