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Philips first journey as recorded in acts 8v5-13 took him on a route from Jerusalem going north into samaria and back to jerusalem. he took a second journey (acts 8v26-40) when he went south to a place called bethsura, then began travelling north east into these areas-betogabris, azotus, jamnia, lydda, joppa, antipatris, ending in caesarea which is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.. i typed the places above from a map in the tniv study bible that routes philips first and second journeys.

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St. Philip is believed to have preached in various places after Jesus' death, including Phrygia and Hierapolis in Asia Minor. He is also said to have traveled to Greece and Phrygia in his missionary efforts.

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Q: Where did St. Philip preach after Jesus' death?
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