Number the Stars (book)

Where did Uncle Henrik hide the Jews in Number the Stars?


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In his boat taking the Jews to Sweden.

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The fisherman is Uncle Henrik. He is Annemaries uncle. He helps the Jews escape to Sweden on his ship.

Uncle Henrik told Annemarie that Peter was in the resistance. He helped to bring the jews to Sweden.

Jews, who pose as friends of Great-Aunt Birte show up at the fake funereal.

The Germans would've taken the Rosens and the other jews who where trying to flee to Sweden and probably do something horrible to uncle Henrik.

When Mr. Rosen falls, he drops the package, but doesn't realize it. Annemarie runs it to Uncle Henrik. Later, Uncle Henrik explains that the package was a heinkerchief coated in cocaine and dried rabbit blood to mess up the German K-9s sense of smell when they tried to sniff Ellen out. She along with her parents and other Jews were concealed in a hidden compartment. Ellen made it to Sweden. The book doesn't say what happened afterward.

peter told mr.rosen to give the handkerchief to uncle henrik when he got on the boat.dipped to the handkerchief is rabbits blood and cocaine.the rabbits blood attracted jewish soilders dogs and them numbed their nose temporarily so the they wont find jews on the ship.

In 'Number the Stars', Mrs. Johansen decides to make the trip to uncle Henrick's without her husband in order to arouse less suspicion from the Nazi's who were looking for Ellen and her family as they were Jews. They decide to send the girls to Uncle Henrick's house instead of school to protect Ellen.

The german soldiers came to uncle henrik’s house because they saw that a lot of people were going to his house, so they were suspicious and thought that there were jews in a hideout.

Because Jews wear the Star of David and there saying number the Jews because Hal Hitler is killing all of the Jews.

Mama had tripped and fell over a root running home after helping Peter get the Jews on to Uncle Henrik's boat and when she tripped she broke her ankle

She thinks about the story of little red riding hood on the path to the boat, she goes on the path to give the handkerchief to Uncle Henrik to save the Rosens or / and jews from the Nazi soldiers - Swedan was secretly & sneakly helping Denmark and other countries in Europe fight against Germany in World War 2.

it is because the code word for the danish Jews was "is the weather good for fishing?" that worked so well because Uncle Henrik lives near the sea.

There is no Rosemary in Number the Stars. However, the Rosen's are Jews, which means their religion is Judaism.

The author included stars because all the jews are wearing yellow stars(star of david)

Mordechai Henrik Gidron has written: 'Trotzdem weitergelebt' -- subject(s): Biography, Holocaust survivors, Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), Hungarian Jews, Jews, Jews, Hungarian, Personal narratives

Nobody. Clothes, for the Jews who attended the 'funeral'.

the johansenstried to save the rosensfrom being relocated by the jews

The conflct in Number the Stars (if i am thinking of the right book) is that all of the Jews are being taken. They will be killed if they are taken. (man .vs. man).

There was clothes in the coffin, not a dead body. It was to help the Jews to escape.

The book number the stars was wriiten was because Lois Lowry wanted to make a kids book explaing the Holocaust and how the Jews try to escape from the Nazi.

She is nice and she cares for all the jews of Denmark

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