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Albert attended a Catholic elementary school from the age of five for three years. The elementary school was called the Petersschule.

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albert Einstein went to Einstein school

Yes, Albert Einstein went to school all of his life. He attended elementary school, jr high, and high school.

Albert Einstein only went to a formal school for eight years, but later served five years of college

Albert Einstein is dead now.

Albert Einstein did attend public schools. He went to a Catholic school for awhile and then attended Lutipold Gymnasium. He also attended Argovian Cantonal school.

Albert Einstein went to college in 1887

== == No Albert Einstein did not work at Princeton but he did go there

I you wanna have an image of Albert Einstein, go to Google Images and search for "Albert Einstein" and voila.

Google, type in Albert Einstein Primary Sources.

Albert Einstein started attending Zürich Polytechnic in 1896. He also received his PhD from the University of Zurich in 1905.

Einstien didnt go to collage he left after elementry school.

He was to smart for the teachers in Munich, Germany, so he decided to drop out of that school and go to a special school in Switzerland. He graduated when he was 17.

Einstein attended the progressive Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich, Germany, which was later renamed the Albert Einstein Gymnasium. He withdrew at the age of 16 and never finished high school. He would later express that his reason for leaving was the limitations of creative thought placed on him through the school's strict rote learning.

Albert Einstein actually was born and raised in Germany and move to the US because Hitler had over $5,000 on his head

Albert Einstein pursued higher education in Switzerland, where he attended a cantonal academy before enrolling in the Zurich Polytechnic school for a teaching diploma in physics and mathematics.

Einstein passed the swiss matura in 1896 after which he enrolled in the Zurich polytechnic school, he graduated in 1900 receiving highest possible marks in physics and mathematics.

because yo mama told him to

he went to a college in wales witch is now called the albert Einstein iniversity of wales.

Of course! Everyone who knows heaps, like Albert Einstein and all those geniuses, had to go to school and do homeworks! Its good to know that you are doing your homework, and being interested in very interesting questions like this ! Remember to ask questions everytime.

Albert Einstein went to USA because of world war 2. Hitler led the Nazis to take all the Jews and kill them. Since Albert was a Jew, he left Germany.

Albert Einstein went to college at ETH Zurich - the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland - and graduated in 1900 with a degree in physics.

Albert Einstein was a well known scientist. He had many theories of relativity which made him the most famous. Go to to find more information.