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Where did the expression 'under his belt come from'?

The original meaning appears to be to have eaten or drunk something. If you have a good meal and a glass of wine under your belt, it's because you've swallowed them and they are in your stomach. It's now more commonly used for achievements one has accomplished, especially achievements that you can ( Full Answer )

Did a 1963 Ford Falcon come with seat belts?

It seems that they were available as an option but did not come standard. Here is a link to a car that has them from the factory: http://home.pacbell.net/davriker/Wagon%20Web/my1963.htm

What belt in karate comes after the orange belt?

it depends on the style of karate in my karate it goes white-yellow-orange-green-blue-purple-brown1-brown2-brown3- black if u r to young after brown3 u do black/white-black/yellow-black/orange-black/green ............and so on til u get full black Yes In my Tang Soo Do Fed. it goes White-Yellow-Ora ( Full Answer )

What belt comes after green?

This question depends on the style of karate, some styles do have a different ranking and colour coding system. Junior rank, after green is purple Senior rank, after green comes brown.

What belt in karate comes after red?

In shotokan karate, the 9th kyu grade is orange belt, after the 8th kyu grade, red. But this will vary according the the particular school of karate, some schools not using a red belt at all in their system. In some styles the red belt indicates 9th or 10th Dan, which is as high as you can go. ( Full Answer )

Where do asteroid belts come from?

Some astronomers think that asteroid came from fragments of a planet that disrupted by a strong gravitational force.

Why does the belt come off your mower deck?

Riding mowers sometimes have problems with the belts, especially the drive belt to the deck that drives the blade(s). The problem is often pulley alignment and that requires some mechanical repair. The other possibility is that the guides that are designed to keep the belt in the vee of the pulley a ( Full Answer )

After the black belt in karate what comes next?

Earning a black belt really just means that you have figured out how much you don't know. There are ten degrees of black belt. One can continue to learn and enhance one's skills thoughout your life.

Where do Tae Kwon Do belts come from?

In taekwondo, belts of rank are awarded to students by their teachers. This practice began early in the 20th century when Kanō Jigorō introduced Judo to Japan. Originally, there were six student grades referred to by number. A student would begin at Grade 6 and work up to Grade 1, and then the ( Full Answer )

Where did the asteriod belt come from?

Here is a perfect explanation pulled from a wiki page: The asteroid belt formed from the primordial solar nebula as a group of planetesimals, the smaller precursors of the planets. Between Mars and Jupiter, however, gravitational perturbations from the giant planet imbued the planetesimals with too ( Full Answer )

Where do belts come from?

Belts in Taekwondo come from factories around the world that manufacture Martial Art supplies. They are purchased by Instructors, and issued to students as a visual indication of the grade level the student holds in a progression toward the Black Belt.

What if your 2003 Mercedes C240 Serpantine belt comes off?

When you throw a serpentine belt on any vehicle, you replace it. The place where you change your oil should have should have pointed out the cracks in it to you. A number of vehicles need their belts replaced long before 6 years. If the place where you are getting your oil changed is not point out s ( Full Answer )

What belt comes first in karate black red or yellow?

This varies greatly, depending on the school and organization. Insome styles, the red belt is reserved to the highest ranks in theentire system, others use it as an intermediate rank, or even anearly rank. There is not standard order. Yellow is often one of thelowest ranks.

What order do the belts come in shotokan karate?

The form of shotokan i do follows: white red orange yellow green purple purple with white stripe brown brown and white stripe brown and two white strpes black there are variations depending on which form you do but this is certainly one type

Does RAV4 1999 come with chain or belt?

The 2.0 liter 4 cylinder in a 1999 Toyota RAV4 has a timing BELT ( it is NOT an interference engine , replace the belt at 90,000 mile intervals )

What belt comes after red in karate?

It might be blue or black. It usually depends on what karate class you go to. In some styles red belt is the highest level possible, reserved for 9th and 10th Dan holders.

What to check after belt comes off while driving?

Depends on which belt you're referring to. If it's the cam belt you need to check the position of the cam WRT the crank, and also check the cylinder head/valves for damage. Might see enough through the spark plug holes. Any other belt just replace, check routing and tension and you're done.

What comes after a white belt?

Depends on your style and school. It could be a white with black stripe, it could be white with a yellow or orange stripe, it could be a yellow or orange belt.

What karate belt comes after white?

Generally yellow. In some schools, however, some students start when they are very young, so if they master some of the skills needed, but not all of them, they will get a white belt with a yellow stripe, and then a yellow belt with a white stripe before going to the full yellow belt.

Did 68 VW come with seat-belts?

Yes, the 68 VW came with seat belts for both front and back sets. The front seats for the Beetle were 3 point retractable seat belts and lap belts in the rear.

What comes after yellow belt in karate?

That will depend on the style and school of karate. Yellow is typically a fairly low level belt. Orange or green often come next in the progression. You should check your school's advancement system and criteria to see what applies there.

Do comets come from the asteroid belt?

No. Comets mostly come from the Kuiper Belt, a mass of comets thatlies mostly beyond the orbit of Pluto or from the Oort cloud, aneven larger mass of comets that extends beyond that.

In what order do Kung Fu belts come?

There are multiple different styles of Kung fu so this question cant really be answered until you specify more on a particular style.

Why does alternator belt come off?

Belt worn out, too loose, or the pulleys are out of alignment or bent. Another reason is you have bought the wrong kind or size belt for the application. The belt must match the pulleys or it will not stay on.

When the timing belt light comes on do you need to fix?

I've been around automobiles for nearly 40 years and have never seen a timing belt light. Typically - timing belts should be changed according to your manufacturer guidelines - check your manual.

What comes after black belt?

Different levels of black belt. Most martial arts go up to 10th Degree black belt. It takes decades of training to reach that proficiency, typically not awarded to anyone under the age of 65.

How did the word bible belt come to be?

The southern portion of the United States, traditionally contained, and to this day contains pastors who teach biblical text to church goers. In Northern church systems, most are structured like the Catholic church and do not teach biblical text. These structured church systems teach from the book o ( Full Answer )

What comes before black belt in karate?

The depends on the style. 1st kyu comes before 1st Dan. It is typically marked with some version of brown belt, but could be brown or red and may have stripes on it.

There is a screeching noise coming from the carcould it be a belt?

It could be a belt, or a bearing, usually the power steering pump. Quickest way to tell if its a belt; spray the belts with "belt dressing". If its a power steering pump, it should get louder as you turn the wheel. Check the power steering fluid level.

What comes after green belt in karate?

It depends on the school and the style. In most some form of brown belt comes next, though it could be stripes on a green belt.

How many lengths do belts come in?

Women's belts generally come in the sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Men's belts come in many sizes, and generally, a man would choose a belt that is two inches longer than the waist size of his pants.

Why do fan belt keep coming off?

Check the alignment of the pulleys and make sure the belt is at the right tension. One end has an adjuster on it.

Did 1966 jeep CJ5 come with seat belts?

Not a factory installed item, but you will find them in most as anadd on. They were non retractable, basically just a strap bolted tothe floor, see the related link for a place to get some.

When did the spinning WWE championship belt come to the WWE?

The "Spinner" belt's design, which featured a gold and diamond bling-bling style reflecting Cena's hip hop character at the time, became the WWE Championship'sprimary design from April 11, 2005, to February 18, 2013. Thephysical belt itself originally indicated the brand it wasdesignated to. When ( Full Answer )