Where did christian beadles and Caitlin meet justinbieber?

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They met him in a church. Caitlin talked to him on Facebook also.
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Who is Caitlin Beadles?

She is Justin Bieber's ex and she is and actor in an episode of victorious.

Does Caitlin beadles have a boyfriend?

Caitlin Beadles Is Currently Dating Camron Palatas. They Started Dating A Few Weeks Ago In January 2012. If You Dont Think This Is True Go Onto Her Brothers Twitter ( Christian Beadles ) At @littlecbeadles And He Even Says It Himself. I Hope This Was Helpful.

How did Christian beadles meet his girlfriend?

Yes! according to entertainment magazine. Jade beadles. or known as jade Jackson are currently dating.. Public say Jade Beadles. Formally known as Jade Jackson are dating.. They apparenly met on Holiday. She was on a road trip with the family and met during a fanfaze. They dated over the Easter holi ( Full Answer )

How did Christian beadles and Justin Bieber meet?

some say church, but actually they met because Justin and christians' sister, Catlin, were dating and he used to go round catlins' and christians house and they met :) that is true

How did Justin Bieber meet Caitlin beadles?

When Justin Moved To Atlanta, Georgia. He Moved Into The Same Area As Caitlin Beadles, He Became Friends With Christian Beadles, Then Caitlin And Justin Met At Church.

How can you meet Christian beadles?

to meet christian beadles you have to know someone close to him or live in atlannta dont worry i wanna meet him to:)

Where is Caitlin beadles from?

She was born in North Carolina and has moved 4 times since. She now lives at Marietta, Georgia!

What happened to Caitlin Beadles?

She was was out riding a jet ski one day with her friends, her parents were not with her, Caitlin flew off the jet ski and the boat behind her couldn't see her and ran over her, her legs were mostly damaged, she lost feeling in her left leg and shattered her legs, after weeks of surgery she was back ( Full Answer )

Is Caitlin beadles sick?

her legs are not cut off. they're just cut really bad -natalee_x Caitlin Beadles had a terrible accident. Caitlin Was Water Skiing and umm...she fell off the skiis and a boat came up behind her and cut off her legs. She is now in the hospital fighting for her life. If you watched the VMA's Ju ( Full Answer )

How is Caitlin Beadles?

Caitlin is doing great since her accident in Summer 2009. Her leg still hurts a lot sometimes, and she is not able to do cheerleading, or do a lot of the sports she used too love, but she still does horseriding & other special favorite sports. Thank you for your prayers for her! #muchlove < 3

How did Caitlin Beadles get hurt?

Caitlin Beadles was out jet skiing at a lake near her home. At the time her parents were not with her. She fell off the jet ski and there was a boat behind her that ran over her, and the boat's propeller had cut Caitlin's legs. She was rushed to the hospital. Caitlin immediately went into surgery. C ( Full Answer )

Where does Caitlin beadles shop?

I'm not Caitlin beadles but I've read her formspring.me where she answered that same question. her exact answer was : Metro Park, Bebe, Ardeb B, Guess, Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle ,Bloomingdales, Dillards, Neiman Marcus, Juicy Couture, Pink, Delias, Coach, Ed Hardy, True Religion, For ( Full Answer )

Can you meet christian beadles?

Yes you can i met him last year at his meet and greet he is also having a 2013 tour so yes you can

Does Caitlin beadles have legs?

yes! she had an accident a while ago where she was jet skiing and then she fell off and a boat was behind her and ran her over - not on purpose of course! and she nearly died! she had a wheelchair but she can walk again now

How did Justin Bieber meet Christian beadles?

Justin dated Christian's sister! Justin and Caitlin (Christian's sister) stated that when he met Christian at first they didn't like each other, but then after a while they started to be friends! Caitlin, Christian, AND Justin are now friends and Caitlin is not dating Justin anymore!

How did christian beadles meet Justin Bieber?

Justin bieber went out with christians sister a while ago. that's how they met I'm not shurrre how they met bu their really good friends check out youtube type in Justin bieber and his lil bra messin round and there is a funny video of Justin and christan lip singing its funny!!! Just check it out l ( Full Answer )

Did Caitlin beadles recover?

Omg yes Caitlin Beadles did recover from her accident but ended back in the hospital for another surgery on her knee again and is completely recovered from her second surgery

What is Caitlin beadles phone number?

Wikianswers does not divulge private or personal information, such as telephone numbers or addresses, for individuals.

Who are Christian Beadles and Caitlin Beadles?

Caitlin & Christian are a brother and sister from Georgia. They are globally known because in 2009 Caitlin dated Justin Bieber for a period of time. But Caitlin appeared on the news in the US when she had a tragic boat accident in the summer of 2009 and she models. Jade Jackson is also the girlfrien ( Full Answer )

Who Caitlin beadles boy friend?

I don't have a boyfriend presently pls leave me i am over Justin now srry Justin but me and you will never be together again though i do think your nice but Justin its not just now i wanted to break up so sorry, Caitlin

How did Caitlin Beadles get in the hospital?

Caitlin Beadles was in a terrible boating accident and it's a miracle that she's still alive. When she was in the accident she basically lost her whole leg and had to get surgery.

What does Caitlin beadles look like?

She looks like an average sixteen year old American girl - pretty & calm. Which she is, inside & out! #muchlove < 3

What is Caitlin beadles Skype?

I can tell you that she needs it to stay private.She loves everyone and thanks them for their thoughts and prayers but she is smothered by messages coming in from every site you can imagine.Even still gets messages from accounts long deleted so she cant even get away from them.I feel very sorry for ( Full Answer )

What is Caitlin Beadles Skype name?

Caitlin Beadle's skype is private, only for friends and family, but I can tell you this, it doesn't go under the name Caitlin Beadles or Caitleena1 or anything with Caitlin or Caitleena or The Beadles or anything. Trust me, I know. -KreniDivadi

Is Caitlin beadles smart?

Yes she is! She is one of my role models. I look up to her so much. She is a VERY smart and kind girl. From what i know, she is pretty much nice to everyone. To find out more about her, you cant visit her You tube channel (caitleena1). Hope I helped. God bless. -peace, love, Bieber

Has Caitlin Beadles have a son?

no catlin beadles dose not have a son shes only 16 she is not that way she woudnt have a baby at 16 so no she dose not have a son.

Is Caitlin beadles married?

NO WAY! Shes only 16 years old, she was thinking out marrying her boyfriend Kyle Patton, but there young! Hope this has helped?

Did Caitlin beadles get stabbed?

we do not know if she was stabbed but she was rushed to the hospital. They are not giving out any info about it. it could be just a rumor.

Is Caitlin beadles really died?

no she did not die. she was in a terrible boating accident about a year or two ago, but she is fine and totally healthy now:)

How Did Justin bieber and Caitlin beadles meet each other?

He has know Caitlin Beadles practically all his life. He met her a couple of days after he first met Christian Beadles. Caitlin and Justin have dated also but that was before all his fame and fortune, so no worry ladies his currently single.

How did mattyb meet christian beadles?

They live on the same street! In one of mattyb's videos he is walking a dog past christian beadles house, and since the are not related the must be living on the same street!

Were Caitlin Beadles and Christian Beadles form Canada?

No, Caitlin & Christian Beadles were not from Canada,they were born and raised in Marietta,Atlanta,Georgia,they have lived there since they were born and have recently moved from there to L.A.

Where in la does Caitlin beadles live?

She lives in Los Angeles, but as of right now she's back in Gerogia with her family so she can be home to deal with her disease.