Where did christinity originated?

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Judaism is where Christianity had originated from. The Religions as far as god start from the Jewish, then to Christianity, which branches to Catholicism which then branches to all kinds of Christian faiths. But, to answer the question bluntly, it started with Judaism.
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What rhymes with Christine?

There aren't many words that rhyme with Christine , but here are a few: . pristine (meaning very clean) . canteen . protein . routine . all the 'teen' numbers (e.g. thirteen, fifteen, nineteen , etc.) Hope this helped!!

Teagan Christine Sanchez?

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Who is Christine nguyen?

Christine Nguyen is an actress. She has starred in movies such asGhost in a Teeny Bikini, Get Him to the Greek and Kaboom.

When did christinity began?

Christianity? To get a specific date, you may have to ask a more specific question? When did it begin for whom? What do you mean by Christianity ? If Christianity means to follow the teachings of Christ and, to emulate his life style, then it began for his disciples on the day when Jesus call ( Full Answer )

What is 'Christine' in Italian?

Cristina is an Italian equivalent of 'Christine'. It's a feminine gender noun that's pronounced 'kree-STEE-nah'. Many Italian names have equivalents for men and women. In this particular case, one equivalent of 'Cristina' for a male is 'Cristino'.

Christine dolce and zak bagans?

They were together and then they broke up and not totally sure but they may be back together...........Check out there twitter pages!

How do you say Christine in German?

My name is Christine, and I am German. You really cannot translate names into other languages. Christine is Christine.

Does johnny love Christine more?

YES HE DOES! SHE KNOWS IT TOO SHE JUST THINKS THAT SHE IS RIGHT BUT SHE IS WRONG. SO HAHAHA I LOVE YOU MORE AND THATS FINAL! so hahahahaha babe your just in denial you know i love you 10 times more!!

How old is Christine Kaufmann?

German actress Christine Kaufmann was 72 years old when she died onMarch 28, 2017 (birthdate: January 11, 1945).

How does the phantom escape from the stage with Christine?

In the book, it says that he crashed the chandelier, drugged the gasmen, and took her after she sang about angels. However, in the movie, it tells that it was during the masquerade that he goes through a trapdoor right beside the grande stairecase.

How old is Christine Keeler?

UK former model Christine Keeler was 75 years old when she died onDecember 4, 2017 (birthdate: February 22, 1942).

Why did Meg kill Christine?

She kills her because Christine ends up staying with the phantom in the play Love never Dies and Meg kidnaps their son Gustav and when Christine and the Phantom go after Gustav, Meg shoots Christine, killing her.

Is Andrew lee Potts a Christin?

Okay, do you mean Christian? Anyway, he plays one on "Ideal", kind of a nut-job of a Christian. But in RL? I don't know, I've never read or heard him say anything about what religion he does or does not follow. Hope that helps ;)

Who visited the grave of Christine at the end?

Raoul at 70 and the Phantom at 85 who visited the grave of Christine. The rose was a gift from the Phantom, Raoul finds it and starts to cry realizing the Phantom never truly gone from her life.

Why could Raoul speak to Christine?

Raoul is Christine's childhood sweet heart. He had not seen her years. He wanted to catch up for old time sake.

What engine is in steven kings Christine?

In the book it is a 1958 Plymouth Fury so the only engine choices would be a 318ci V8, 350ci V8 or a 361ci V8. The book mentions that the car was a "special order" which explains a few discrepancies with the car: 1. Christine is referred to as a four-door, but the Fury was only available in a two-d ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the movie Christine?

Bill Phillips wrote the screenplay but Stephen King wrote the book upon which the 'Christine' film was based .

How do you spell Christine in Italian?

you spell names exactly the same in any language so it's Christine. or if you want what it sounds like it's either Kristin or Kristine or Christin or Christine

Is Christine brennan a lesbian?

I don't think so. There is no fact about her being a lesbian in any of her biography. I have researched a lot about your question. I hope this will be helpful. Please write a message on my message board, thank you!!!

Is Christine Lagarde married?

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund and previously Minister of Economic Affairs in France, is not married but has been dating entrepreneur Xavier Giocanti since 2006. She is a divorcee and a mother of two sons.

What did the phantom feel after he kiss by Christine?

He feels finally exepted by her, he's been trying win her love nad now she has responded and he feels like a normal person. He finally feels that someone can love him fro who he is and he feels he doesn't have to hide any longer Hope this helps :)

Who is Christine Lagarde?

Christine LaGarde was the first woman to lead the International Monetary Fund as managing director. She is from France and was born in Paris in 1956. She replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn who resigned after allegations spread that he raped a NY Hotel maid in May 2011.

How old is Christine Jorgensen?

Christine Jorgensen was born on May 30, 1926 and died on May 3, 1989. Christine Jorgensen would have been 62 years old at the time of death or 89 years old today.

Which country is Christine Lagarde from?

Christine Lagarde was the first woman to lead the International Monetary Fund as managing director. She is from France and was born in Paris.

Is Christine lakin married?

She is dating former Bachelor contestant Ben Flajnik. They began dating Dec 2012. They got engaged on May 17, 2013.

When did Christine get pregnant by the phantom?

Love Never Dies by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber in 2010. Christine's son is Gustave, she believes he is the son is Raoul but he is the Phantom's son. Gustave has the musical talent of his father. The Phantom makes Christine promise to never tell Gustave that Raoul is not his real father. Christine revea ( Full Answer )

Why did Christine need the phantom?

Christine needed the phantom in the beinning because she was an orphan and had no parents so the phantom in a way guided her when she left alone, and she thought it was the spirit of her father training her voice. Then later became more of soul mates, they kinda inspire each other.

Has Christine Lahti won an Oscar?

Yes. But it wasn't for her prowess as an actress. Lahti directed "Lieberman in Love," which won the 1995 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress of 1984 for her work opposite Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in "Swing Shift."

How did Christine die in phantom?

Christine did die only in the London stage play Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies. Meg accidentally shoots Christine. Christine reveals to Gustave that the Phantom is his real father and an upset Gustave runs off. She tells the Phantom that her love for him will never die. They have one f ( Full Answer )

How do you act like Christine Daae?

Christine Daae studied Opera, different types, learned to sing and to not judge ugly appearance, she was fully accepting of the Phantom when his mask was removed.

What does Christine daae dislike?

Christine Daae dislike a man who pretends to be an Angel of Music. She dislikes a beautiful chandelier falling on the audience. She dislikes the audience being hurt. She dislikes a sour note from her own voice. She dislikes having to be musically perfect from her teacher. She dislikes looking at a ( Full Answer )

Are Christine skateboards any good?

I have a Christine Skateboard and it works ok. I changed the bearings to abec 5 and to 54mm wheels it works just fine

What does Christine mean in Hebrew?

Christine is a Greek name. It has no meaning in the Hebrew language. It only has meaning in the Greek language.

What is Christine Baranski best known for?

She is a stage and screen actress. She won an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Maryanne Thorpe in Cybill. She's also Leonard Hofstadter's mother (Dr. Beverly Hofstadter) in The Big Bang Theory, and lastly also her portrayal of Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife. (Emmy Award-nominated)

What is the movie Christine about?

The movie Christine is based on a Stephen King novel that was published in 1983. Christine is about a car and it`s owner. The car is evil and kills people.

What is Kaley Christine Cuoco famous for?

Kaley Christine Cuoco (also known as "Christine Cuoco") is an American actress. Born in 1985 she had her first success with her role as "Bridget Hennessy" in the popular sitcom "8 Simple Rules". Besides that she get international recognition with her role as "Penny" in the popular comedy series "The ( Full Answer )

In what musicals did Christine Ebersole star?

Christine Ebersole is an American actress and singer. She starred in the musicals 42nd Street, Dinner at Eight, Steel Magnolias, Grey Gardens, and Blithe Spirit.

What does the Christine car do?

In the 1983 film "Christine", a car with the name Christine starts killing off certain people that enter the car. A boy purchases the car and is influenced to change by it as Christine continues its killing spree.