Where did civilizations first form in Europe?

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Near rivers
The earliest civilizations arose in Greece and Italy.
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When was Europe formed?

It was formed after the second world war?. Answer . Probably some time after the earth formed. It's changed shape so much after the last few billion years it's hard to say.

What was the first civilization?

The first civilization was Mesopotamia. The Atlantean one, if you consider prehistory. The Sumerian if you don't. the first civilization was Sumer and the citizens were Sumerians. This is a highly debated question, evidence points to all different directions actually.

Why didn't Europe intervene in the Civil War?

Europe didn't intervene in the American Civil War because of purelyeconomic reasons and purely social reasons. Europe was home to someof the greatest US exports, and because of the US, they had createda very vibrant economy. But, European aristocrats saw slavery asthe pin that held the US economy to ( Full Answer )

First chocolate makers in Europe?

The first chocolate maker in Europe was Cadbury. They were boxingchocolate candies in 1868. Chocolate had never been heard of inSpain until Christopher Columbus brought back cocoa beans to Spain.Spanish friars made the chocolate into a frothy drink that quicklybecame popular.

What is the Allies Europe First policy?

Save Europe first (read save Britain, since Britain was the only one remaining, other than the USSR...which was holding it's own). Churchill had been lobbying for years to get FDR into the war. After Pearl Harbor, the American people wanted to defeat Japan first, as Japan attacked the US...Germany d ( Full Answer )

When was the Europe first policy decided?

The Europe First policy was decided by Great Britain Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President FDR during the FIRST WASHINGTON CONFERENCE (also known as the Arcadian Conference) on December 22, 1941 thru the weeks of January 1942. The policy was actually SAVE "Britain First", as Britain was ( Full Answer )

Form of government in Europe?

Most countries in Europe are parliamentary democracies, including the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Austria.. France and Russia have a semi-presidential system of government.. Europe's only dictatorship is Belorus.

When were guns first used in Europe?

Gunpowder came to Europe in the late 13th century. The first guns appeared along side.. To clarify your question, 'gun' can refer to either artillery/cannons or small arms.. The first small arms (i.e. hand cannon) appeared in the 14th Century.

Where was the first civilization?

Mycenians, Assyrian The first civilization was Mesopotamia in the Middle East, between two rivers: the Tigris, and the Euphrates.

What was the first anvanced civilization in Europe?

The first advanced civilizations in Europe were the minoic and archaeic culteres on crete, influenced by Phoenicians traders and colonists form middle east. The earliest tracks dating back to 2000 BC, some sources say even 3000BC After the downfall of the minoic kingdoms the attic citystates i ( Full Answer )

What is the form of government in Europe?

Europe is a continent composed of 51 countries and is not a single nation, meaning there are various forms of government present. Most European countries are republics, or representative democracies (France, Germany, Russia, etc.). Those remaining, with the exception of Vatican City and Belarus, are ( Full Answer )

What type of landform does Europe form?

There are a variety of types of landforms found in Europe. Theselandforms include mountains, coastline, forest, as well as openplains.

The response to the civil war in Europe?

Basically, the British and French would have been willing to participate, but the war ended too soon. Also, due to other European distractions, they were unable to join. If they were to join the war, they would have sided with the South. This would have eventually led to the South winning (most hist ( Full Answer )

What region did people first form civilization?

In what region did people first form civilizations? The Indus Valley Civilization(north western regions of India) also where the oldest language in the world began,Sanskrit

Where was the first civilizations?

Africa, where humanity started, or the middle east, where writing was invented. After that, government spread everywhere quickly!

What form of government does western Europe have?

There are many countries in western Europe so there are many forms of government. Commonly you have parliamentary democracies and constitutional monarchies. Western Europe is composed of many countries who have had many different types of governments throughout history. There have been democracies, ( Full Answer )

Where did civilization first form in Europe?

The first known civilization in Europe was the Minoan Civilization during the Bronze Age. It is believed to have formed in 2,700 BCE and lasted until 1,500 BCE. The first advanced civilization in Europe was Ancient Greece, lasting between 800 BCE and 600 CE.

Why were many new countries formed in Europe after the first world war?

Some of them were "profits and gains". Well the superpowers at that time want to gain credit for war and therefore they primarily split Germany into smaller countries. (Which has similarly done after WW2). The others were some independence movements if I am not wrong.

Why were the first civilizations formed in river valleys?

The land in river valleys is very fertile. It is easier to herdanimals when the land is flat. Water is a very essential thing forhumans and before wells it was easiest to get it from rivers. Watercan provide power, and assist trade.and also the river gives usfood like fish etc. Civilization first d ( Full Answer )

What were Charlemagne's contributions to civilization in western Europe?

\n\n Charlemagne\n(742–814) also called Charles the Great or the father of Europe, is considered\none of the great leaders in history because he made significant contributions\nto Western civilization. As King, Charlemagne extended his empire, by\nconquering much of Western Europe (present-da ( Full Answer )

What form of government does Europe have?

There are more than 50 countries that make up the continent of Europe, and they do not all have the same form of government. However, most countries in Europe are parliamentary democracies, including the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Austria. France and Russia have a semi-presidential system ( Full Answer )

When was the first banknote in Europe made?

The first recognised issue of paper money in Europe were paper 'coins' issued during the siege of Leiden (Netherlands) in 1574. The first true issue of paper money was in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1660.

Why France is the first Republic of Europe?

France was not the first republic in Europe. The first formal republic in Europe was the Roman Republic, which began around 509 BC and merged into Imperial rule around the first century BC. The first modern republic in Europe was actually established in 1642 in England and Wales with the execution ( Full Answer )

What was the first official language of Europe?

Europe does not have a first language. But if you go with the population of the different countries who are forming Europe: German is the most spoken language. 1.- Germany with 82,369,600 2.- Turkey with 71,892,800 3.- France with 64,057,800 4- England with 60,943,900 5.- Italy: with 60,231,214 ( Full Answer )

What are the water forms in Europe?

water are form in Europe by the winds when the winds take water with them they may take it to other country so when they are dropped water is formed

When did Europe invent the first gun?

Well the first guns where invented in China. Gunpowder was also discovered in China. The first handguns where also from China. Thanks to trade with Persians, Arabs and Turks the gun came to Europe where it changed warfare.

Which countries in Europe had a Civil War?

England in the 16th Century, Russia and Spain in the 20th Century. Also, in ancient times the Roman Republic fought a number of civil wars before the Roman Empire was established.

What civilization was the first greek civilization?

The first Greek speaking civilization that we have proof of is the Mycenean civilization that flurished from 16th century b.C. to 12th century b.C. The centre of this civilization was in Peloponnesus but encombassed most of southern Greece and even Crete and Cyprus islands

What impact the black death have on civilization in europe?

Prior to the Black Death, many countries were over populated. The plague killed many people, obviously, and this helped alleviate the overpopulation. The smaller amount of people helped with the lack of food (caused by a 'mini ice age' ) and also helped workers get into guilds and gave them the abil ( Full Answer )

When did the Olympics first come to Europe?

The first Olympics were in Europe. The events started in 8th century BCE, Olympia, Greece and last up until the 4th century CE. The modern Olympics were created in 1896, in which the first games were held in Athens, Greece. So the first ancient Olympic games as well as the first modern Olympic games ( Full Answer )

What forms of government do they have in europe?

Europe has... - 39 Republics (Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerba ( Full Answer )

Who first had beef in Europe?

Humans are omnivores, meaning they can eat both meat and vegetation. Meat has been in the human diet since the beginning of man. So it is impossible to know who was the first European to consume beef.

What form of government is Andorra Europe?

Andorra is a unitary parliamentary constitutional diarchy. Basically, Andorra is a constitutional diarchy. A diarchy is where there are two heads of state, compared to a monarchy which only has one. The President of France and the Bishop of Urgell serve as Co-Princes of Andorra.

When were the first military drafts in Europe?

That is a relatively unspecific question, seeing as wars throughout Europe have been going on for centuries and what would have been similar to a draft in these early wars may not be what we would consider to be a draft. For example, many European nations would use a method called "impressment" to i ( Full Answer )

What areas of Europe are volcanoes form?

Volcanoes are formed in the south of Ur butt and then it goes up into Ur nose also while it comes out burns Ur skin so that's y if u ever go near someone Else's butt or boobies that's Wat will happen to u K bye ttyl.............

When was Kempton first settled by Europe?

Kempton is located in Tasmania, 49 kilometres north of Hobart. The village was first settled by Europeans in the year 1814. It is a small town with various historical landmarks such as the Dysart House, and the Wilmot Arms Inn.

What civilization was the first civilization?

Isn't the oldest civilization that of Mohenjo-Daro, located inIndia, going back thousands of years before civilization began inthe Middle East or China??

How did the Church civilize Europe?

Primarily through converting and educating the people of Europe. The Benedictine monks copies ancient manuscripts for centuries before there were printing presses. They taught people to read and write. Charlemagne united all of Europe (save Spain) in the Holy Roman Empire. For more detailed informat ( Full Answer )