Where did claude debussy learn to play piano?

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Debussy began lesson in Cannes at the age of seven. An elder Italian violinist, Cerutti, was paid to give Cluade lessons, by his aunt.
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What did claude debussy do?

He was a composer. If you want a more specific answer, write a more specific question.

Learn to play piano?

There are a few ways to learn the piano. You could try to teach yourself, but I wouldn't recommend that. Your best bet would be to find a piano teacher in your area, or if you'd rather use the convenience of the internet try an online source.

Can you learn to play piano on a keyboard?

Yes, you can learn playing piano pieces on a keyboard. However,when choosing a keyboard, I would recommend keyboards with 88weighted keys. This will help strengthen your fingers as well asgetting a better feel and touch when you switch to an acousticpiano. 88 keys are important as well because it tr ( Full Answer )

How did Claude Debussy die?

Claude Debussy died in Paris on March 25, 1918 from colorectal cancer (he had survived one of the first colostomy operations ever performed two years earlier)

Was Claude Debussy married?

Yes, Claude Debussy was married. His first marriage was with Rosalie Texier, and his' second was with Emma Bardac.

How do you learn to play piano?

If you want to learn you can order books online or get free video lessons by going on EasyPianoStyles.com its a great site it taught me how to play!

What instruments did Claude Debussy play?

Claude Debussy played the piano, but composed for various instruments. For instance, each sonata he wrote was all for different instruments.

How old is Claude Debussy?

Claude Debussy was born on August 22, 1862 and died on March 25, 1918. Claude Debussy would have been 55 years old at the time of death or 152 years old today.

Who was Claude Debussy?

Claude Achille Debussy was a French composer, born in 1862. He wrote orchestral music, ballets, solo piano pieces, and many other different styles of music. He is a french composer from the late 19th century. He was NOT part of a group of french composers called "les sis" (the french six).

What was Claude Debussy most famous for?

He was famous for Clair de lune and many others Claude Achille Debussy composed impressionist music. He started the modern classical music by using different theories and techniques.

How did claude debussy become famous?

His major breakthrough, that cemented him in the history, came with the opera Pelléas et Melisande, from 1902 although he was known before this for his controversial piece Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, from 1894.

Where did Beethoven learn to play piano?

he learned to play piano at home and sometimes at a teachers house. His father taught him to play piano. And he lived with his father. So his house.

Where did Claude Debussy live?

Born in France, later lived in Russia, Germany, and England. He was residing in Paris when he died.

Did Achille-Claude Debussy have children?

Yes, Achille-Claude Debussy had one child. He named his daughter Emma-Claude Debussy. They did nickname her "Chouchou". She unfortunatly died barely at the age of 14 because of diphtheria.

Why is claude debussy a famous person?

Claude Debussy composed impressionist music, which brought in musical ideas that were different then classical music before that time.

Why is Claude Debussy famous?

He was a french composer who created the famous classical piece 'Clair De Lune' that is shown in many Movies and shows. He made a great leap in western music.

Where did claude debussy learn his music?

Claude Debussy took lessons from Cerutti, a violinist, when he was young. He went to the Paris Conservatoire when he was ten. When he was at the Paris Conservatoire, he studied composition with Ernest Guiraud, music history and theory with Louis-Albret Bourgault-Ducoudray, harmony with Emile Durand, ( Full Answer )

What was written by Claude Debussy in 1905?

In 1905, Claude Debussy finished writing La Mer for orchestra and wrote the first set of Images ( Reflets dans l'eau, Hommage à Rameau, and Mouvement ) for the piano.

Does achille-claude debussy have kids?

Yes, he had a Duaghter Emma Debussy. Debussy was very fond of her, and tragicly she outlived her father by scarcely a year, dying in the Spring of 1919 of Diptheria poisoning. .

Was Claude Debussy ever married?

Yes, twice, in fact. First to Rosalie Texier in 1899 who he divorced in 1904, later, in 1908 to Emma Bardac. Debussy had only one child, a daughter named Claude-Emma (Chouchou), born to Emma Bardac in 1905 and died in 1919 after being given the wrong treatment for diphtheria.

Why is claude debussy important?

Because he created a new style of music which, much to his disliking, was termed impressionism. The disliking originated in the rejection of an early composition by a jury who described the music as being "vaguely impressionist", alluding to a contemporary painting school. Debussy's new ideas, dev ( Full Answer )

Claude Debussy contributions to the world?

Claude Debussy is considered the first Impressionist composer and one of his compositions, La Mer, is considered to be the greatest French orchestral piece ever written.

Was Claude Debussy a conductor?

No, he was a composer. He was born in France in 1862 and died in 1918. Debussy was one of the most prominent figures working within the field of impressionist music, though he himself intensely disliked the term when applied to his compositions. Debussy is not only among the most important of all Fr ( Full Answer )

Enumerate the compositions of Claude Debussy?

L 83, 3 Scènes au crépuscule (1892-1893) L 86, Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune(1894) L 91, Nocturnes (with female choir in Sirènes)(1897-1899) Nuages Fêtes Sirènes L 107, Le roi Lear (1904) L 109, La mer (1903-1905) L 122, Images, Set 3 Gigues (1909-1912) Ibéri ( Full Answer )

When did Mozart learn to play piano?

His father, Leopold Mozart, taught him, although he probably taught himself quite a bit. He learned to play the clavier when he was an infant.

Does claude debussy have a family?

Yes, he had a child when he was 43 years old, her name Claude Emma. He called her Chou Chou in a soothing way

How did claude debussy died?

He knew that he had cancer since 1909 from which he recovered, but he died during the last long distance strike of the German's on Paris or with the bombardment of German's Airships on March 25, 1918.

How do you learn how to play a piano online?

First you have to find an on line course. You can either learn from watching piano lesson youtube videos or looking for excellent online piano lessons. The trick is finding the right one where you can get all the piano lessons you'll need. Where you can also ask some questions and receive quick r ( Full Answer )

Where did Claude Debussy work at and for who?

Claude Debussy was a late nineteenth/early twentieth century composer who spent his life in and around Paris, and like all professional composers of the era, worked for himself.

Did claude debussy marry?

He married twice and was engaged in 5 long-term relationships, three of which were affairs. He also had one child; a girl named Claude-Emma

How did claude debussy influence music?

He wrote a type of classical music, impressionist, and started the movement of modern music with his modern music ideas he created.

Why did claude debussy compose the swan?

The famous piece "The Swan" is by Camille Saint-Saens, from his suite for chamber ensemble "Carnival of The Animals." "The Swan" was originally scored for two pianos accompanying a solo cello. There are listings on the web for "The Swan" by Debussy, but they all turn out to be the Saint-Saens piece. ( Full Answer )

How do you learn playing on the piano?

There are three parts, and the apply to all musical instruments: 1 Learning musical notation and terms, and learning to sight-read; 2 Learning the instrument itself. 3 Then lots and lots and lots of practice. Really, although you can teach yourself from tutorial books and careful listening, yo ( Full Answer )

What has the author Claude Debussy written?

Claude Debussy has written: 'Nocturnes, for orchestra' -- subject(s): Suites (Orchestra), Scores 'Sr. Corchea y Otros Escritos, El' 'Oeuvres Complete Serie 5, Volume 5' 'Preludes, Book I\\' 'Pelleas and Melisande (Vocal Score)' 'Songs' -- subject(s): Correspondence, Texts, Composers, Son ( Full Answer )