Where did cloud get the sword from advent children?

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zac fair gave it him jut before he died in ff 7 crisis core
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Where to Download the FFVII Advent Children?

You can watch it and download it for free on novamov.com-click on Directories and search Advent Children and it will come up, so click on one of them and you can watch it and download it. You can also try Milledrive...

In Final Fantasy Advent Children who is Kadaj?

Kadaj is a Remnant of Sephiroth just like his 'older' brothers Yazoo and Loz. They are on a constant search for Jenova, who they refer to as Mother. He does this because he was created by Sephiroth's will that was residing in the LifeStream. But, don't take this to mean that they are the same. Kadaj ( Full Answer )

How old is yazoo from advent children?

somewhere in his 20's so it depends on how one looks at him. (EDIT) i guess you could say that, but truly he isn't human, so he doesnt actually have a real age, much like Loz and Kadaj. all we know is that he is 'older' then his 'brothers'.

Is the sword Cloud has in Advent Children the Buster Sword?

Cloud does not use the Buster Sword in Advent Children. It now serves as a headstone for Zack's grave.. Cloud's new sword is called the First Tsurugi, and can be separated into five different swords and linked again. It's pretty impressive.. It's eight pieces actually. But no it's not the Buster S ( Full Answer )

What did cloud name his buster sword?

i don't think he named it it belonged to angeal which was zacks mentor and sephiroths freind when angeal was defeated Zack took it and when Zack died it came to clouds possesion.

What is cloud strife's sword called?

Actually it doesn't have a name since he didn't keep the Buster Sword but left it in a graveyard to collect "wear, tear, and rust" (God bless you Angeal). that's if you're talkin' bout the eight piece one the he can use the Omni Slash with

Final fantasy advent children characters?

Wow, there's alot of characters.. So:. Cloud Strife. Tifa Lockhart. Sephiroth. Kadaj. Loz. Yazoo. Marlene. Denzel. Reno. Rude. Rufus ShinRa. Tseng. Elena. Yuffie. Cid. Cait Sith. Barret. Red VII. Vincent Valentine. Zack Fair. Aerith (I forget her last name)

Who or what is the wolf in ff7 advent children?

If you are talking about the grey wolf following Cloud then he is there to represent the guilt Cloud feels. There is also the theory that it is the spirit of Zack, but either way, he's there because Zack is not.. If you are talking about the red wolf with one line of speech at the end ('There are s ( Full Answer )

How does Final Fantasy advent children end?

Aerith casts Esuna from the lifestream into the water, which heals Cloud first. Then after the Kadaj/Sephi fight, Cloud takes everyone infected to the church and heals them in the same water. You see a glimpse of Zack in the doorway, Aerith walking towards him. Cloud smiles when she asks, "Is everyt ( Full Answer )

What is the fate of the Moogle Girl after Advent Children Complete?

I think she will join the "family" and live with Tifa and the others. And help out around the bar/house doing house work and I imagine when she's an adult that maybe, she'll have help Denzel if he becames the next "hero" after Cloud, and fight for goodness.. It's sad how she lost all of her family, ( Full Answer )

Why is cloud strides sword wrapped in cloth?

no one really knows, it just is Signed, Phoenix Cloud Strife! Damn! Anyway, explanation:It has nothing to do with looking cool, and everything to do with real-life practicality for similarly large swords. When you get to swords that are that size, a typically scabbard/sheath doesn't work, ( Full Answer )

What Limit breaks are used in Final Fantasy Advent Children?

Cloud- Omnislash Version 5 (kills Sephiroth), Blade Beam, and Climmhazard Tifa- Uses just about all of them Aerith- Great Gospel (the rain that heals the Geostigma) these are the only characters who actually use "limit breaks" Signed, Phoenix

Can Clouds eyes become slits after the events of ff7 Advent Children?

i guess technically, they could if Sephiroth came back and somehow managed to take control of Cloud again as he did in the original 7. but really no because i mean, if you played the original 7, then you would know that Sephiroth controled Cloud through the mass qunatities of JENOVA cells in his bod ( Full Answer )

What is Kadaj wearing in Advent Children?

I guess you could say he's wearing something similar to a leather catsuit because him, Loz, and Yazoo are all wearing the same thing.

What movies are like Final Fantasy Advent Children?

Any movie that comes under the action/fantasy genre will do. A few films that i have seen and can think of that are similar are: Final fantasy Spirits Within. Ghost in the Shell. Hellsing. Beserk. There are also spin off anime type OC's from the FF7 series: Before Crisis (animation) Crisis Core ( ( Full Answer )

What is Final Fantasy advent children about?

The movie takes place after the events of FFVII, when a virus called Geostigma is spreading among the people of Midgar. Three remnants of Sephiroth are after Jenova's head to bring back "mother", too, and it's up to Cloud to stop them :D

In Final Fantasy Advent Children who is mother?

JENOVA, is the mother. It a alien and powerful creature from another world arrived to the planet and has the abilities to change from one sex to the other. Also, it is actually a crab. Although it is called mother, it is only mother to some of SOLDIER's finest (Sephiroth, Angeal, Cloud and ect.) And ( Full Answer )

What is cloud strife sword call?

"Buster Sword" as of advent children cloud uses the buster sword as a gave stone for zack he now uses the fusion swords sometimes refereed to as First Ken or First Tsurugi after the main blade of the sword.

Who does cloud strife end up with at the end of advent children?

Spoilers : Cloud is trying to move on from the events of FFVII in Advent Children. He is a bit of a recluse and is by himself most of the time. Aeris/Aerith is dead, and Tifa is shafted due to Cloud's emo-ness. Cloud ends up with his friends at the end of Advent Children (i.e., Tifa, Barret, Yuffie ( Full Answer )

Do children in France have advent calendars?

Yes. Often the old-fashioned sort with pictures, and the commercial ones with toys (Playmobil, Lego, Disney etc.) are widely sold. French kids don't go so much on sweets, though. Eating between meals is not encouraged.

Who designed Final Fantasy Advent Children?

Final Fantasy Advent Children is a computer animated science science fiction film produced by Yoshinori Kitase. The film was written by Kazushige Nojima and directed by Tetsuya Nomura.

Is Final Fantasy Advent Children OK for kids to watch?

Depends on their age, but beyond the animated fight sequences it isn't a very adult film. It is rated PG-13 for the many fight scenes though, so keep that in mind if you don't want your children to watch animated violence.

In which computer game can you buy cloud swords?

One can buy Cloud's swords in the computer game Final Fantasy VII. Some of these types of swords are the Buster Sword, the Mythril Saber, the Hard Edge, the Butterfly Edge and the Enhance Sword.