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he lived in France
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What are facts about Clovis?

"Clovis Points" were stone blades found at a site near Clovis New Mexico. Here are some links for you.. Arrowheads

Who is clovis?

Clovis ruled in 481 CE (meaning COMMON ERA). When he first started to rule he was only 15 years of age.. He did three major things;. -Expanded his kingdom. -Convert to christianity, and leads franks into christianity. -Started horse back for war

Who was Clovis of the Franks?

Answer . CLOVIS was a beast, a Germanic tribe which invaded France under his leadership in the 5th Century. His wife was called Clotilde. The Franks occupied Paris, and Clotilde met and was converted by Saint Genevieve. It was only a matter of time before Clovis accepted Christianity, and the ser ( Full Answer )

What is Clovis West's fight song?

C-L-O-V-I-S, E-A-G-L-E-S C-L-O-V-I-S, West We're Clovis We're Eagles The Clovis West Eagles Flying high with pride Soaring high our banners fly Our strength will never die We're Clovis We're Eagles The Clovis West Eagles Our colors cardinal and gold We Fight-Fight-Fight With might, All-Right Forever ( Full Answer )

When did Clovis convert to Christianity?

We do not have a firm date for Clovis' conversion to Christianity. It may have been 496, 498, or 506, according to the article in Wikipedia. There is a link to that article below.

What did clovis do?

Was the first Frankish ruler to become a Christian. He defeated the last Roman ruler in Gaul and took over many Germanic people in what is now known as France.

Is clovis chappell still living?

Dr. Clovis Chappell, husband, father, grandfather, educator, world renown Methodist minister and author of 36 books died in 1972. He was 90 years old. He is buried in Richlawn Cemetery in Waverly TN.

Who was clovis of rome?

Clovis was king of the Franks. He first came to his throne at theage of 15 when he was king of his tribe, he later defeated all theother Frankish kings to become king over all the Franks. He ledgreat battles against the Romans and had conquered most of thenorthern and western parts of Roman Gaul. He ( Full Answer )

Clovis was the first germanic king to what?

Clovis I, born in 466 and died November 27, 511) was the firstGermanic King to convert to Catholicism. He was also the First Kingor founder of France.

Who was Clovis and why was he important to Western Europe?

Clovis (c. 466-511) was the first King of the Franks to unite all the Frankish tribes under one king. He also introduced Christianity. He was the son of Childeric I and Basina. At age 16, he succeeded his father, in the year 481. Clovis had previously married the Christian Burgundian princess Clo ( Full Answer )

Who converted clovis to islam?

King Clovis did not convert to Islam. Instead, he converted toChristianity, which was the religion of the people of Gaul.

Where did the clovis tribe come from?

In many ways, the Clovis people seem to appear by magic on the North American continent. The assumption has been that their ancestors moved south from Alaska, pursuing their favorite prey, the mammoth. However, there are no Clovis sites in either Alaska or Canada; likewise, there are no technologica ( Full Answer )

Why did Clovis convert to Catholic Christianity?

he converted because he made a promise to his wife's God that if he helped him win a certain battle he would convert to christianity and worship him for the rest of his life.

Why was Clovis important?

Clovis is important because he is the first of the Germanic tribes invading Rome to accept Christianity.

What were clovis talents?

Clovis was good at alot of things..One thing was being a good leader and keeping things under control!

What was King Clovis main accomplishments?

Becoming a Catholic so then everyone became a Catholic he was losing the battle and he then decided to pray. His unification of the Frankish nation, his conquest of Gaul, and his conversion to Christianity..

Are shooting stars fond in clovis?

Yes. You can see meteors, or "shooting stars", anywhere where the sky is dark enough. Go out some clear night, at least 20 miles away from the nearest city (Clovis, CA is just north of Fresno, right?) and look up. The best time to see meteors is between about 2 AM and dawn.

What are clovis points used for?

The Clovis Culture is a prehistoric Native American culture that first appears about 13,500 years ago. The Clovis people are known as Paleo-Indians. They were skilled hunters of huge animals, especially ice age mammouths. The points of their weapons were made from fine grain rock that came from wide ( Full Answer )

Can you raise chickens in Clovis ca?

Yes and no. It is technically illegal to have hens in Clovis, unless you area is zoned as part of the county. However, this is only enforced if your neighbors complain. If you want to raise chickens, ask your neighbors if they'd mind a few neighboring chickens. If no one does, go ahead, but keep it ( Full Answer )

What did Clovis contribute to the rise of the Frankish kingdom?

Clovis united the Franks into a single kingdom in the 480's. He was the first Germanic king to accept Christianity, which gave him the support of the Pope and other church leaders, which was a mutually beneficial relationship.

How did Clovis and Charlemagne contribute to spread of Christianity?

Clovis' principle contribution was marrying Clotilde who was Catholic and as a result forcing all his subjects to become Roman Catholic--they were Arians before that. In fact the vast majority of Christians were Arians until this time, but this conversion threw the majority over to Rome. Wikipedia ( Full Answer )

Why did Clovis of France convert to Christianity?

Clovis is said to have been converted by his wife, Clotilde, who was Catholic. He is also said to have converted in thanks for having won the battle of Tolbiac. Of course, it is possible that both are true.

How does clovis relate to the middle ages?

Clovis was the name of four kings of the Franks. The most important of the kings of this name was probably Clovis I (reigned 481-511), who was the first king to unite all the Frankish tribes into a single kingdom; in the course of doing this, he ended the last vestige of the Roman Empire in Gaul. He ( Full Answer )

Where did Clovis rule?

Clovis ruled Gaul, or what is now known as France. Clovis united all the small Frankish kingdoms, and most of what was once calledthe Roman Gaul. When he died, his kingdom was split in four and one piece given to each of his sons.

What did clovis avcheive?

he was the first christian barbarian king. He made false wills for people so when they die he gets all their money. Sorry, thats all i know

Why was it important for Clovis to convert to Christianity?

Clovis converted to Catholicism. It is thought that Catholicism served to distinguish him from other Germanic kings who were Arian Christians and that it helped him to gain support from the Catholic Gallo-Roman aristocracy after he defeated a Gallo-Roman ruler to expand into Roman Gaul further. His ( Full Answer )

What did king Clovis do for the franks?

King Clovis was known for uniting all of the Franks together under his rule. By uniting all of the Frankish tribes he ensured his kingdom would be passed down to his own heirs.

How did King Clovis become a Catholic?

Clovis became king of the Franks at the tender age of 15, aprecious but rather ruthless young man. Three important influenceson his life (who all became saints) including St. Remigius(Clotilda's spiritual advisor), bishop of Rheims, St. Genevieve,the saint of Paris, and, finally, St. Clotilda, the p ( Full Answer )

Did Jeffrey Dahmer ever live in Clovis CA?

Dahmer never lived in California but his mother did. Joyce Flint(remarried) lived near Fresno, CA until her death in 2000 frombreast cancer.

Where are Clovis Car Rental located?

Clovis Car Rental is in Clovis, California. The company offers pick up and drop offs to conveniently get you where you need to go for the best prices.

Where is Clovis High School located?

The Clovis High School is located in Clovis, New Mexico, but there is another located in California and the address is 1055 Fowler Ave Clovis CA 93661.

Why did king clovis converted to Christianity?

Clovis converted from paganism to Catholicism at the instigation of his wife, Clotilde, who was a Burgundian Catholic. He had rested this. He refused to allow Clotilde to baptise their son, but she did this behind his back. The child died soon afterwards and this entrenched Clovis' resistance. The s ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Clovis - 2012?

The cast of Clovis - 2012 includes: Alice Bridgforth as Angel Storyteller Mara Hernandez as Pictra Karl Holzheimer as Blurry Man Jordan McGill as Clovis Andrew Tribolini as Dark Man

Who is Clovis from ancient rome and what did he do?

Clovis was not from ancient Rome. He was a Frank. He became thefirst king of the Franks and he united them under his rule. Heexpanded his kingdom from Holland, Belgium, northern France andcentral Germany. He conquered Gaul (apart from its southeast)taking its central area from a Roman rump state (th ( Full Answer )

What has the author Clovis Heimsath written?

Clovis Heimsath has written: 'Behavioral architecture' -- subject(s): Architectural design, Architecture, Human factors 'Curvilinear forms in architecture' -- subject(s): Concrete Roofing, Shell Roofs 'Geometry in Architecture'

What happened when Clovis converted to Christianity?

Clovis converted to Catholicism in 496, largely at the request ofhis wife, Clotilde. The adoption of Catholicism by Clovis led to awidespread conversion to Catholicism among the Frankish peoples,installing Catholicism all across modern-day France and Germany.When Clovis converted to Catholicism he b ( Full Answer )

How did Clovis became leader of the Franks?

Clovis I became leader of the Franks by conquering all those who were not subject to him when he succeeded his father, Childeric I, as King of the Salian Franks.