Where did coal come from?

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Most of it is from the trees of the great forests of 200 million years ago.
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What is clean coal - or green coal?

Burning of coal, a fossil fuel is one of the principal causes ofclimate change and global warming. "Clean coal" or "Green coal" is a theory that we can captureall the pollutants including sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxidefrom coal as it is burnt and store them, instead of releasing themas greenh ( Full Answer )

How do you get coal?

Coal is obtained by strip mining which removes all soil above a coal deposit. The soil is replaced but it takes many years for the ecosystem to recover and there are four ranks of coal which are: . lignite . sub-bituminous . bituminous . anthracite

What countries do coal come from?

The countries that produce & export the most coal is: 1.China 2.USA 3.European Union 4.India 5.Australia 6.Russia 7.South Africa 8.Indonesia 9.Germany 10.Poland

Where do coal oil and gas come from?

Plants and animals that lived in the ancient, geological past and have become buried in the Earth's rocks as they were deposited.

How do you mine coal?

Coal is mined by two methods: surface or 'opencast' mining or underground or 'deep' mining. The choice of mining method largely depends on the geology of thecoal deposit. Underground mining currently accounts for a biggershare of world coal production than opencast; although in severalimportant co ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of coal?

Coal originated from ancient plants that flourished in swamp-like environments millions of years ago. In Virginia, coal was formed mainly during the Carboniferous period of the Earth's history, 280 to 360 million years ago. There are also coalbeds in Virginia that were formed during the Triassic p ( Full Answer )

How does coal burn?

Coal is a combustible solid. When it is heated to a high enough temperature, it combines with oxygen in the air. giving off heat and waste gasses.

What country does coal come from?

The countries that produce & export the most coal is: 1.China 2.USA 3.European Union 4.India 5.Australia 6.Russia 7.South Africa 8.Indonesia 9.Germany 10.Poland

How is coal refined?

Coal refining is nowhere near as complex as oil refining. Coal is washed with a water or chemical bath to remove some impurities. As much as 30 percent of the sulfur can be removed by washing. At the power plant, coal is pulverized to a heavy powder just before being burned. From http://www.ucsusa ( Full Answer )

Who invented coal?

No one invented coal it was discovered. It is dead animals/trees who have been under alot of pressure for millions of years and formed coal

What does coal do to the envioment?

it will produce pollution then eventually affect living things habitat that will cause food chain problems too.

Where do oil and coal come from?

There are three major forms of fossil fuels , Coal, Oil and natural gas. All three were formed many hundreds of millions of years ago before the time of the dinosaurs - hence the name fossil fuels. The age they were formed is called the Carboniferous period. It was part of the Paleozoic Era. Carboni ( Full Answer )

Were does coal come from?

coal in depth of earth formed by trees which were buried over thousands of years ago may be due to some natural disaster , and as we know earth depth is warm , and trees converted to coal .

Where do you get coal?

Scientists believe that during the Carboniferous period (280 to 345 million years ago) large amounts of plant life and other organic matter grew in the swampy areas and lagoons that covered much of the earth. As the plants and other life forms died, they drifted down to the bottom of the swamps, slo ( Full Answer )

Where does the energy of coal come from?

Coal energy comes from the sun. The coal is fossilized vegetation that grew in the sunshine eons ago. The vegetation took up the solar energy using photosynthesis and chlorophyll to produce green matter

Were dose coal come from?

bugers and poop - whoever wrote this needs to grow up! Coal comes from factories and you can make coal from fossil fuels.

Where do you get coal from?

Coal is a fossil fuel formed in ecosystems where plant remains were preserved by water and mud from oxidization and biodegradation , and which its chemical and physical properties have been changed as a result of geological action over time, thus sequestering atmospheric carbon. Coal is ( Full Answer )

Where did the tradition giving naughty children coal come from?

One tradition you often hear of in the United States is "if you are not good, you will get coal in your stocking". Well, this actually stems from the tradition of La Befana. On the night that Jesus was born, the 2 Wise Men had stopped by her house to ask for directions, afterward they had asked her ( Full Answer )

What gas comes from burning coal?

Carbon dioxide, oxides of sulphur, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and quite a few others.

What is coals?

From Webster's Dictionary: A black, or brownish black, solid, combustible substance, dug from beds or veins in the earth to be used for fuel, and consisting, like charcoal, mainly of carbon, but more compact, and often affording, when heated, a large amount of volatile matter.

Where did coal originally come from?

coal is found underground - and is formed by buried forests and vegetable matter being compressed over millions of years

Where does carbon in coal come from?

Most of the Carbon in both coals and oils come from Flora andFauna, i.e animals and plants. Over thousands of years the naturalcarbon from the lifeforms (usually from wet areas like swamps orshallow marine areas) are compressed, recieving a tonne ofpressure, until eventually becoming coal seams that ( Full Answer )

Where does the energy of coal originally come from?

coal is fuel. it can be burned to make heat or energy. the energy is coal was once sunlight energy that plants used. Petroleum and natural gas are also fuels. most scientists think natural gas petroleum form in a way similar to coal. however, they did not begin as plants. they began as small sea org ( Full Answer )

Is coal safe?

Coal mining is a dangerous job in the coal mines, as you see by the devastating explosion just recently. Coal also produces many harmful gases into our atmosphere, so renewable resources are safer for people, animals, the earth, and everything!

Is Coal homogeneous?

Coal is only as homogeneous as the original materials from which it is formed. Many soft coals (lignites) are formed by the burial and compression etc, of forest or shrubland. Thus the coal formed from this will never be homogeneous, and you may find fossilized branches in the material. Many 'b ( Full Answer )

Is coal porus?

Yes. Coal has porosity, and according to the link, it can range from 0.1% to 10%. An important area of research is the study of the pore system of coal, which can be intersected by fissures. These fissures can help transport and produce coal bed methane (CBM). See related link.

Coal is coal and diamond is diamond but coal is not a diamond?

Correct. Although they are based on the same element (carbon) they have vastly different structures and atomic arrangements, resulting in very different physical and chemical properties. Such forms are known chemically as allotropes .

Why coal burn in coal stock?

cause that's what It does, coal naturally burns in one fuel sourceso that's what makes it up to be burning in a coal stock, once thecoal is burned it creates heat energy which is naturally anonrenewable resource once it is actually burned.

Why is coal a compound?

It isn't - it is a mixture of compounds. There are 100s of chemical compounds that have been extracted from coal. It is a mixture of these

Does coal have DNA?

No. Coal is dead matter, the outcome of long periods of high pressure and temperature following death and decay of living organisms (normally plant matter). The organisms had DNA when they were alive, but the molecules have long since decomposed and converted to other chemicals and structures.

Do petrochemicals come from coal?

Petrochemicals come from petroleum -Oil. However, some chemicals extracted from petroleum (petrochemicals) , may also be extracted form coal.

How is coal created and where does coal it come from?

coal is created by the deposition and compaction of huge plant(organic) material deposited into a basin,with the increasing depth the high rank of coal is formed. The order is:- peat>lignite>bituminous>anthracite Peat is formed at shallow depth and on moving downward anthracite is formed at greater ( Full Answer )

What do you do with coal?

I do nothing with coal. Others burn it to release the contained energy through the process of combustion. The result of combustion is heat. The heat is then most often used to create steam. The steam is then used to spin a turbine, which creates electricity. So, in a nut shell, coal is electricity. ( Full Answer )

How did coal become coal?

coal become coal because when animals get buried in swamps years ago and when it is dug up now it became coal that is correct p;ants a long time ago are coal

What is coal and what is the essential element of coal?

Coal is a fossil fuel created from the compaction of the earth on fossil vegetation from millions of years ago. It's primary constituents are carbon, sulfur, hydrogen (partly as moisture), nitrogen, oxygen and ash. Carbon is the most prominent constituent.

How much of the world's energy comes from coal?

According to the US Institute for Energy Research, coal in 2005 was responsible for 26% of global energy production. This percentage is dropping each year as more countries and power plants move to oil and gas, the burning of which releases less harmful carbon dioxide emissions than coal. There is ( Full Answer )

How much of the us electricity comes from coal?

As of 2013, the amount of the US's electricity that comes from coal is approximately 42% This makes up the mass majority of electricity service in the country. Natural gas is the second most popular source.

How come world thermodynamicists fail to recognize that what makes coal combustion the energy of choice for electricity is the reversible piston turbine reversible process?

I am not sure what you mean. What process is that? Any combustible fuel will work, not just coal. You can read about the thermodynamics part by looking for a description of the "Carnot engine". The process is NOT reversible; although the Carnot engine is reversible in theory, there are always losses ( Full Answer )