Where did coal originally come from?

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coal is found underground - and is formed by buried forests and vegetable matter being compressed over millions of years
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What origin does caramel come from?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nA variety of answers can be given for this question. Caramel is a combination of caramelized sugar and heavy cream ,which would label it a French invention in some eyes. Being that France is world renowned for its desserts(as well as it's amazing food), I would bet o ( Full Answer )

How do you get coal?

Coal is obtained by strip mining which removes all soil above a coal deposit. The soil is replaced but it takes many years for the ecosystem to recover and there are four ranks of coal which are: . lignite . sub-bituminous . bituminous . anthracite

What is the original source of energy for coal?

The sun is the source of the energy found in coal. Plants get energy from the sun through photosynthesis, which drives the chemical reactions that let plants grow and store food. Swamp plants that died millions of years ago were covered over and eventually came under tremendous pressure by being bu ( Full Answer )

What countries do coal come from?

The countries that produce & export the most coal is: 1.China 2.USA 3.European Union 4.India 5.Australia 6.Russia 7.South Africa 8.Indonesia 9.Germany 10.Poland

Where do coal oil and gas come from?

Plants and animals that lived in the ancient, geological past and have become buried in the Earth's rocks as they were deposited.

Coal beds originated in what depositional environment?

Coal begins as dead plant material (trees, ferns, leaves-- typically) which fall into oxygen depleted waters in low energy swamp or swamp-like setting. The oxygen depleted water prevents the total decay of the plant material which is compacted and lithified by the addition of subsequent deposits or ( Full Answer )

Where does salmon originally come from?

i am not 100% sure but here is what i do know for sure.* salmon are very common in alaska.* they generally live in the north and arctic waters where it is chilly.* salmon live in rivers a lot and they like cold water.i would guess that they come from the north.

What is the origin of coal?

Coal originated from ancient plants that flourished in swamp-like environments millions of years ago. In Virginia, coal was formed mainly during the Carboniferous period of the Earth's history, 280 to 360 million years ago. There are also coalbeds in Virginia that were formed during the Triassic p ( Full Answer )

Where did the original settlers in Mexico come from?

The original people living in what we know as Mexico are considered "native", and they migrated from the Eastern Asia area across land, and also from islands in the Pacific Ocean. Anthropologists are still theorizing, and discovering, more evidence on the many people who visited and lived in Mexico ( Full Answer )

Where did wasps originally come from?

It is impossible to say where the very first wasps came from. The oldest fossilised wasp found so far is about 115 million years old, and it is thought they date back before the advent of the angiosperms, or flowering plants, some 120 million years ago. Bees evolved from wasps to feed from the nec ( Full Answer )

What country does coal come from?

The countries that produce & export the most coal is: 1.China 2.USA 3.European Union 4.India 5.Australia 6.Russia 7.South Africa 8.Indonesia 9.Germany 10.Poland

Where did coal come from?

Most of it is from the trees of the great forests of 200 million years ago.

Where do oil and coal come from?

There are three major forms of fossil fuels , Coal, Oil and natural gas. All three were formed many hundreds of millions of years ago before the time of the dinosaurs - hence the name fossil fuels. The age they were formed is called the Carboniferous period. It was part of the Paleozoic Era. Carboni ( Full Answer )

Were does coal come from?

coal in depth of earth formed by trees which were buried over thousands of years ago may be due to some natural disaster , and as we know earth depth is warm , and trees converted to coal .

Origin of coal?

Coal is obviously a fossil fuel; it is believed to have formed from te fossilised remains from animals and plants from the Carboniferous Period.

Where do you get coal?

Scientists believe that during the Carboniferous period (280 to 345 million years ago) large amounts of plant life and other organic matter grew in the swampy areas and lagoons that covered much of the earth. As the plants and other life forms died, they drifted down to the bottom of the swamps, slo ( Full Answer )

Where does the energy of coal come from?

Coal energy comes from the sun. The coal is fossilized vegetation that grew in the sunshine eons ago. The vegetation took up the solar energy using photosynthesis and chlorophyll to produce green matter

Were dose coal come from?

bugers and poop - whoever wrote this needs to grow up! Coal comes from factories and you can make coal from fossil fuels.

Where did the tradition giving naughty children coal come from?

One tradition you often hear of in the United States is "if you are not good, you will get coal in your stocking". Well, this actually stems from the tradition of La Befana. On the night that Jesus was born, the 2 Wise Men had stopped by her house to ask for directions, afterward they had asked her ( Full Answer )

What gas comes from burning coal?

Carbon dioxide, oxides of sulphur, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and quite a few others.

Where did originate come from?

1653, probably a back-formation of origination (1647), from M.Fr. origination, from L. originationem (nom. originatio), from originem (see original). In first ref. it meant "to trace the origin of;" meaning "to bring into existence" is from 1657; intrans. sense of "to come into existence" is from 17 ( Full Answer )

Is coal an igneous rock of biochemical origin?

While of biochemical origin, coal is not considered an igneous rock, but rather a sedimentary one, due to its process of formation wherein dead and decaying organic matter (such as animal and plant matter, typing being found in bogs or swamps) was compressed into rock form over a period of several h ( Full Answer )

Where does carbon in coal come from?

Most of the Carbon in both coals and oils come from Flora andFauna, i.e animals and plants. Over thousands of years the naturalcarbon from the lifeforms (usually from wet areas like swamps orshallow marine areas) are compressed, recieving a tonne ofpressure, until eventually becoming coal seams that ( Full Answer )

What is coals original source of energy?

You could argue that the sun has provided all the energy for theorganic materials that coal consists of. Or even the compressionand heat that coal suffered from during its formation ( As a springthat becomes compressed gaining potential energy )

Where does the energy of coal originally come from?

coal is fuel. it can be burned to make heat or energy. the energy is coal was once sunlight energy that plants used. Petroleum and natural gas are also fuels. most scientists think natural gas petroleum form in a way similar to coal. however, they did not begin as plants. they began as small sea org ( Full Answer )

What is the original meaning of Heap burning coals on their head?

To the best of my understanding, "Heaping coals upon their head" deals with the act of actually passing cinders into a basket of sorts- giving someone heat. This practice continues to this day in various parts of the world, the means of transporting may vary but the pricipal is still the same. Th ( Full Answer )

What origin does the name Ashby comes from?

English: habitational name from any of the numerous places in northern and eastern England called Ashby, from Old Norse askr 'ash' or the Old Norse personal name Aski + býr 'farm'.

How is the sun the original source of energy for both coal and wind?

SOUMYADIP PAL, ST.XAVIER'S HIGH SCHOOL, HALDIA , EAST MIDNAPORE,WEST BENGAL,(INDIA) (CLASS--8A/3) ;- Because of sun the natural disasters are occurring and before 10000000 years from now, many plants and trees got buried and thus due to the long natural occurrences such as, decomposing and compost ( Full Answer )

What are the original sources of energy for both coal and wind?

The source of the energy in coal and wind can ultimately be traced to the Sun. Coal is the compressed remains of vegetation that grew millions of years ago, so that was produced by the sun. Wind is part of our weather, and that is also driven by the sun.

Do petrochemicals come from coal?

Petrochemicals come from petroleum -Oil. However, some chemicals extracted from petroleum (petrochemicals) , may also be extracted form coal.

How is coal created and where does coal it come from?

coal is created by the deposition and compaction of huge plant(organic) material deposited into a basin,with the increasing depth the high rank of coal is formed. The order is:- peat>lignite>bituminous>anthracite Peat is formed at shallow depth and on moving downward anthracite is formed at greater ( Full Answer )

Where did the energy in coal originate?

Not sure if this will answer your question, but I'll give it a shot. It's less about the fact that is is coal and more about the fact that coal gives off heat. When coal was first being used as a heat source, it was cheaper than wood and there was a lot of it. So really the origin of the energy is i ( Full Answer )

What do you do with coal?

I do nothing with coal. Others burn it to release the contained energy through the process of combustion. The result of combustion is heat. The heat is then most often used to create steam. The steam is then used to spin a turbine, which creates electricity. So, in a nut shell, coal is electricity. ( Full Answer )

How much of the world's energy comes from coal?

According to the US Institute for Energy Research, coal in 2005 was responsible for 26% of global energy production. This percentage is dropping each year as more countries and power plants move to oil and gas, the burning of which releases less harmful carbon dioxide emissions than coal. There is ( Full Answer )

What is the original form of anthracite coal?

Anthracite forms from the metamorphism of bituminous coal. The metamorphism occurs due to pressures and temperatures from depth of burial or stresses derived from plate movements. .

How much of the us electricity comes from coal?

As of 2013, the amount of the US's electricity that comes from coal is approximately 42% This makes up the mass majority of electricity service in the country. Natural gas is the second most popular source.