Where did coca beans come from?

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When is Mr Bean coming out on DVD?

Answer . "Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean," which contains all 14 episodes of the classic "Mr. Bean" series was released on DVD in 2003.

Where do coco beans come from?

coco beans comes From Brazil or Ghana places which are mainly sparsely populated areas because of lack of food and water (near wet areas like rainforests)

Where do pinto beans come from?

Pinto beans and other beans such as kidney beans, navy beans and black beans are all known scientifically as Phaseolus vulgaris . They are all referred to as "common beans" probably owing to the fact that they derived from a common bean ancestor that originated in Peru.

Where did the saying Cool Beans come from?

The first usage of the word cool beans came around during the1970's as college slang. It is thought that this phrase is derivedfrom a similar phrase, "some beans" which meant excellent.

Where does mung bean come from?

The mung bean, or green gram, originated in India and eventuallyspread to South and Southeast Asia. India still produces largeamounts of mung beans as does China.

Whats the difference between a coco bean and coca plant?

Well, these are two different plants. Cocaine comes from processingleaves of the coca plant, and chocolate products (coco liquor,butter, and chocolate treats) come from the coco bean, or cocoa.

Where did bean dip come from?

Adam Sipe while on deployment in Iraq started the "bean dipping" craze.. From there it spread like wildfire!

Which country do cocoa beans come from?

Cocoa beans come from different countries but there is only onecountry whose main source is cocoa. Ghana! Colombia cocoa bean trees grow at the equater in south America and africain the amazon rainforest. it grows best in Ghana in hot countries on trees

Where do heinz baked beans come from?

The real deal Heinz Baked Beans come from the UK, although until 1928, Britain actually imported them from Canada. Folks in the US can order them from various online web sites, including one large bookseller, for about $2 per can, if you can't find them locally.. The real Heinz Baked Beans, now cal ( Full Answer )

Where does baked beans come from?

baked beans come from the ground washed and sent to a factory then they are simmered in tomato sauce the juices from the beans turn the tomato sauce orange then put in can and sent to shop simple.

What country does coffee beans come from?

Coffee beans a grown the easiest in somewhat tropical climates.They are grown in over 50 countries. The largest producers areMexico, Hawaii, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

Where did the coffee bean come from?

The original coffee bean ( Coffea arabica ) was first cultivated in northeastern Africa, in the regions of Ethiopia and Sudan. There is a second species of coffee plant as well Coffea canephora (syn. Coffea robusta ), this originally came from central sub-Saharan Africa. . The Coffea arabica ( Full Answer )

What country does the cocoa bean come from?

the cocoa bean comes from south America. The Aztecs used to make hot chocolate, but without sugar. Cortes tried it, didn't like it, brought it back to Europe anyway, Europe added sugar, turned into the chocolate we know today.

Are coca beans a fruit or vegetable?

Cocoa beans are grown on cocoa trees. Though it is called a "bean" the actual seed is housed inside pulp, like fruits.

Where do cacao beans come from?

Most of the cocoa beans come from Brazil or Ghana. Most of them come from countries that are around the rainforests or around the countries where there is alot of water.

Will Mr Bean come back?

i have not read/heard of any news regarding a revival of the Mr. Bean TV series. Therefore, unless Rowan Atkinson decides to revive the character for another TV series ( he already did this with the animated Mr. Bean TV series), i would assume that the only place that you will see Mr. Bean is on DVD ( Full Answer )

What plant does coco beans come from?

Cocoa beans are the fruit of a tree with the scientific name of Theobroma Cacao . It's an evergreen found in tropical regions.

Does vanilla come from a bean?

Yes. Vanilla is derived from the beans contained in the seed pods of orchids (making it the only fruit bearing member of the orchid family) of the genus Vanilla which was originally native to Mexico. Vanilla planifola, Vanilla tahensis, and Vanilla pompona are the three major variants and are gro ( Full Answer )

Where did cool beans come from?

This phrase was first uttered in 1978 by Russ Emerson of Jacksonville, NC. In a response to meeting some people at the cafeteria for lunch, he said to his friends, "let's meet at 11:30 at the same table...cool beans?" The rest is history!

Where did the term bean counter come from?

The term "bean counter" is a colloquialism refering to any person - especially an accountant - who concentrates on quantitative details to the point of exclusion of other factors.

What part of the plant do beans come from?

Beans are the seeds of the plant; after the flowers fade, the beans grow in pods. Beans grow from the center of the flowers on bean plants.

What plant to kidney beans come from?

The kidney bean plant. If you actually take a kidney bean from a goya bean package and put it in dirt and water, it will actually grow. The kidney bean plant is a fast growing bean plant that does not require support like a bean pole like peas.

What dry beans come from green beans?

Dry beans are the seed inside a bean pod. Some varieties referred to as shell beans are grown specifically from Dry Bush bean varieties for the large edible seeds. Note: not all beans are green, they come in varying colors and patterns. http://www.thegutsygourmet.net/post-bean.jpg

What climates do coca beans grown in?

they are made in certain conditions so that they ripe properly and they grow in Africa which would mean that the climates would be extremely hot they are mostly made in west of Africa including Ghana.

Where do cacoa beans come from?

they are grown in northern of brazil.on february 1805 a man named kellis cacoa discovered a pod and named it after him the cacoa .then he ate it and drank it used it as a home fart on it play with it kiss it play play play play alot use it as a house

Why do Aztecs use coca beans as money?

they don't have gold or silver because other empires go to war with them and steal there jewelery and money Ahem. I'm sorry for whoever wrote the above answer, but, that's a load of yackum. The mountains and earth near Tenochtitlan were full to the brim with gold and silver ore. It's reported that ( Full Answer )

When did mr bean first come out on tv?

The 1st episode of the original live action series was shown on ITV on 1st Jan 1990. The animated series started in 2002.

What ice cream comes from a bean?

Ice cream does not come from a bean. It is a dairy product flavoured with added types of flavourings. Although, these flavourings such as vanilla and chocolate come from beans - vanilla is derived from vanilla beans while chocolate comes from the cocoa bean (also known as cacao beans). There are man ( Full Answer )

Where did the 6 pack coca cola come from?

The plastic ring six-pack holder was introduced in 1960 by a company called ITW Hi-Cone. Previous versions of six pack holders were made of cardboard, wood and/or metal. The first six-pack drink carrier was introduced by Coca-Cola (and this took me over an hour to find) in 1923 by Robert Woodruff, w ( Full Answer )

Where do Mexican jumping beans come from in Mexico?

Jumping beans are the cocoons of a moth's larva known as Cydia deshaisiana. They usually feed on the leaves of plants of the Sebastiana genus, a shrub located on northern and central Mexico.

Where does 'spill the beans' come from?

This expression is said to be derived from a voting system that was used in ancient Greece. Apparently, white beans indicated positive votes, and black beans negative. The votes had to be unanimous, so if the collector 'spilled the beans' before the vote was complete, and a black bean was seen, the ( Full Answer )

Where pinto beans come from?

It is most commonly eaten in Northwestern Mexico, and the United States! -hope this helps

Did mr bean come from outer space?

Yes he did, in fact, the light beam in the beginning, is beaming him down and the singing is a psalm Hymn for angels!

What country did green beans and bacon come from?

The meal green beans and bacon has many different spins on it. One of them is the country style green beans and bacon. This meal is made to fill up a person or comfort them. There are green beans, bacon, and potatoes in the country style dish.

Which favorite food come from a bean?

Turkey Chile is pretty good. When I visited my gf in Ukraine that I was dating through dream marriage made this dish for me that was kinda a beef stew with beans, it was do delicious!

What is the smallest pack Coca-Cola comes in?

Coca-Cola has a many different pack sizes to choose from, including regular size cans or bottles and their 8-pack mini cans. Per volume and weight, the smallest pack is the mini-can 8 pack, with each can containing only 7.5 ounces of Coca-Cola.

From what plants do lima beans come?

Phaseolus lunatus is the lima bean. Its well know as a "butter bean" as well and other names in other counties. The Lima Bean is known in so many different cultures and called so many different names.

Where do the coffee beans come from?

Coffee beans are the roasted seeds of the coffee plants. These are native to tropical and southern Africa and tropical Asia. Cultivation started in Ethiopia, and today 45% of the world's total coffee export comes from South America.

Where beans come from?

Beans can come from a bush or a vine. It depends on the variety. And yes they do come from pods. Sometimes we eat the whole pod, as with green beans, and sometimes we eat just the bean, like Lima beans.