Where did cockatiels come from?

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australia,new zealand.
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What is a cockatiel?

A Cockatiel is a small, Australian bird. These birds can fly and each one is different from the next, (in color). These birds can also be kept as pets. Cockatiels are in th

Where do cockatiels come from?

Cockatiels are native to Australia, occurring mostly in the eastern half of the continent and the north. They are rarer in Tasmania than in the other eastern mainland states.

How do you get a Cockatiel to like you?

Have the bird cage in your room. Don't force yourself onto the bird for 3 days. Stay in the room with the bird. Dont try to hold it, just talk to it in a calm low tone. The ne

How do you tame a cockatiel?

To tame a cockatiel, first keep it in a room where you spend a lotof time, so it will get used to you. Spend time talking to it andalways move slowly when around the bird. Get

Can cockatiels talk?

Yes, cockatiels can talk. I have a friend who will screach "pretty bird" until he gets attention from someone. It may take a while but if you recite a phrase enough (and bewar

How long does it take for a lost cockatiel to come back home?

I don't want to alarm you, but they may never come back without the aid of humans, whether it's you or another person. Be aware, if you find a lost bird, do not just think "fi

How do you play with cockatiels?

Cockatiels are mainly very lovable, and personable pets. They like to get attention, so play with him/her daily. Basically, how you play with them is to always talk to them, t
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What can you teach a cockatiel?

I have a Cockatiel named lilly she can say pretty bird, bad dogs, whistle the food network show GOOD EATS theme song, and loves people and the birds out the window it took p
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What color can you get cockatiels?

Cockatiels come in a wide variety of colors including Grey, Lutino (yellow), Cinnamon, Pearl, Albino (white), Whiteface, Fallow and Pied. There are new color mutations surfaci
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How do you get a cockatiel?

You can buy them from pet shops. -------------------------------------------------- Look for local breeders in your newspaper as they are most likely in better health, ha
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What kind of colors do a cockatiel come in?

Cockatiels come in a variety of colors. The most common are gray, pearl, pied, and lutino. Gray: Common gray body with white face or yellow face. Pearl: Gray with yellow tips