Where did cockatoos come from?

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Cockatoos come from Australia and the surrounding islands.
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Where does a sulphur-crested cockatoo come from?

The sulphur-crested cockatoo is from Australia and some islands of the geographical region of Oceania. It is primarily found in the eastern and southern states of Australia, i

What do Cockatoos eat?

Cockatoos feed mostly on seeds and grains. They have strong, curved beaks which are ideal for cracking hard seeds and nuts. They also enjoy a bit of sweet nectar from blossoms

Is the cockatoo endangered?

No definitely not. As a matter of fact farmers were getting subsidy's for shooting them.

Is a cockatoo a parrot?

Yes. Cockatoos are parrots because they have the characteristic strong, curved beak of a parrot, used for cracking gumnuts and other hard seeds.

What are the prey for the cockatoo?

powerful, rufous owl, wedge tailed eagle, tasmanian devil, dingo, foxes and python will kill and eat cockatoos

Where do cockatoos live?

Eleven of the 21 species of cockatoo live only in Australia. Seven species occur only in the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Three species oc

What is a cockatoo?

Cockatoos are a large type of parrot, distinguished by a crest. The crest raises when the birds are excited, alarmed or frightened. Cockatoos are native to Australia, some i

How does a cockatoo talk?

Humans form sound by moving wind over vocal cords in the larynx. Birds, however, have a little box called the syrinx further down in their bodies (in addition to a cordless la

Does a cockatoo sing?

No. Cockatoos are not songbirds. At best, they can only whistle tunefully, imitating other sounds they have heard, but they do not have melodic, songlike calls of their own.

What do cockatoos drink?

Cockatoos drink water from one of those bottle things, or maybe they could even have juice... if you tried serving it for them!
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Is cockatoo an omnivore?

Cockatoos are not omnivores. They are classed as herbivores becausetheir diet is made up of fruits, seeds and nuts.
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What gender is a cockatoo?

There are both males and females of all species of cockatoo,otherwise cockatoos could not reproduce. In some species it can bedifficult to determine the difference between mal
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Where are cockatoos from?

Cockatoos are native to Australia, some islands of the SouthPacific including Papua New Guinea, and some of the Indonesianislands.