Where did cocoa beans originate from?

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The exact origin of cocoa is still debated, it said to have been introduced by the ancient Maya to Central America from the South American highlands of the Amazon and Orinoco basins.
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What are cocoa beans?

Cocoa beans are the seeds found in cocoa pods, which grow on trees often found in Africa, and Central and South America. These beans are fermented, dried, crushed, processed and manufactured into chocolate.\n. \nChocolate production begins with the harvesting of the pods of the cacao tree (Theobrom ( Full Answer )

What drink is made from cocoa beans?

the first drink ever made was made out of flower,honey cocoa beans and vanilla. but it was then made into hot cocoa . Hot chocolate

What is a cocoa bean?

Coco beans are the seeds found in cocoa pods.. Chocolate production begins with the harvesting of the pods of the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao). The Latin binomial means "food of the gods." The cacao tree is a small evergreen and its pods, when ripe, may be colored yellow, orange or red and shaped l ( Full Answer )

Where is the cocoa bean from?

cocoa bean comes from trees The exact origin of cocoa is still debated, it said to have been introduced by the ancient Maya to Central America from the South American highlands of the Amazon and Orinoco basins

How do cocoa beans grow?

Coaco beans grow inside of large pods. These large pods are grownin trees. Once dried out then the beans are removed from the pods.

How does the cocoa bean turn to chocolate?

its not turned into chocolate. its made into chocolate with a bunch of other high-calorie stuff you don't even want to know about. do you still want to eat it? its also made from zombie earwax. (not. but it is high-calorie.)

Which country do cocoa beans come from?

Cocoa beans come from different countries but there is only onecountry whose main source is cocoa. Ghana! Colombia cocoa bean trees grow at the equater in south America and africain the amazon rainforest. it grows best in Ghana in hot countries on trees

What country did cocoa beans originate from?

The exact origin of cocoa is still debated, it said to have been introduced by the ancient Maya to Central America from the South American highlands of the Amazon and Orinoco basins

Are cocoa beans a tree nut?

Cocoa beans are not considered a tree nut. However they do comefrom trees. The actual tree nut is the Cacao tree nut whichcontains the actual cocoa beans.

How much caffeine in Cocoa bean?

Cocoa powder is derived from cocoa beans. The powder form contains198 milligrams of caffeine per cup. Each tablespoon contains 12milligrams of caffeine.

What animals eat cocoa beans?

\n. \nCocoa (AKA cacao or cocao) beans are poisonous so no animals eat them. Monkeys est cacao beans, but just the fruit not the beans.

What country does the cocoa bean come from?

the cocoa bean comes from south America. The Aztecs used to make hot chocolate, but without sugar. Cortes tried it, didn't like it, brought it back to Europe anyway, Europe added sugar, turned into the chocolate we know today.

The journey of the cocoa bean from the bean to chocolate.?

Well the Mayan tried to make something with the cocoa bean and they made chocolate. But Milton Hershey invented chocolate to spread around the world. And now we have different varieties of chocolate...here are some recipes..hot chocolate, chocolate covered cherries, and many more!!

What tree are cocoa beans from?

The Cocoa Tree! The fruits of the cocoa tree are oval-shaped pods, 8 to 14 inches long, ranging in colour from yellow or green to red or violet and containing the cocoa beans. See www.cocoatree.org

Who brought cocoa beans to Europe?

The conquistador Hernan Cortés was the first European to know that the cocoa beans were valuable but someone had brought them back before him. Christopher Columbus stole some from a Mayan trader and brought them over between 1502-1504. He knew they were worth something, but didn't understand what ( Full Answer )

What do Mayans do with the cocoa beans?

thay make hot chocolate the mayans were the first to discover the cocoa bean so they boild it in water and made hot chocolate Answer: Like the Aztec the Maya had a very special view of the cocoa bean. The bean was worshipped as a special gift from heaven, a gift from the gods, specifically Ykcha ( Full Answer )

Where is the cocoa bean found?

West African country of Côte d'Ivoire (1.4 million tons/year) Ghana is the world's second largest producer (600,000 tons/year) Other top cacao-growing countries include; Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador, Togo, Mexico and Papua New Guinea.

How are cocoa beans harvested?

They are cut down from the trees, then cracked open to reveal the beans inside which are laid out in the sun and partially dried (they turn partially purple) , then are shipped to the chocolate makers to officially dry and ground.

What elements are in cocoa beans?

Chocolate is mostly made of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and calcium. There are trace amounts of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, molybdenum, manganese, and copper.

Where do fairtrade people get cocoa beans from?

Fairtrade means they buy their cocoa beans fairly (for a good price.) They will also give money to the community so they can have clean water and schools. This gives children in poorer countries who can't read or write a chance to learn and become educated.

Is cocoa bean a fruit?

No, the cocoa pod is the tree's fruit, not the bean. The bean is actually the fruit's seed.

Is a cocoa bean really sweet?

No, the cocoa bean starts out really bitter but then the factory adds sweetner to the mixture..

Does cocoa powder come from cocoa beans?

Yes, it does!\n. \nThere are different methods of processing cocoa beans. Sometimes instead of using the whole bean to make chocolate, it's separated into two parts - cocoa butter, and cocoa powder. The processes used to do this are either the 'hydraulic press' method or the 'Broma process'. The ed ( Full Answer )

What countries import cocoa beans?

The Netherlands are the biggest importer of cocoa beans. Thebiggest exporter of cocoa beans is Indonesia, exporting 15.4% ofthe worlds cocoa beans.

How does cocoa beans make cocoa?

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Why are cocoa beans used in a rosary?

I suppose its the handiest item in certain countries that looks like a bead. Never seen cocoa beans seen rose petals, gemstones and crystals made into beads then made into rosaries

Are raspberries made out of cocoa beans?

No. Raspberries are grown on their own plant which somewhat resembles a grape vine. Whatcom County in far northwest Washington state is an important growing area for raspberries.

How are cocoa beans made into chocolate?

Cocoa beans grow in the tropics on a small tree. The beans grow in pods abount the size of a deflated football. First the beans are removed from the pods and firmented for afew weeks. Then they are roasted not unlike coffee beans. After that they are ground into cocoa. To turn these beans into choc ( Full Answer )

How big is the cocoa bean?

They aren't very big at all. They are about the size of a lima bean, if you know what they are. But the are pretty small.

What do cocoa beans grow from?

Cocoa beans come from the cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao . The beans grow in green fruits that turn orange when ripened. The seeds of these fruits are toasted and processed to produce various cocoa and chocolate products.

How are cocoa beans picked?

they inslave children to go into the feilds and pick them if you want to help these beaten and starved kids only buy choc with the fairtrade symbol

How long do cocoa beans last?

Cocoa beans that have been fermented and dried can be stored out of sunlight in low humidity storage for up to a year. They can then be roasted and stored in the same conditions for another year then ground into cocoa liquor and stored several years in low temperature storage. You may be surprised t ( Full Answer )

Who grows the cocoa beans?

in third-world country's ... that's where they grow them but children are taken from their homes and inslaved to do the work if you want to help these kids from dieing of starvation only buy chocolate with the fairtrade sybol

How do you get cocoa beans?

Cocoa beans come from the cocoa tree. The tree has large yellow or orange fruits with a shape similar to papaya or butternut squash. Inside the fruit is the seeds, the cocoa beans. The beans are extracted and dried before they are roasted in a similar manner as coffee beans.

Does China grow cocoa beans?

Cocoa beans do not grow in china but they do grow in other Asian countries like Indonesia , Malaysia and Srilanka.

Is a cocoa bean a fruit?

No, the cocoa pod is the tree's fruit, not the bean. The bean is actually the fruit's seed.

How are cocoa beans used for?

Cocoa beans are used to make chocolate first you crack it open then you grind the insides until its liquid chocolate!

What is the journey of a cocoa bean?

Watch Good Eats on Food Network. There is an episode on coffee and chocolate and it tells you about the cocoa bean and it's journey to be made into something delicious, or just about its heritage and how it became popular in the USA or Canada and England. Hope you check it out, and i hope this helps ( Full Answer )

What do cocoa beans contain?

Cocoa beans are a type of fully fermented and dried fatty bean in which is known to be used to produce cocoa butter and other cocoa solids. Cocoa beans contain about 40 seeds and mucilaginous pulp.

How much of the cocoa bean is cocoa butter?

A cocoa bean makes about 1.5 grams of cocoa butter. That means thathundreds of beans must be used to make the large amounts of cocoabutter found in the stores.

How much of a cocoa bean is cocoa butter?

1 cocoa bean is worth 1 and a half grams of butter. So, if you have 100 cocoa beans you would have 50 grams of butter. You just multiply the amount of beans you have by 1 and a half. .

What are some uses for the cocoa bean?

The cocoa bean can be used for the following products: coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, soap, garden conditioner, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, jam, marmalade and animal feed.