Where did colonial merchants get their goods?

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it was a triangle from USA to Austrailla and England
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Where did merchants sell their town goods?

The merchants sold their goods while they traveled. Sometimes theyvisited shops to offer their products while other times they soldtheir products directly to individuals.

Is going to merchant navy good after 12th?

you won't be an actual part of the military but you will serve in our merchant fleet. Perhaps if the US Navy is not for you then perhaps the Military Sealift Command may be to your liking where you would serve on military transport vessels(not combatants). . The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant co ( Full Answer )

What is a merchantable good?

The term merchantable good essentially means that a product is inthe correct quality and condition to be sold. It is not broken,spoiled, or a fake.

Why were the southern colonies good for farming?

They were good for farming because they had a lot of plantations, and flat land to farm. Basically, if you didn't farm, you didn't have a good life in the Southern Colonies.

What are some good items to merchant at the Grand Exchange in RuneScape?

OK i merchant "ADAMANT PLATELEGS(T)". You buy them at lowest price, and sell them at 1gp lower than mid. (1gp lower cause it sells a lot faster!) DO NOT SPEND ALL OF YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iF YOU SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY AND IT DOESNT WORK (WITCH IT SHOULD ALL THE TIME) YOU HAVE SOME BACKUP C ( Full Answer )

How was the Tea Act unfair to colonial merchants?

Actually, the " colonist" didn't think that. It was a small group of men who were protecting their own economic interest. The British had LOWERED the tax on tea and this made the price of the tea smuggled into the colonies higher than the British. The smugglers were upset and two of the biggest smug ( Full Answer )

What did the colonial merchants sell?

they sold wigs, hats, bonnets, candy, games, pencils, utencils, tea cups, plates, bowls, and fans. hope this helps! XP This is right but there is a lot more than this. -CD67

What is a colonial merchant?

A colonial merchant is a merchant that sold items like spices, food, sugar, and other goods.

Were did the Aztecs merchants travel to trade their goods?

They traveled mostly anywhere and had laws for every different city. they traveled far and wide and travled in the night time in fear of theivs . They also sometimes worked as spies for the emperor and brought back information about their rivals. hope this helps

To finance colonies merchants formed trading organizations called what?

To finance colonies, merchants formed joint stock tradingcompanies, that allowed them to pool resources and share risks.These were the earliest form of corporation. The ventures were highrisk, but had the possibility of paying off very well and quickly.

Merchants sold their goods at the town?

Merchants certainly did sell their goods at the town market. Thiswas because this was where everyone came to buy and sell goods.

Where did early merchants sell their goods?

Often, in ancient times, a merchant would sell his goods in theheart of the city. For example, in Ancient Egypt, a merchant oftentransported his goods to Rome where he set up "shop" and sold hismerchandise to residents and travelers.

What did a colonial merchants wife do?

A merchant's wife did everything any wife did. She kept the house, cooked the meals, had children and raised them, made and mended clothing. She might have had and tended the garden, a cow, a pig and/or a lamb; maybe even a goat. She worked with her husband as well; caring for the store when he was ( Full Answer )

Why were merchants drawn to the middle colonies?

Merchants were drawn to the middle colonies because there was a lot of trade going on there. The farming and natural resources played a big part in why the economy was successful.

Is colonialism good or bad?

All the things are good for some one and bad for some one likewise colonialism is also good for some and bad for those who suffer, no one want to be ruled by other.

Why was the colony of Quebec in a good location?

The colony of Quebec was is in a good location because millions of beavers lived in the forests of the region. Beaver fur could be sold for huge profits in Europe.

Why is it good to have a colony?

From the point of view of an imperialist, colonies are regions that the mother country can exploit for their natural resources, military significance or sources of cheap labor. It also allows for a place for citizens of the mother country to move into should the mother country become over-populated. ( Full Answer )

Did mostly merchants settle in the northern colonies?

No. Most people in all the colonies were farmers. Farming was a lot less efficient before modern times. Farmers worked very hard but produced much less food than they do today. It took a lot more farmers to feed the people. As late as 1900 in the US one person out of three was a farmer. Another way ( Full Answer )

Are colony bmx bikes good?

Yes they are one of the best brands out there Colony BMX bikes are really good bikes because of their strongframes and tires.

Did southern colonies have good soil?

Yes, the southern colonies have good soil. The soil is much moister and full of vitamins and minerals that help them grow, unlike the northern colonies that have dry soil and short farming seasons.

Do the Arabs trade goods with Italian merchants?

Yes. Arabs have traded with Italian merchants for centuries. Theheight of Arab-Italian trade was during the 1500s and 1600s whenVenice and the Arabs controlled the spice trade.

What is a good colonial last name?

Here is an excellent source. You know, you can use a search engine too -- just type in "colonial era last names" into Google or whatever search engine you like!

Is there a merchant in skyrim that deals in stolen goods?

Tonilia at the Thieves Guild will. Some other people will act as fences too after you gain their trust - however all of them require the thieves guild as the starting point, some are gained through the main quest, some through optional missions from Vex and Delvin.

How did merchants lead to the establishment of colonies?

Colonial Merchants were people that sold sugar, spices, and other goods to people living in the colonies. A colonial merchant was very beneficial in forming the colonies because with out the merchants there would be no one to supply the settlers with there goods.

Where did merchants sell their goods in middle ages?

Market towns and cities had regular market days. These markets were sometimes held outdoors, but might also be held in large buildings set aside for the purpose. In these buildings the stalls and wagons of the outdoor market became semi-permanent booths, or even lock up shops, making a sort of medie ( Full Answer )

Why were oasises good for merchants in Islam?

Oases were good locations for merchants to stop to take rest, drink water by them and their animals, and to get their provisions of water and food to continue the trip.

Why is The Merchant of Venice a good play?

It has a rich multiple plot, driven by the questions, "Will Bassanio get to marry Portia?", "Will Shylock be allowed to legally kill Antonio?", "Will Bassanio's failure of Portia's wedding ring test wreck their marriage?" We are interested in seeing how these issues turn out. There are some very in ( Full Answer )

What are some good merchant hosting providers?

There are a multitude of merchant hosting providers to choose from. A quality merchant hosting provider has Microsoft Front Page Extensions Support, professional technical support available 24/7, and at least 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Providers who offer all of these services include: Host Gat ( Full Answer )

Where is a good place to get quickbooks merchant services?

Quickbooks merchant services is an application one can use to help a business accept credit card payments. One can purchase this directly from the Intuit website where they currently are offering the first two months free.

What is a good merchant credit card processing service?

Flagship Merchant Services, Merchant Warehouse, and National Bankcard are known to be some of the best merchant credit card processing services. This is due to their outstanding customer service and low fee rates.

What are some good colonial jobs?

If you're looking for a colonial job, it is strongly recommended that you consult a business relevant to the wilderness. A company such as that will guarantee proper training for you and will assign you tasks with other colonies.