Where did colonial people get food?

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The indians
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Where can you find pictures of colonial New Jersey people food etc?

well i think tht you can go on googel and say a picture of a colonial new jerseys food then you will get a line of stuff and find colonial picture of new jerseys food and try to look for food of new jersey and you will be good and get your picture i hope i anser your queston and i got it right.:]

What foods did people in colonial Rhode Island eat?

corn bread True/very true/absolutely true but the evolution of cornbread into the Johnny Cake or Vice Versa requires Culinary expertise. A Corn Tortilla is a very thin Johnny Cake often lacking the oils and often with additive spices.

Types of food in the middle colonies?

the middle colonies mainly farmed wheat which made bread and is why they became known as the bread basket. But they also farmed vegatables and rice. wheat, barley, oats, rye, and corn.

New England colonies food?

They had plenty of fish because they were near the ocean and think of the first thanksgiving what foods did they have because that happened in the New England colonies. If you look up that you might be able to find what you need.

What did people eat in the colonial colony Massachusetts?

They ate everything that mostly every colony ate.. They ate porridge or corn meal for breakfast.. For dinner(lunch) they ate fish and cheese and some animals.. For supper(dinner) they ate corn, cod, or bread and butter.

Food eaten in the middle colonies?

Well in the middle colonies of America they had a lot of grain left around due to the extremely fertile ground. Since the ground was so fertile they grew wheat and other crops. One of the most common dishes was a fat pasta noodle stuff with fromunda cheese.

What kind of food did colonial people eat?

The same food as everyone else who happened to live in one of the hundreds of different Colonies around the world. When part of a country was 'colonised', by some nation such as Britain, or Holland, or Spain etc they would have continued to eat the same food as they had always eaten before they were ( Full Answer )

What food did the Connecticut colony eat?

People in the Connecticut Colony hunted for meat and also ate fish.Other foods included in their diet were corn, berries, squash,beans, and bread made from wheat. Pumpkins and berries were used tomake desserts.

What was food like in Colonial Delaware?

Food in the colonial Delaware was like any kind of colonial region. They would have stew, corn of course and many more abstact figures of food. They would always cook over a fire. Sometimes kids would use the corn husks to use them as cornhusk dolls.

What kind of food did they have in colonial Pennsylvania?

they ate dried bread, dried fruits, dried meat, and other dried things, but they only ate dried things most of the time because they weren't rich like bill gates, but anyways they ate turkey for thanksgiving and potaoes, and cranberries, and they had alot of different pies, that's how we got ( Full Answer )

How did they preserve food in colonial times?

They usually ended up drying the food so it couldn't rot from moisture. usually by smoking it. Or coverin git in salt. Fish,beef, and meats were left in barrals of salt

How did people entertain people in Colonial America?

Apart from various craft making and group activities relating to generating food, clothing and shelter, strict religious beliefs often limited what certain colonials were allowed to do by their particular community. "Play parties" were a musical answer to the problem, in which participants sang song ( Full Answer )

Who cooked the food in colonial times?

the women in the household cooked the food for the entire family. for women of higher and wealthier status, they had their slaves or servants do the cooking for the family while the women of the house did whatever else needed to be done. other times, she supervised the slaves to make sure they dont ( Full Answer )

What foods were eaten at colonial weddings?

There were a variety of foods eaten at Colonial weddings. The mostexpensive and best foods were served to guests over the course oftwo or three days. There were meats, vegetables, side dishes, andwedding cake.

What food was there in colonial Boston?

Boston Baked beans played a major role in early Puritan life. Early Bostonians also enjoyed clam bakes, clam chowder and pumpkin pie.

What food was in Virginia in colonial times?

They made bread, cookies, and many different pastries. No not really. You would be more likely to find a opossum in the stew pot than cookies in the oven in Colonial Virginia. Venison, rabbit, fish and turkey were the staples and subsistence farming was not yet established to the point of feeding a ( Full Answer )

What food did they eat in colonial Delaware?

In Colonial Delaware foods that could be gathered, grown, andhunted were eaten. They ate vegetables, berries, and nuts. Theyalso ate deer, squirrel, and fish.

How do people get food?

We buy food from grocery stores, home gardens, and we also get food from farms. .

What food did colonial people eat?

Rye wheat barley turkey corn (stuff that they planted in farms) and whatever they found while hunting also ate types of bread.

What kind of food did they eat in colonies?

I believe they ate alot of corn and beans and for meat they would eat alot of dear and turkey. Also fish if thay were close to the shore lots of cod.

How did people get food?

\nHow did they get food when? Before there were tools? Most people were gatherers. Then they began to hunt. Then farm.

How did colonial families get their food?

Colonial families got their food by hunting, fishing, and grew crops in their farms. The boys and adult boys did the hunting and fishing, while the women did the cooking and the rest. In winter, they had to work extra hard.

What kind of food did people eat in colonial Kentucky?

There was no refrigeration and transportation was difficult. People mostly ate what they could raise themselves or find in the forest. Deer and rabbits were plentiful in the woods and fish were plentiful in the streams. People raised chickens and pigs .kept milk cows and grew vegetables.

What food were in new English colonies?

Soil in the New England Colonies wasn't very good for planting. So, if the colonists had any type of garden, they would just grow enough to feed their family. They would raise corn, squash, beans, and pumpkins. For meat, they had deer, elk, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, goose, and fish. However, ( Full Answer )

What kinds of food did the colonial people eat?

American Colonists ate basically some of the same things we eat in the United States today such as: beef, pork, chicken, turkey, goose, deer, and fish. As for vegetables: corn, beans, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, greens, peas, wheat (that would be processed and made into bread), and squa ( Full Answer )

What food did the people in the 13 colonies eat?

Some people say they did not hunt, but they did. They hunted lots of things. They hunted buffalo, deer, moose, and geese. But the 8 Colonies that did hunt were Delaware Colony, Massachusetts Colony, Rhode Island Colony, Goergia Colony, Maryland Colony, Pannsyvannia Colony, Conneticut Colony, and New ( Full Answer )

Why do people start new colonies?

The height of colonialism was at a time when the civilisations of western Europe had developed weapons that were so advanced that they were able to put them selves in a position that allowed them to control the activity's and the markets and in the case of slavery the lives of people that had a Les ( Full Answer )

How do people survive in the 1600s colonies?

Most people lived on farms, and relied on growing crops like corn, tobbacco, and rice for a living. They also raised various animals for riding, wool, meat, eggs, and leather. People in the city with special talents, like blacksmiths or merchants, lived in the smelly and crammed city with their resp ( Full Answer )

What was the type of food in Colonial America?

(CROPS) The New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies all grew different things. It also depended on what kind of farmland area you had back then too. The main thing they grew was tobacco though! :)

What drew people to the pennslyvania colony?

People were drawn to PA because of William Penn's policy of Religous tolerance. Most other colonies had religous freedom for only the founder's religion.

What foods and cooking did the colonials eat?

the colonists ate whatever the Indians ate. things like corn bread turkey butter and much more simple things. they did not eat burger king or things like that

What are foods from the 13 colonies?

The foods from the 13 Colonies are: Soups and stews 1. Colony Corn Chowder 2. English Stew 3. Mulligan Stew 4. Potato Stew Hearty Entrees 1. Chicken Rolly Poly 2. Haunch of Venison Roasted 3. Roast Venison 4.Yankee Codfish in Gravy Desserts 1. Providence Cake 2. Squash Muffins

How did the thirteen colonies get their food?

They went out and hunted rabbits. They tried for bigger game but the other animals were too fast for them to catch, and the Indians caught all the good game.

What did they eat for food in colonial Maryland?

What you ate and drank depended on how rich or poor you were. It could also depend on how much game there was in the area you we If you lived in Colonial Times you would eat a lot of corn. If you lived by the sea you might eat lobsters, clams or other sea food. People who lived inland would eat rabb ( Full Answer )