Where did colonial people live before America?

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Williamsburg is where they lived before America. Answer:Before America became the United States, there were colonies up and down the eastern seaboard. Towns such as Plymouth in what is now Massachusetts, Jamestown and Williamsburg in Virgina Colony, St. Augustine in Florida, Detroit and Grand Rapids in Michigan, as well as the fort at Mackinac There was also a settlement in Sitka, Alaska, and a leper colony on one of the Hawaiian islands. Georgia began as a penal colony, much like Australia. This is only the United States though. Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America are America also, and there were numerous colonies in all of the countries of these regions.
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Who was living in America before the Pilgrims arrived?

Mainly just Native Americans/Indians lived here, but before the pilgrims there was also a small settlement of Filipinos that settled down in Louisiana around the early 1500's. Where as the pilgrims arrived here around the 1600's. There were also some Norse/Vikings that arrived here in the 1000's, ar ( Full Answer )

Where do people live in America?

Answer . For the most part, Americans live in homes either owned, rented or leased. These homes can consist of anything from a small loft in a busy metropolitan area to a mansion on many hundreds of acres of land and everything in between. There are also a small percentage of Americans that do no ( Full Answer )

Who lived in America before the Europeans arrived?

Various indigenous peoples, collectively known as the Native Americans. These people were not a single homogeneous nation, but were divided into many tribes and people groups, such as the Iroquois, Algonquins, Apaches, and Blackfeet.. Over 500 tribes of Native Americans, whose ancestors migrated ov ( Full Answer )

Why did people come to Colonial America from England?

Some came to build a new life. Others came to make their fortunes. Many came to escape poverty; the living conditions in England were terrible for the poor. Some came as prisoners who were sent to Georgia on parole. Many came as indentured servants of the upper classes.

Why did people come to colonial America?

People of colonial America came from many places and for many different reasons. People would sail across the ocean on big ships. Some were brought because they wanted to be there, but others, like slaves came to America against their will. People came to America because it was a place of great o ( Full Answer )

Why do people live in America?

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What did people do for a living in the New England Colonies?

Fish and Farm Most of the colonists who resided in the New Englandcolonies fished and farmed. The numerous ports and harbors wereused countlessly to catch fish and lobster. That was the mainproduct they contributed to the rest of the colonies. The peoplecould also farm, but not much land in New Engl ( Full Answer )

Where did people in the middle colonies live?

The original thirteen colonies in the United States were brokeninto three regions, New England, Middle, and Southern. The middlecolonies consisted of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, andDelaware.

Who were the first people that lived in the americas?

Traditionally the Americans were believed to be from northeastAsia. But according to the Baja California study, they are said tobe from south east Asia. From a skull discovered in Brazil, in1996, they are said to be Native Aborigines from Australia.

Who lived in North America before the 1400s?

The people that lived in North America before the 1400's wereNative Indian tribes. The Inuits lived in parts of what is nowAlaska and western Canada. The Sioux lived in the Midwest. TheApache lived in the Southwest. The Iroquois lived in the Northeastand parts of eastern Canada. The Seminoles lived ( Full Answer )

Where did the people that came to colonial Pennsylvania live before?

Pennsylvania ranked 6th in population in the US with an estimated total of 12,335,091 in 2002, an increase of 0.4% since 2000. Between 1990 and 2000, Pennsylvania's population grew from 11,881,643 to 12,281,054, an increase of 3.4%. The population is projected to reach 12.7 million by 2025. . As ( Full Answer )

How do people live in America?

America has a high standard of living!. As of 2008 (the 2009 index for standard of living is not yet out) The United states has the 15th highest standard of living in the World (Iceland being 1)

Why did people in Colonial America wear wigs?

It was the style to wear these wigs. Of course, only aristocratscould afford them, so they were an indication of wealth and socialstanding. They were warm, so not bad in the winter, but miserablyhot in the summer time. Wigs also covered up unwashed hair, bugs and spiders.

What type of people live In colonial Pennsylvania?

Most people who lived in Pennsylvania in colonial times were from England, looking to find a new, better life. The reason they came to the 13 colonies was because of religious reasons, mostly.

Who were the people who lived on the borders of America?

"FRONTIERSMEN" ~ "The borders of America" - "America" should be capitalized BTW - is a reference to the western frontier in the infancy of America and represents everything west of the young civilized nation in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Native Americans...

How did people entertain people in Colonial America?

Apart from various craft making and group activities relating to generating food, clothing and shelter, strict religious beliefs often limited what certain colonials were allowed to do by their particular community. "Play parties" were a musical answer to the problem, in which participants sang song ( Full Answer )

What did people do for leisure in Colonial America?

When possible, colonist organized "bees" or "frolics" to combine work with leisure. At these events, colonists would work together to get a specific job done. This included quilting bees, where quilts were worked on, and tree chopping bees, where colonists would chop down bothersome trees at another ( Full Answer )

Who were the first people to live in the Americas?

The first Americans probably migrated from northeast asia, across the ice bridge that connected the two continents many thousands of years ago. This is one of the current theories and it seems to be supported by the human genome projects that are being conducted.

What were children's lives like in Colonial America?

The children had to work most of the time and play sometimes. Girls rarely went to school and if they did, they stopped earlier than boys. After girls were finished with school, they learned how to sew and cook from their mothers.

Where do people not live in South America and why?

Many millions of people do live in South America. Inhospitable places where food cannot be grown or there are no resources are small islands, deserts and mountain tops much as anywhere else. Otherwise it is a benign as any other inhabited continent.

Why did people want to live in the 13 colonies?

Some people left England to find cheap land, adventure, or the opportunity to do something on the frontier that they couldn't do in the old country. Some came to practice a religion other than what the king approved.

How people make a living in America?

The people that live there have to work in whatever they do to gain money. People may farm or even work at factories.

Who controlled North America before colonies?

Various Native American tribes inhabited North America, but they did not claim possession of the land, since they believed it belongs to everybody. So, the colonists were really the first people to "claim" the land.

Where did people in New England colonies live?

Well, the people in England lived in dirty huts, on the farm together which they had no water and they were very dirty, but they could take a shower in the rain and they had too pee in holes and plant stuff using their pee, water from the rain. .

How did people live before there were cities?

Before there were cities people lived in tiny town and their economy usually depended on the agriculture, the U.S. for example used to depend on a one crop economy for a while in the early settlements, that was tobacco

Did people live in the Antarctica before?

Before what time period? No people have never lived in Antarctica. Scientists go on expeditions there but don't stay for more than a few months.

What influenced how people lived in the colonies?

Well starting from why the people moved away from New England was because there was one person with to much power. Also they left because of religious prosecution. Also another reason was the proclamation of 1763 that kept them from moving West. These things affected the way they lived like, for exa ( Full Answer )

Who ruled the people living in colonies?

From 1624 to 1729 the majority of the colonies were royal provinces. Governors were in charge of enforcing British law and carrying out other directives. There were upper houses and lower houses in the legislatures in each colony. As well as local control in each colony with county courts, parish of ( Full Answer )

How long did colonial people live?

well i would say 5,000 years but im not sure maybe not maybe i think its 1,00 years but i dnt want you tobe wrong so if i were you i would put 90 becausemaybe its the same years as us but some people live till 100 so put like 90 or 80 or something but anyways good luck!

Who were people living on the borders of America?

The people living on the borders of America come from many different ethnic backgrounds. A large number of people on the southern border of America come from a Hispanic background.

What was the reason the colonial people came to America?

Many people in England were living in poverty and the king was protestant. Some of the residents of England were not protestant. They were maybe catholic or jewish. So, religous freedom and a new life or start is the reason the colonist moved to america.

What people live in America?

The original inhabitants are Native Americans. The modern dominant inhabitants are Americans (people from mixed European ancestral backgrounds, mostly British but also including French, Spanish, Dutch and so on).

Who are the people who first lived in America?

The people who lived on the American continents before the arrivalof European settlers had different names, languages, and cultures.The Europeans called them Indians. Most of the native tribes hadtheir own name for themselves. Their names would often justtranslate to something like "the people".