Where did colonial people live in which colony?

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they lived in New York for 3 years and moved into Pennsylvania in 1768
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How did people earn their living in Delaware colony?

Answer People labored People made money in the Delaware colony by paying off their debt by labor work. People gave them 50 acres of land for every person in their family or household. Then the money they made with that they helped immigrants come over to Delaware. By Taron Tann and Samuel dorcles ( Full Answer )

What did people do for a living in the New England Colonies?

Fish and Farm Most of the colonists who resided in the New Englandcolonies fished and farmed. The numerous ports and harbors wereused countlessly to catch fish and lobster. That was the mainproduct they contributed to the rest of the colonies. The peoplecould also farm, but not much land in New Engl ( Full Answer )

What were the hardships of the people living in colonial Delaware?

There were many hardships for colonial people, but the ones that struck out the most were wars, money and food. Men volonteered to go to war. These men lived and served many months-even years- serving the country. Soldiers took over people houses and some protected people from that excact thing h ( Full Answer )

Where did people in the middle colonies live?

The original thirteen colonies in the United States were brokeninto three regions, New England, Middle, and Southern. The middlecolonies consisted of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, andDelaware.

What are some of the people that that lived in colonial times?

Colonial America was a melting pot. In 1775 Germans were 6% of the population, Scot-Irish 7%, Welsh, Dutch, Swedes, Jews and Swiss were 5%. By 1750 35% of the south was slave. The colonial social structure was like a pyramid. At the top was the lawyers, officials, clergymen, aristocrats, and planter ( Full Answer )

How did people in the southern colonies make a living?

some people would be plantation owners and own slaves and make them work the crops and other stuff. or they would be a black smith making weapons for the militia or tailors making clothesand by onwing land

What type of people lived in the 13 colonies?

Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, NorthCarolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, the New York colony,Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia and New Jersey, .The people wholived in the 13 colonies were generally cattle and dairy farmers,shipbuilders and fisher men.

How did people make a living in colonial pennsylvania?

People in colonial Pennsylvania had a variety of ways in which theycould earn a living. The jobs available included carpentry,farming, labor workers, shop keepers, candle makers, and liveryworkers.

How did people earn a living in colonial Virginia?

they sold tobacco. the tobacco helped them pat taxes and other stuff. but they didnt make the tobacco. they make black slaves do all the work - planting, harvesting, etc, etc.

How did people earn their living in colonial Massachusetts?

In many ways. There were shoemakers, tanners, blacksmiths, doctors, cooks, carpenters, shop owners, and teachers, etc. All these job allowed a man or a woman to earn a small income to support themselves and their family.

How did the people live in new york colony?

The people that lived in the New York colony lived in a way similarto those in the northern colonies. These people lived off of theforest and the water.

What motivated people to live in the northern colony?

Settlers in the northern colonies were mainly motivated byreligious freedom. In most of the northern colonies, church andstate were still combined. The southern colonies, on the otherhand, were mainly populated by settlers who came to the New Worldto seek financial gain.

What type of people lived in the middle colonies?

Indians and English dutchman there was also a vast amount of others too like the Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Quakers {very few} and also some native americans. It is a common misconception to call the Native American's Indians because it was believed that they were the "West Indies". It is alri ( Full Answer )

What type of people live In colonial Pennsylvania?

Most people who lived in Pennsylvania in colonial times were from England, looking to find a new, better life. The reason they came to the 13 colonies was because of religious reasons, mostly.

Where did the colonies live?

If you are referring to the Puritan colonies that came to America on the Mayflower from England, then they lived on the East Coast. Virginia was the location of the first successful colony.

How many people lived in the Virginia colony?

The good, the bad and the indifferent.. The rich, the poor and the very poor.. The ignorant, the intellectuals and the very ignorant or if you choose they might even be called the totally stupid. Some resided there because they were enslaved and as such their intellectual capacity was not relevant ( Full Answer )

Where did wealthy people live in colonial times?

Most wealthy people lived in the Middle Colonies due to itsgeography and climate because it was great for growing cash cropsand tobacco and they could sell that for money in England.

Where did colonial people live before America?

Williamsburg is where they lived before America. Answer: Before America became the United States, there were colonies up and down the eastern seaboard. Towns such as Plymouth in what is now Massachusetts, Jamestown and Williamsburg in Virgina Colony, St. Augustine in Florida, Detroit and Grand R ( Full Answer )

How did people earn their living in 13 colonies?

Pretty much the same way they do today. There were farmers and builders, tradesman and craftsman of all types. There were shops, doctors' offices and newspapers..

How did people in colonial New Jersey live?

The European settlers lived the colonial lifestyle that most of the colonies experienced. That means no electricity, no running water, very rustic buildings, forests and wild animals, hunting and farming, and of course, living side by side with Native Americans.

What important people lived in Maryland the colony?

I know that George Calvert, Lord Baltimore 1st, was the founder of Maryland. Then when he died the charter made Ceilicus Calvert, Lord Baltimore 2nd, the owner of Maryland. And there was something about Leonardo Calvert.

Why did people want to live in the 13 colonies?

Some people left England to find cheap land, adventure, or the opportunity to do something on the frontier that they couldn't do in the old country. Some came to practice a religion other than what the king approved.

Where did people in New England colonies live?

Well, the people in England lived in dirty huts, on the farm together which they had no water and they were very dirty, but they could take a shower in the rain and they had too pee in holes and plant stuff using their pee, water from the rain. .

What influenced how people lived in the colonies?

Well starting from why the people moved away from New England was because there was one person with to much power. Also they left because of religious prosecution. Also another reason was the proclamation of 1763 that kept them from moving West. These things affected the way they lived like, for exa ( Full Answer )

How were the lives if people affected during colonial period?

Warning: This question is very hard to answer due to its grammar... and the fact that it needs to explain more so as to clarify what you are looking for.... Are you talking about French Indian war or The effects Caused by the Stamp Act.. or Revolutionary or Shay's Rebellion...etc. History is a very ( Full Answer )

Who ruled the people living in colonies?

From 1624 to 1729 the majority of the colonies were royal provinces. Governors were in charge of enforcing British law and carrying out other directives. There were upper houses and lower houses in the legislatures in each colony. As well as local control in each colony with county courts, parish of ( Full Answer )

How long did colonial people live?

well i would say 5,000 years but im not sure maybe not maybe i think its 1,00 years but i dnt want you tobe wrong so if i were you i would put 90 becausemaybe its the same years as us but some people live till 100 so put like 90 or 80 or something but anyways good luck!

What do people do for a living in the New England Colonies?

The New England colonies include Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The lifestyle of New England's people was greatly impacted by both its geography and climate. New England's economy depended on the environment. Its location near the Atlantic Ocean along a jagged coastl ( Full Answer )