Where did colonial women sew?

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The most important thing the women needed was light. During the warm weather, they would sit outside in the sun. During the winter they would sit in the windows and sew so they could see.
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How did the sewing machine affect women?

The sewing machine let women sew more quickly and efficiently. During the 1800's the use of the sewing machine by women led to the mass production of clothing.

What are women who sews clothes called?

Women who sew clothes have many names. They might be designers,seamstresses, or tailors. You can also call them "women who sew,"especially if you do not know which they prefer

How did people sew in colonial times?

Needle and thread, almost exactly as hand sewing is done now. The sewing machine was still a few years down the road in Colonial times.

Did the dress makers in the colonial years use a sewing machine?

Sweing machines were invented in the industrial revolution (1760-1860). Although hand sewing is an art form and has been used for over 20,000 years. The first thread was made
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Did colonial dressmakers sew by hand?

because they din't have sewing machines back then. Most dressmakerslearned to sew or weave from their mother or grandmother.
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Where can one purchase patterns to sew a shirt dress for women?

A good place to start when looking for shirt dress patterns for women is on eBay or Etsy. There will be a large variety of sew patterns to choose from and there will be differ