Where did dance music originate?

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Dance music first originated from Summerset. A man named francis Boulard was out walking one day when in a feild of cows he heard someone or something banging against a tree. The beat was catchy and he started to dance, this then influenced him to create dance music that was beaty and good to dance to.

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Q: Where did dance music originate?
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Where did electronic dance music originate from?


What region in Spain does Flamenco dancing and music originate from?

Flamenco dance and music originate from Andalusia in southern Spain.

Where did the samba dance originate?

The Samba music and the Dance both come from Portugal and Brazil

Where did Lambada music originate?

Lambada music was begun in Brazil. The music is sung in Portuguese, which is the national language in Brazil. The music is dance is quite popular, even today.

Where did the Cha Cha dance originate?

The Cha Cha is a ballroom dance that originated from Cuba in 1953. The dance is commonly performed to authentic Cuban music. However, it can also be danced to Latin pop and Latin rock music.

Where did samba music originate from?

The Samba is a Brazilian dance and musical genre originating in African and European roots.

Where did the fandango dance originate?

The Fandango dance originated in the 1700s in Spain. The fandango is an uptempo couples dance, and the music is often preformed by guitars and accompanied by castanets and hand clapping.

From what country does music producer DJ Cleo originate?

DJ Cleo is an influential music producer specializing in dance music. He is regarded as an eclectic music producer and he originates from South Africa.

Which spanish-speaking countries did salsa originate from?

It is a general term for popular dance music from Puerto Rica and Cuba

Where does dance music originate?

1977 Chicago ~ The Wharehouse NYC ~ The Paradise Garage 2009 Look at the 22 years of progress!!!

Where did the Cha-cha-cha dance originate from?

The Cha-cha-cha dance originated in Cuba. It is a ballroom style dance that is commonly preformed in dancing competitions. It is usually preformed to music of the same name.

Where did techno music originate?

techno music was originate in Montgomery Alabama and introduced to Detroit in the 1980's The origin of techno music is not quite known. House music is thought to have started in New York City while techno has been very popular in European dance clubs for years.

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