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Where did most soldiers live during the Civil War?

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the soldiers lived in camps.

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Dysentery killed most soldiers in the Civil War.

The most US soldiers died during the American Civil War. That is because Americans were fighting on both sides.

During the time of the US Civil War, the state of New York provided the most soldiers for the Union. New York was by far the most populous state in the US and provided almost 450,000 soldiers for the war.

Most experts agree somewhere between 620,000 to 700,000 deaths from the civil war.

The two most common intestinal diseases that afflicted soldiers during the American Civil War were diarrhea and dysentery. Dysentery alone was the cause of more than 95,000 of the 620,000 war deaths during the Civil War.

Many records were lost during and after the war, but most estimates put the number of Confederate soldiers that served during the war at between 750,000 and 1.25 million.

Union had more soldiers in the war.

Where did "Union" soldiers live during the Civil War? While in camp, they typically had tents. These were designed to fit 12 men comfortably, but because of the lack of tents, most would pack in up to double the number originally specified.Soldiers really didn't have one particular 'home' while away at war. Their 'home' was their camp, and their camp was always liable to pack up and move upon order, and most camps did exactly that, unless they were Border Guards or another kind of stationary division.

Walking, on horses, on boats, on trains and in a few cases, observation ballons. Most soldiers marched on foot from one battlefield to another.

Most soldiers during the Civil War were 5'8 and 5'9. This did represent a loss in height from previous decades for the US in the 1800's.

Most soldiers went back home to their families and farms. Some went west. A smaller number remained in the Army to occupy the South during Reconstruction.

Illness killed more soldiers than battle.

Most union soldiers were wealthy and well organized.

It was horrible. Poor supply of food. People spread diseases. Most soldiers had many body disorders.

I don't know the exact number, but we lost most of our young men to the battlefields.

The North controlled most of the railroads during the Civil War.

Most things soldiers would eat during the Civil War was hard tak and salted pork. Bread was also in their sad diet. Sometimes local villages would offer them crops or food.

Amputations during the Civil War were preformed right off the battlefield using unsterilized equipment including "meat" saws. No one had any idea about bacteria or antibiotics at the time and so no one around the area used antiseptic techniques. Flies were not controlled and most of soldiers operated on did not live.

Approximately 258,000 Confederate soldiers died in the American Civil War. Most deaths were due to disease.

Of the approximately 620,000 deaths during the American Civil War, only about 210,000 were the result of battle wounds. The remaining deaths were due to disease, starvation, abuse and other non-battle causes.

Infantrymen (grunts) slept on the ground. Armor crewmen slept on or near their tanks.

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