Where did mousse origanate from?

There are various theories on the origin of mousse or the history of chocolate mousse. One theory is that it can be traced back to ancient Roman times and to a honey-based drink.

Wine and honey were mixed together in ancient Rome to create a drink called "mulsum." The word "mulsa" is a Latin word which means mead (an alcoholic, honey-based drink) and this word eventually changed to "mousse" in French, which meant froth. In the late 1800s, the word mousse meant a fluffy, sweet dessert recipe in England.

A modern mousse can be sweet or savory but it must be frothy, light, and airy. Egg whites, whipped cream, and gelatin are sometimes added. Mousse can be hot, chilled, or even frozen. A savory mousse can be made with ground or pureed foods, like chicken, salmon, or shellfish for example. A hot mousse is usually stabilized with gelatin and will contain beaten egg whites for a frothy consistency.