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A siesta is a midday or afternoon nap. Siestas are common in Spain and Latin America and they originate back to the Spanish Civil War.

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Who introduced the custom of having siestas to the Filipinos?

The Spaniards introduced the custom of having siestas to the Filipinos.

What does siestas mean?


Does Colombia have a siesta?

No, Colombia does not traditionally have siestas.

What is the plural of siesta?

The plural form of siesta is siestas.

What are siestas?

A "Siesta" is nap taken during lunch time.

Why did they start la siestas?

Siestas (or naps) came about because during midday the temperatures were so high it was dangerous to work so they would find a secluded sheltered spot and take a break

What is the spanish's favorite tradicion?

Fiestas and Siestas meaning partying and napping

Can you have a copy of siestas by Leopoldo serrano?

mukha..wla naman lumalabas e

What are some traditional activities spanish people do?

Tomato fights,Bull fighting,Siestas and Theaters.

How do you say 'naps make you lazy' in Spanish?

"Las siestas hacerte perezoso."

What are the release dates for Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List - 2005 No Time for Siestas 4-6?

Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List - 2005 No Time for Siestas 4-6 was released on: USA: 17 July 2008

What does working in the fields have to do with a siesta?

Well working in the fields for a long period of time causes exhaustion, which is why they created siestas.

Is siestas still relevant to the modern day filipino?

Yes. The modern day Filipino needs siestas. After the hectic schedule of the day, a short nap taken in the early afternoon will somehow refresh us thereby giving us a renewed strength to help us last through the day's work.

Do the French enjoy siestas?

Very few French take a nap during the day. In Europe, the habit is attributed to Spaniards.

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They speak the same language, but with different dialects. They both like siestas and fiestas. They love tapas and other Spanish stuff!

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