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Where did slaves come from?

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Where did slaves come from in Rome?

where did slaves outside of rome come from

Where did the slaves and the colonies come from?

Slaves came from western Africa

Where did Egyptian slaves come from?

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Did slaves come from Nigeria?


Did most slaves come from Europe?

No most slaves came from Africa(:

Where did first slaves come from?

The first slaves were black slaves who were brought to virginia from northern africa in 1619.

How did slaves come to rome?

the romans conquered their enemies and took the men as slaves

Did the africans come as slaves to Guyana?

yes the africans came as slaves to guyana

Who were the first Muslims to come to the US and when did they come?

African Slaves

Where did most slaves come from?


Which countries did slaves come from?


Were did slaves come from?

west Africa

Where does smoke come from?

slaves plantation

What immigrants did not come willingly?

The slaves.

How did the Africans come to Anguilla?

As slaves.

Why did slaves come to the Americas?

They were forced.

How did Slaves come to American?

By ship

Where did slaves at Jamestown come from?


When did slaves come to America?


Where would slaves come from?

Slaves would come from small villages that they lived in. African slaves came from various countries in Africa and were sold by other Africans to Europeans to be shipped to the Americas.

Where did the cape slaves come from?

Cape slaves came from Malaya, South Africa, and Madagascar.

When did the slaves come to the Bahamas?

slaves came to the Bahamas in 1648 along with the eleuthrean adventurers

Where did slaves mainly come from?

during the slave trade most slaves came from Africa

How did African-Americans come to US?

From slaves ships that transported slaves from Africa.

Did slaves chose to runaway or did other slaves pick them?

slaves who ran away chose to do so, but they could have been offered by other slaves who had escape plans to come with them

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