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Where did the Minute men fought British regulars for the first time?


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The first battle took place in Lexington in 1775, but the men that morning were the 77 men from the town and I wouldn't call them " minute men" because they were protecting their families. They were more a militia than minute man. A minute man was a small handpicked elite force which were required to be mobile and assemble quickly. They were more like today's rangers or seals. The men who were minute men came from the muster rolls of the militia and were typically 25 years old or younger, physically strong and enthusiastic. Usually about one quarter of the militia served as minute men performing additional duties in the militia. The existence of the minute man begins before the revolution and as early as 1645 men were selected from militia ranks to be dressed with maychlocks or pikes. In 1689 another company was formed called Snowshoemen and in the French and Indian war in the 1750's they took part. In Massachusetts Bay colony every town maintained its own training band for six generations. By the time of the revolution Massachusetts had been training, drilling, and working on skills for over a hundred years. In February of 1775 Concord was one of the first towns to comply to create minute man companies out of the militia. Out of 400 men of Concord's muster rolls one hundred would serve as minute men. Regiment of Foot were sent to Concord bridge, so your answer is Concord.

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Minutemen first fought British regulars at Lexington and Concord.

Concord in April 18 1775 when the British marched to the town from Boston to collect the cache of weapons hidden there.

The "minute men " were a special units within the general militia. They were more like our rangers or seals of today. The first minute men unit to engage the British was in Concord. We have done a disservice to these brave men by not recognizing them as a special unit in the revolution. Usually the term "minute man" is used to refer to the entire militia and that is not what they were.

The Battle of Lexington & Concord (19apr1775) was fought between the British Regulars and the Minutemen. ALSO ... In the first Battle of Saratoga, Ethan Allen and the "Green Mountain Boys" defeated British Gen John Burgoyne and the British Regulars. Earlier, Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys had captured Ft Ticonderoga in a surprise raid.

He fought in the French and Indian War, before he fought in the Revolutionary War.

The French had claimed the Ohio River Valley first, so they are the ones who fought against the British.

Canadians fought in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle but not as Canadian troops, they were an extension of the British troops but the first time they fought as Canadian troops was at the battle of Somme.

The Massachusetts militia faced the British regular forces at Lexington.

On April 19, 1775 in the colonial town of Lexington the first shot was fired. Seventy-seven of the men waited on the town green for the British. No one knows who fired the first shot, but before the British moved on to Concord several colonists were dead and houses burned.

He and his team fought the British soliders in a war and won.

The first Anglo-Boer war was fought between the British and the Boers from ZAR in South Africa. The war was a war of independence against the British.

His first war was the French and Indian War where he served in the British army.

to represent the 13 colonies who fought for our freedom against the british

As the commander of the Massachusetts Militia facing British regulars at Lexington, he didn't want his men to provoke a fight with the British. But he knew that one was likely that day (April 19, 1775) and neither he nor his men were going to back down. Minutes later, the first armed conflict of the war was underway, one that would end with the first British casualties as they fought a pitched battle in their retreat from Concord to Boston.

No British counties fought against each other in ww1 England, Wales And Scotland All Fought Against The Germans/Austro-Hungarians In The First World War.

Lot's of soldiers fought in the Rev. War. General Washington was in charge late he became the first president of America. They fought the British because they wanted freedom and didn't want to follow the King of England's laws.

The first victory for the Colonialists was in Concord, Massachusetts at the start of the war. It was here that the Colonies formed up regulars to fight against the British on their march from Lexington. They eventually pushed the British back to the safety of Charlestown which would later lead to the siege of Boston.

He was a black slave who fought in the Battle of Lexington. He was first to engage the British.

Loyalists took the side of the British. Patriots fought for independence.

What? I'm not sure I get this, but I'll answer as best as I can. In 1775, the American colonies that were to become the United States began a War for Independence against the British Crown. So, it was fought against the British. Next, I guess your teacher or whoever was looking for the War of 1812, also fought against the British. In between these wars, however, was the First Barbary War, which was fought against pirates. The Barbary pirates, to be specific. You're probably looking for The Revolution and 1812, though. Both were fought against the British.

US Regulars landed in Vietnam in 1965.

The Colonist's, (American's), fought for their right's and freedom's from the English Empire, (British). The French, due to their hatred of the English fought with the American's while the Hessian (German mercenaries) fought for the British. The indentured servants and slaves fought for both sides, more on the British side feeling the British to be the better, 'stronger team' to be on. The American's won, and that is how the 'great experiment' began. The Great experiment is the belief that 'man' could govern him/her self. This would be the first time ever in History that this was tried.

first of all....its Maha't'ma Gandhi...he fought against the british rule for the freedom of india

Roger Bannister, a british medical student did in 1954.

They were fought on April 19, 1775. It is also know as " the shot heard around the world" The British originally planned to destroy supplies that people in America had. The Americans heard word about this weeks before the British came, so like anyone would do; they suited up for battle. The first shots were fired just as the sun was rising at Lexington. The militia were outnumbered and fell back, and the regulars proceeded on to Concord, where they searched for the supplies. In Concord, approximately 500 militiamen fought and defeated three companies of the King's troops. The outnumbered regulars fell back from themalitia after a pitched battle in open territory. All though it didnt start the war it gave it a kick start and made it spring into saction.

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