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The Mormons were receiving massive persecution, being moved from New York to Kirtland, to eventually Utah. So basically, they wanted a place to worship their religion in peace

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Persecution. The Mormons were chased out of Missouri and asked to leave Illinois... so they moved further west, where there was nobody to kick them out.

The Mormons left Nauvoo, IL in 1846 and headed west seeking refuge from religious persecution.

Joseph Smith was a prophet that led a religious group called "Mormons." The Mormons were persecuted, and forced to leave the land. The group headed west, in hope of practicing their religion in peace.

Leave where? Mormons are still around and are growing rapidly. There are almost 14 million of them all around the world! The Mormons under Brigham Young left their city of Nauvoo in 1846. His goal as was Joseph Smiths was to form a new Zion to the West. One of the reasons for the persecution of the Mormons was their belief that God condoned polygamy.

The Mormons traveled west in wagons, with handcarts and later by train.

Mormons migrated west because they were persecuted in the east.

The signifigence of the Mormons moving west was for them to escape religious percsecution

The outcome of the Mormons moving west was that they were no longer percacuted for their religious beliefs.

The Mormons were seeking religious freedom. They had been harrassed and kicked out of previous settlements in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois, so they went west to leave the United States (because at that time the area that is now Utah was part of Mexico).

The Mormons moved west because they were treated harshly and even kicked out of other homes in the east.

Mormons were traveling west in search of religious freedom. 49ers were traveling west in search of wealth.

The Mormons began moving west in 1831. At this time the main body of Mormons moved from New York to Ohio. They then moved further west to Missouri and Illinois. The famous Mormon trek to Utah began in 1845 when many Mormons began leaving Illinois. The first group of Mormons arrived in Utah in 1847.

Brigham Young, whom Mormons believe was lead by God.

The first Mormons left Nauvoo in February 1846.

The Mormons never left Kansas. Their numbers have only increased in Kansas.

Mormons traveled west in either a conestoga wagon or handcart and settled in Utah.

The Mormons went west because people in New York and Illinois did not like them and did not let them practice plural marriages. There were some serious problems of violence against Mormons.

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The Mormons left Nauvoo after local authorities asked them to. The persecution they were facing was severe, and authorities asked them to leave in order to end the violence in the area.

the same hardships as other pioneers. only they were forced from their homes unlike the pioneers who chose to leave and move west.

The Mormons moved to the west because they were trying to leave the United States. They had been kicked out of Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois, and thought they would try their luck in what was then Mexico. Also, Joseph Smith had prophesied a few years before his death that the Church would eventually move to the Rocky Mountains. Soon after the Mormons arrived there, the United States took over the area.

The original migration of Mormons to the west was done by means of covered wagons, drawn by horses; that was the transportation method used at that time in history.

In wagon companies or by handcart.